Friday, January 21, 2011

Well... boy am I kicking myself

Having finished off my first and last post, vowing to get off the 10 kilos I had gained since April, I have failed. Miserably!!

I am fatter than ever now.

I am addicted to sweets... there is NO doubt about it.

I can feel that the fat is starting to settle... and that probably makes no sense to anyone who has never been fat and lost weight only to gain it back.

For the first little bit after I started gaining, it felt just like bloating and I was told by my prospective Personal Trainer (I didn't end up going) that the newer the fat, the easier it is to dissolve- only she said it in more fancy terms. LOL.

Anyway, now my fat feels thicker :( and it feels like it's going to be harder to budge.

I know what works for me... NO CARBS... Well, not to toot unhealthy advice, but little to no carbs worked for me... and it would have been a continued success had I not given into my sweet tooth. Damn you delicious bakeries all in close proximity to my place of business!!!

The other annoyance is that I actually enjoyed the food I ate when I was looking after myself... but then when I was given the freedom to be 'off' the diet, I abused it.

Here is a typical day's option on the diet:
Yogurt for breakfast
Tuna and salad for lunch (I would only have tomato and cucumber, that equals the easiest and tastiest salad for me)
Steak and mushrooms for dinner
2 pieces of fruit, and limited salads/other cracker brand. 

Other options are: prawns and bok choy, cheese and cauliflower, chicken and mushrooms.. But being at work at lunch time, and being seemingly incapable to prepare a lunch the night before, I would almost always have tuna and salad for lunch, and believe me that got boring. FAST.

Lately my diet has looked more like this:
McDonalds rosti breakfast roll AND (yes, AND) a serve of hotcakes. + A massive cappuccino OR a massive cappuccino and an 'egg and bacon on a rye roll' from a nearby sandwich shop.
Nothing for lunch
Coffee scroll on my way to the car after work
Lean Cuisine for dinner... easy but just shizen really.
An array of chocolate bars


I have to make a change...

I need to get it through my thick head, that what I did to lose 40kilos was NOT a diet, but a way of life... and if you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got. Der.