Friday, April 27, 2012

Cute Blog Award

The rules:

Thank the blogger that gave you the award and link back to their blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Pass the award of to 10 other bloggers and let them know.

So, firstly thank you very much to sothisisglamour for the nomination, and onto the seven facts about my favourite subject. Me. Haha.

  • I am terrible with money. It kind of gives me anxiety at times and I often suffer from Buyers’ Remorse but it doesn’t stop me from impulse buying. All. The. Time.
  • It’s not like I impulsively buy expensive stuff though, I am a Bargain Hunter through and through and jusssttt love sniffing out a bargain!
  • I have been in a ‘hold up’. I used to work at the Pokies (just saying that sounds funny) and was once held up by Imaginary Syringe Point. Working in St Kilda though, I did not take the threat lightly and believed he had a syringe. He came up behind me and I felt something cold and metal-like pressed against my elbow. He only took like $250. Not only did I have to give a million statements, go through countless mug shots at the St Kilda Road Police HQ (hilarity by the way, very entertaining), I also had to go to court! Turns out the guy they had nabbed wasn’t the guy and I completely turned the Prosecution’s case upside down. It was clear they were purely after a conviction, even if it wasn’t guy. Tsk Tsk.
  • Funnily enough, I also had to appear in Court again that same week… This time I was the defendant. I had racked up a lot (thousands of $$$s worth) of Citylink Toll fines and had tried contesting them to no avail, so they took me to court. I had a not-so-great lawyer (he is deceased now, so I won’t speak ill of the dead), but I lost. The lawyer told me I had to plead guilty… then the Magistrate said how he disagreed with the law but because I had pleaded guilty he had to enforce the minimum, which was $1,400.00. Ahh nuts.
  • My Step-Mother has early onset Alzheimer’s. It’s really awful. She only just turned 56 and she’s changed so much. My little brother and sister are only 24 and nearly 21, respectively.
  • A little fact in the spirit of the Anzacs… After my Pop died (last year) my mum asked me to look him up on It said he had served in the army in WW2... Only we never knew. It was definitely his name listed but he had never mentioned it. Ever. We knew his brother served and we have a framed picture of him in his uniform. My Pop could have enlisted his name, so his brother could serve, or maybe he went to war, now we’ll never know! It’s our family mystery (that and the one about our heritage). After reading all the horrible things his ‘team’ (I don’t know the right words, platoon, battalion?) went though, it would be little wonder he never mentioned it. According to the Army records most of his group didn’t make it back home alive. I was devastated to think my Pop carried all of that on his shoulders and never told his family.
  • After my most recent one, I now have 5 tattoos. When people see the one on my wrist they often remark ‘wow, I would never pick you to have a tattoo’… I can’t blame them. After all, I am just so sweet and innocent looking. Haha.
Wow, it is remarkably hard to come up with 7 facts about yourself!!

I will cop out of the nominating part of this award as most, if not all, of the blogs I follow have already taken part. Hooray for awards! 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Perfumery; Meow! By Katy Perry

As y’all have probably gathered by now… I like cats.

Well, I saw that Priceline had the new Katy Perry perfume for sale at the moment. Meow! 50mls for $49.

I did a quick drop in during my lunch hour and sweet vanilla pear, it’s love!

I love and adore the bottle- hello, it’s a Cat, plus already having Purr, which I love (have had 2 bottles and one mysteriously disappeared, hmm); they’ll look adorable next to each other! and it’s a nice muted pink- and, well, pink is my favourite colour! And 'M' is my initial!! It's meant to be! 

I have sprayed it on myself and can’t stop sniffing my wrist… I am definitely going to get it. It's actually a must. 

Google got the better of me and I couldn’t help but notice that Chemist Warehouse has the 100ml for only $69.99. Bargain Central!

