Friday, July 15, 2011

Preparing to be Brow Wowed

Hey Peeps!!

I am a slacker and a half!

I have been a busy little bee... I have finished my 'diet'/lifestyle change and am up to the part where I re-introduce the foods I stopped eating back into my diet (carbs mainly). My weight is remaining pretty stable, but I will update on that later.

It's my day of birth tomorrow! Well, actually the anniversary of the day of my birth! I am turning 29 *cringe*

I am booked in to get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar at Myer, Melbourne tonight!! I rang up just now and was lucky enough to get an appointment! Huzzah! I'm excited! I have been growing out my brows for ages- as I had been planning to get them waxed and shaped at Benefit for a while now. And seeing as it's my birthday tomorrow, I figured if my Birthday Eve is not the time get brow wowed now, then when is?!