Thursday, May 1, 2014


Oh hey guys!

Long time no see!!

I am still on my weight loss quest. I actually managed to lose 50 kilos and was nearly finished but then I got slightly derailed when I broke up with my BF of 5 years, dabbled in online dating (yep, I went there!) and eventually starting a new romance- ie; eating out lots and being naughty!

I am now in a relationship with a really great guy but I managed to put on 15 kilos in 5 months!! So I am back for a little tune up and obviously a girl needs rewards along the way!

I just started a polyvore thing and I literally have no idea what I am doing!!

weightloss rewards

So, my BF, let's call him 'S' and I are both trying to lose weight. I asked him if he was interested in a friendly comp, which he is, and I am going to win just quietly... :) With that confidence I asked him if he cared to make it interesting... haha. I mentioned I wanted the bracelets above (on numerous occasions) and he said he might me one if I win. I decided I want them even if I don't win, so suggested we both just buy each other something when we reach our goal. Yay presents!!

I was then complaining about how many kgs I had to lose (he needs to lose 10) and how I wanted all the Tiffany bracelets and then he said he might get me incentives along the way. I am taking this to mean he will be getting me incentives along the way! Muhahaha. He then asked me how much I weighed (the blasphemy!), I didn't want to say (it was a number I care not to speak of) but he said how would he know when to give me my presents... Hmm fair enough. I spilled the beans and it sucked. haha.

I have been back on my plan for exactly one week today and have lost 4.6 kilos. In total I want to lose 16.9 kilos, so I still have another 12.3 kgs to go, but I am 27.22% of the way there (according to an app).

I got myself that bag last night on the eBay (lol) and decided I really shouldn't have purchased it, as I don't exactly need it, or have oodles of monies and I don't really deserve it (*sniff)... So I decided to gift it to myself as a reward. First it was going to be a reward simply for starting my diet again and surviving one week on plan... But when I weighed in this morning, I figured I am so close to 5 kilos, it can be for that too.

I feel pretty great on my diet- not sluggish, heaps of energy, less bloated, so it's all good!!! The detox at first was pretty awful- I ate a lot of naughty food. S likes to cook and was making me bacon and eggs, pancakes, french toast etc for breakfast and the dinners were pork belly and the like. Pork belly was my fave! haha. I had never had it before I met him.

Oh and another thing, if you follow me from the Vogue forum, I have started getting laser hair removal on my hoo-ha, underarms and chin. I am loving the results so far. My second appointment is coming up in about 2 weeks.

Anyway, that's it from me for now! I hope you are all well!!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 20 catch-up!

Hi Guys!

Guess it's a been awhile! Thought y'all were probably getting sick of all of my weight loss updates but as I thought would happen... It has taken over my life! haha.

I do apologise! I hope no one actually thinks that though! When I saw it on Pinterest I LOL'd but then I thought 'hey, wait a minute that could be me!!

I have now been on my weight loss quest for 20 weeks! I am now further than halfway and now have less than 20 kilos left to lose to get to my lowest weight ever (though I do want to try and go lower, but we'll cross that bridge later).

17th week~ 0.9 kilo
18th week~ 0.6 kilos
19th week~ 0.8 kilos
20th week~ 1.2 kilos

And my complete loss so far is:

28.7 kilos


(um... yay? haha. Nah I am super happy having come from being MORBIDLY OBESE)

Seeing as I have been on the quest for 20 weeks, I felt like that was a nice round number to just a reflection type run down.

My inches lost;

BMI: Morbidly Obese-> Obese-> Overweight
Bust: 8.5 inches
Under bust: 7 inches
Waist: 10 inches
Belly button: 9 inches
Hip: 7 inches
Thigh: 4.5 inches
Arm: 2.5 inches
Neck: 2 inches 
Butt measurement only started in week 3: 6 inches

That's a lot of inches!! 

And my 4 weekly cyclic weight loss has been;
week 4= 9 kilos
week 8= 6 kilos
week 12= 5.6 kilos
week 16= 4.6 kilos
week 20= 3.5 kilos

Oh Oh and I totally joined a gym- not sure if I mentioned it- a Luxe gym near my work- and I am mainly doing Pilates Reformer and loving it!! But that is the reason why my losses have been slower in the last month... It's due to upping my exercise as exercise and my plan (Cohens Lifestyle) don't actually mix! My losses have been improving though now that my body is getting used to the working out!