I do not need any perfume. Like at all. I have so much, it’s silly… But I want it! *stamps feet*

Meow! by Katy Perry is a companion piece to the singer's first fragrance, Purr, and was created while Perry was on the California Dreams world tour promoting her platinum-selling second record, 'Teenage Dream.' This rich follow-up scent is a wearable interpretation of the fun, sensual spirit of the tour—so fun, in fact, Perry felt the name of the fragrance needed an exclamation point at the end of it. Still, Meow! commands a soft sexuality appropriate for use during any time of day. Its signature comes from a pairing of honeysuckle and pear with the backdrop of creamy vanilla, musk and amber. So while Purr marks Katy Perry's first foray into the fragrance world, Meow!, more than anything, embodies her energy.
By Katy Perry.

This perfume is not for ladies who don’t like sugary sweet scents, and baby that ain’t me!


Friday, April 20, 2012

My Bindi Tattoo Update!

Hey Kittens!

Sorry for my postage delay! Work has been hectic... And between that and my annoying co-workers (yes, they've multiplied) I am SOOOO ready and in desperate need for the weekend! Eugh!

Okay, so firstly, I haven't updated my Bindi Tribute blog post yet, but I will be... I want to do him justice. I was exhausted on Wednesday night at my tattoo, I couldn't complete it.

Here is the last photo taken of him.

One thing I have learnt this week, kids...

Tattoos hurt.

They hurt like a b!tch. haha.

Well, yeh I kinda knew that, but shoot I don't remember them hurting this much! I thought my inner wrist was bad, but the top of the foot. Sweet Lord!! I was doing some Lamaze breathing techniques I have learnt from various TV and movie births, some serious face winching and screwy uppy faces, and a whole lot squeezing of the thigh area to take away from the pain.

It hurt people.. And I'm no Wussy McWuss Wuss. Well, at least I didn't think I was. I put on a pretty serious brave face and think I did pretty well.

It's sooo much bigger than I originally planned... But I do love it!

Here is a progress shot!

Le Outline= Le Ouch-line more like it 

I originally wanted 4cm by 4cm... This baby is around 8 by 8 instead and took an hour and half to complete.

Turns out walking when you've had your foot tattooed is quite a task- I really didn't even think of that. Being able to wear shoes is also pretty tricky; in that, I have only one pair that I can actually wear, without substantial rubbing on my fresh ink.I can't even wear my slippers or Ugg boots!! Now that's sad.

Another thing is, it's swollen! I have not experienced swelling with any other of my tattoos... Not that I knew of at least. It was so swollen last night I had to have it elevated. As I was doing that I thought I'd google 'foot tattoo heal' to see if swelling was a common occurrence... Luckily I didn't google that before the tatt, or I may not have gotten it, at least not on my foot! Words such as "pain" "swelling" and 'prone to infection" don't sound like fun. haha. I think it's worth it though. I love the look of foot tattoos.

Here it is completed:
Oooh Ahh
You can bet your bottom dollar I have added a filter to the pic to mask the redness... This was taken just after washing the plasma and dried blood off (ewww) and applying my first coat of bepanthen.You can't really see the pretty pinkness that is the bow (due to photo editing and offsetting the red), but it is perfect. I love it. It's a really pretty rosy pink. And the 'B'?! I love it!!!!

Do you likey my tattoo?!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two years ago today...

It was two years ago today... A Sunday morning, before 9am... I was woken by my sister who said "You have to come see this"... I had no idea what she was on about, and was still half asleep... I was thinking of something cute... Why else would she need me to get up and see something at 9am on a Sunday if it wasn't something adorable that could lose its' adorable-ness at any moment. Like a sleeping pet in a funny position for example, or all of my pets all snuggled together, just being cute.

I had no idea what was about to happen...

Happy Birthday, Mumsy!

Today is my Mum’s Birthday!!

I wished her a Happy Birthday on my way out of the house this morning… 

I will have to scoot to the shops at lunch to get her a nice card. And after my tattoo appointment this evening (excited!), I will get her some sort of cupcake/mini cake just for her for after dinner! She’s already had a celebration with her friends, but you can’t not have cake on your actual birthday! Pretty sure that’s illegal. And if I just get her something for her to eat then I won’t be tempted to eat cake myself.

