Monday, July 16, 2012

♡ Sweet Sixteen ♡

Well the day has come... to day is my Thirtieth Birthday!

I have already been super spoilt. Yay!

I got some lovely presents from my Mother Dearest and enjoyed a perfect {extended} lunch date with my 2 best friends at the Oriental Tea House. Sooooo good. I love dumplings with all of my heart!

Unfortunately my BF is sick *sad face* so I haven't seen him since I was 29!! (haha) Actually it was over a week ago... which is BS! He is going away early Thursday morning for 7 weeks! So I have to see him.

I have pack loads to update y'all on... Including, but not limited to, all the excessive shopping I have been partaking in... As well as the results of my eyelash extensions... Which long story short/spoiler alert... I removed them myself after they started lifting and lost many a lash in the process. So now I am a lash-less 30 year old!!