That's it for now!! Thanks for reading and please add me on Bloglovin' by clicking here and also Instagram lil_doll16


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sephora + HopShopGo VS Mecca VS Tarazz

Hey Kittens!!

A good friend of mine recently went to America (in fact she's still there, back soon though. Yay). I really threw myself into making a 'little' list of things for her to pick up for me from Sephora. I had created, in my mind, the perfect list!

I was so excited, I was practically drooling over the thought of all the goodies! I had read countless reviews on Sephora and on numerous blogs. I really took this wishlist seriously!

There was one particular item I was most excited for, Too Faced's Workday to Weekends Perfect Eye Set. It is such a great value for money set, and I couldn't wait to get my paws on it! That was, until I saw those two spirit-crushing words... online exclusive. *sigh. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Online Exclusive! $65

I removed it from my list with a heavy heart and picked a few other things just to make up the difference.

The Too Faced set haunted me... I needed it. I had wanted the brush set for ages and it alone is nearly $60 at Mecca, so this set from Sephora is a steal for only $65. Basically making all the other things FREE (that's how I justified it to myself anyway!). I had also been eyeing off the 3 way eye tool as well! See , like I said it's such a good value set!!! I had purchased some other brushes from Too Faced when I was in America and ohmigosh, the Teddy Bear Hair is oh so soft! I love everything about Too Faced products! They are fantastic products and the packaging is just perfect!

I started toying with the idea of using a forwarding service to get it to me from Sephora. I was scared. I hadn't done it before and it seemed like it could take forever and a day, not to mention cost an arm and a leg!

I finally decided on HopShopGo and was very happy with the service. I like that they're backed by PayPal.

The scary part is you don't know exactly how much it will cost you until your order is already sent to them and they request the forwarding fee from you. That was what scared me! What if it was a bazillion dollars?!

Another thing that scared me was I didn't want to use their buy for me service. Firstly, it costs a lot, and secondly, I wanted my Sephora points and freebies! I had read that Sephora doesn't accept international cards, so I was adding up all these extra costs and thinking hmmm it might not be worth it!

I put some items in my cart (including the Naked Flushed Palette and a little Laura Mercier Hand Cream) and was just "testing" to see if it would work! It did, it did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, longest story ever, short... I got the items and the forwarding cost was reasonable!HopShopGo asked if I wanted them to 'cut down' the box for me (Sephora pack with heaps of space in the box and shipping is by volume) the fee was like $7 but it saved me $19 in shipping! Yes please!!! Also, note I chose express shipping! I wanted it ASAP.

Shipping from Sephora to them was FREE but it took forever! I don't know why it took so long. That annoyed me. I was thinking there was an issue with my card or that an item was out of stock! Queue panic attack!

I placed the order on May 23rd, and it was shipped out on May 26th and it didn't reach HopShopGo HQ till the 31st May (that's free shipping for you, but it did say 3 days!)!! I received the package on Tuesday 11th June... It actually should have been the 7th but DHL handed my package to AusPost. Oh Boy was I fuming!!!

So, technically it took 12 business days altogether. Pretty good really!

Here are the comparisons!

Sephora + HopShopGo

This was the forwarding fee from HopShopGo. Quite reasonable considering I chose the most expensive shipping. 

Here is my order from Sephora. See all my freebies!
In Aussie Dollars:
Sephora Order $116.32
HopShopGo $50.10
Total: $166.42 (a bit more than I actually thought! haha. But I did get freebies!)


$173.55 and that's with an 8-16 day shipping window from when it arrives at their warehouse. Plus, no Sephora points or freebies.

And lastly, Mecca...

Mecca don't stock the pack I wanted or Laura Mercier but still... Check this out.

$145.85 just for what was in the Too Faced set!! Not including the sample mascara or Shadow Insurance. Not to even mention the Naked Flushed Palette or the Laura Mercier Hand cream OR the freebies OR the Sephora Points!!!

So, all in all I didn't save heaps from buying directly from Sephora, but I am still happy with my choice.

Also, I didn't get that Faux Tan freebie... They must have run out, but was substituted a St Tropez gradual tan which I am very happy about. I love St Tropez.

What do you guys think? Have you used HopShopGo or Tarazz? Or any other parcel forwarding companies??

I have used PriceUSA before, but I thought I'd try HopShopGo for this order instead!