Happy Birthday, Mumsy! 

source: weheartit


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bursting at the Seams...

I feel like bleugh, right now.

In reality I actually feel remarkably okay, but my jeans are so tight right and the expansion of my body is really uncomfortable. Yuk. Aside from that though, I have a pretty clear mind and don’t seem to be suffering from sugar detox too badly… At least not yet.

Today is Day One back on my eating plan. I bought this little notebook during lunch so I can record every single thing I eat or drink.

I am hoping to keep a pretty thorough account of what I eat and how I feel. It’s not like I was any happier when I was eating crappy foods, aside from the initial ‘Oohh yeh, Sugar high!’ feeling. I really need to get a grip on my emotional eating.

Beverages shall be my saviour. Green Tea, black tea and chamomile tea at night time. And plenty of water to flush out all the toxins! 

And yes, I will indulge in Diet Coke and Sprite Zero. They ought to tide over my sweet tooth.

Only one more sleep until I get my Tattoo!! Eeek. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I can only stay at the appointment for 1 and a half hours... So, unless I can cut my foot off and leave it there for George (my artiste) to complete, then I might have to leave before it's done! Aww. All that matters is that I have something done tomorrow.

I don't want it to be huge. About 4 cms wide and on the top of my foot, slightly towards my little toe. 

Here is some more pics

Close up of the Leopard Heart I want. 
Here are some different bows I am interested in. I kind of like that Disney Princess Style. I'm not even entirely sure what I mean, haha... But these bows remind me of Disney. 

Source: Google Images. 

I will probably need to have the center of the bow a little bigger, to accommodate my "B" for Bindi.

I am thinking I could have the paw print at the tapered part of the heart between the bow ends (if you know what I mean). I'm super excited! This takes the edge off being too sad tomorrow.

Which bow do you guys like best? And where should I put the "B"? And the paw print?
I am actually thinking now maybe I should put the B with the paw print- wherever that may be... Although looking at the Leopard heart picture I can totally envisage a paw print there!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Moments; Weekend Re-Cap

Well hello there, Monday… Fancy seeing you here.

My Weekend Mini Moments

I totally got sucked in by;
Revlon Lip Butters
Pricey’s Buy One Get One FREE promo for Revlon, and
Pricey’s Bag of goodies!!

I went through the register with $60 worth of goodies… Only to realise not everything was from the correct brands. Too embarrassed to say ‘oops, nah,’ so I purchased it all anyway…

Then, I had to go to Pricey again for take two, as now I really needed the freebie bag as a matter of principle and ended up going over the $60 needed. Ha, of course! I sooo didn't even really want or need the bag, nor did I need or really want what’s in it. I am such a sucker! I haven’t even looked at the contents yet.

My nephew came over for the Sleep Over I mentioned in my last post… Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t on the computer. What the? Ohh, it was because he brought his Xbox with him. Ha. The first thing he said to me was ‘Why did you leave?’ Ouchhhh! My heart strings! Why must the guilt be so bad?! First I pretended I didn’t hear. You know that old trick? But he asked again *sigh… I said ‘Oh, that was a long time ago now’… Hmm, I feel bad, but what do I say? Your mum drove me crazy and I felt like she was using me as her live-in babysitter. I mean, firstly, tip of the iceberg right there, and secondly and undoubtedly most importantly, it had nothing to do with the kids or me not wanting to look after them. So, I could never say that to him. I wouldn't. I could never tell him how I hated how much his Mother was drinking and then how bad she was drunk- I basically abandoned him and left them to deal with it. Nice huh?. Also, he had already asked me why I left before and I answered ‘I couldn't take it anymore’…. I kind of thought he knew what I meant. I guess not. He’s only 11.

On Saturday I saw my sister and her new beau (bleugh vomit, hurl) when they came to pick my nephew up… Only 2 hours late. *raises eye-brow* I cannot stand the fake-ness. It kills me. Acting like everything is fine. Um, no. I am still so mad at her. I was in the worst mood after they left. Still am. I can feel my brows furrowing.

♥ I got a chance to paint my nails with one of my new Revlon impulse purchase polish in Popular, with a coat of OPI something about a date tonight underneath. Haha. See how crap I am with Polish names?! Haha. Um, I will try and find that out tonight. Basically I fished around for a nice pale pink colour to have under the Revlon. I love this Revlon Polish though!! It’s so dreamy!

haha, looks like I am holding an imaginary bottle of polish! Maybe I am??!

Ooh, little secret, ladies (and maybe gents, who knows? I don’t judge)… I found the best nail polish remover in the world!!! Well maybe not the best ever, but seriously, it’s good. I found at this adorable little giftware Asian-y goodie shop near my work. It’s this cutesy little container with pre-moistened pads. I could not believe they actually worked and didn't dry out my nails. And, best bit, they don’t smell disgustingly nail polish remover-ish. In fact, they are scented! Apple, strawberry, mint… something else. Ohhh you better believe there is a review coming… Namely for when I take off this glittery Revlon Polish. That will show its' true worth (which was a mere $2 by the by)… Or maybe OPI’s Rainbow Connection is the true test. That’s Glitter-us Maximus!

Fun things I bought that I can remember; Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation, Too many Revlon Lip Butters (Including one for my upcoming Giveaway, ooh yeh!), Vera Wang Perfume: Rock Princess, Dove hair serum which was on special at Coles- Bargain (pronounced Barge-in, obviously), 2 Revlon Polishes (the pretty pink glittery Popular and a Minty green), I also got a Natio retractable Kabuki brush, Reef body butter—OMG Yum + Summer in goo form that magically hydrates your skin... Amongst other things!  

Oh yeh, I also went shopping at DFO South Wharf (first time there, I thought it was the same as Habour Town?! Ooops) with the BF… Um, my God boys take sooo long to decide on purchases! I made a couple of purchases myself  here and there. All in good fun! I want to buy some running shoes, badly. But I don’t think my toe will permit running yet *sad face* and until I test that out in my normal old shoes, there will be no newbies for me!

I am fat. I have put on sooo much weight since Good Friday. No jokes… I didn’t know it was possible to gain this much in such a short amount of time. I am officially going back on my diet tomorrow. Please be mainly water retention, please!

2 months until I turn 30. That’s rude.

My BF is going to Poland for 5 or 6 weeks, with a layover in Korea. *sigh/sad face… He leaves just after my birthday.

I have been madly saving pictures for my tattoo inspiration. I can’t draw for crap, so it’s not like I can whip something up myself. I know I definitely want that leopard print heart with the lace trim and the bow- but I want a different bow. I have also decided I will put the “B” in the centre part of the bow. As for the paw print… Well, I don’t know where to put it yet, but there must be a paw print.

So, any way… Those were my weekend Mini Moments!

Oh and good news for today... I have managed to avoid my annoying co-worker. Well, he did try and talk to me but I was saved by the phone! Yay. He asked how my weekend was, I said 'good' then the phone rang, so I didn't get his mundane rundown- like you just did about mine. hahaha/oops? I'm sorry.

He did walk by my office again and paused for a chat, but I was on hold with a bank!!! Bless you bank! For once, I am thankful for the 10 minute hold time!!!

ZOMG. Just as I was about to press publish post, I was accosted. 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. He asked me again about my weekend... Waiting for me to ask about his. All I answer is good. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR ANTIQUE SHOPPING! or that your stupid morning tea was $21... for 2 people large coffees and a piece of cake each, it's not that bad?! Honest to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The look on my face would have said it all... That, coupled with my fidgeting and sudden need to delete spam in my inbox and to put stuff away and basically re-arrange my desk. Shoot. I can't do this!!!!!! How many hints does he need. I can't feign interest much longer. 

Anyway, it's the end of the day. Finally!

Mwah! Until tomorrow!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Updates: fun stuff

Hey Kittens!!

Thanks for the support re: my annoying co-worker! He is still pee’ing me off. There was a time when I was blaming the diet or my upcoming monthly lady-issues, but I’ll tell you, my attitude towards has not changed one iota. 

Latest is he got himself an iPhone… And, um, I hope this is not correct, but it feels like it was almost to either a) impress me or b) have something in common with me, aka: something to talk about. To be honest… I really don’t care. Every man and his dog has an iPhone (practically). But anyway, he is now using this as the latest excuse to come and bug me… I get barraged with questions. You’d think my ‘just google it’ as a response tactic would work. So far it hasn’t.

Yesterday, over my lunch break, I emptied the contents of my handbag onto my desk so I could do some stocktaking (hehe) and to clean it out. How does one accumulate so much junk in there??! A bazillion lip-glosses, Fifty pens, receipts, receipts and more receipts, chewy wrappers, and other indiscernible debris. I had to give her an upside down shake in the bin. That's classy.

Anyhoo, I hadn’t completed the clean-up by the time Lunch was over and my annoying co-worker came in to ask yet another question about the iPhone and how to connect it to the computer (the answer, by the way, is ‘work it out yourself’), he then started picking through the things on my desk. Hello…How rude! Hope you enjoyed picking up my cute Moxie pad tin and inspecting it! How intrusive.

He also keeps saying ‘just so you know, I’m probably going to be bugging you for months about this iPhone’… Oh my God, seriously?! They are pretty easy to use. Intuitive some might say. My Mum and Dad are both over the age of 65 and they can handle them. Have a play, some trial and error and bingo. It’s. Not. That. Hard.

Anyway, not to dwell… but…Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I put up with a lot. Just in general. I’m the person who will let a crazy old lady with 6 inch white wiry hairs growing out of her chin talk my ear off on the bus in the mornings just because I couldn't possibly be impolite and go back to listening to my iPod. (that was me yesterday morning… not the hairy chin issue, I deal with mine. Ha.) Also just the millions of issues with my sister- it all relates to my door mat nature and my I-can’t-speak-up-for-myself thing I have going on.

Anywayyyyy, on to some fun stuff!!!

One of my nephews is coming for a sleep over tonight. Is it lame that I am excited?! Haha. He’s kind of hard to get off the computer sometimes, but I like having chats with him. He’s a sensitive little soul, and my sister can be hard to talk to. In the past, he has asked me about the Birds and the Bees and Puberty (ie: what to expect)… SO CUTE. Awkward but cute! I was chuffed he trusted me to ask such questions. He has also previously told me about crushes at school and even pointed the lucky lady out to me when I picked him up from aftercare.
I have booked in for a tattoo next Wednesday after workies. That is the anniversary of the day my precious cat, Bindi, was hit and killed by a car. I am getting a heart with a leopard print background (he was leopard-y) and a paw print beside it… And also have a nice script-font “B” somewhere too. My tattooist will design it for me after I supply him with my inspiration pics. It will be on my foot.

Unfortunately that Wednesday is also my Mothers’ birthday… Luckily we are celebrating tomorrow and my bro, sis in law and niece are coming for a picnic!

My little doggy, Dino- or The Dinominator, as I like to call him… has been visiting the vet of late. I am afraid we are officially OLD. He has arthritis in his widdle legs and has to get a needle once a week for 4 weeks for pain relief, then one every 4 months thereafter. According to the Vet, aside from his arthritis, he is very healthy for a 12 year old! Go Dino!!

Here is The Dinominator after being wrapped up in his Nana blanket by my Mum… Having his morning stretch.

'Ahhhh, Good Morning!'

Over the Easter Long Weekend, I got to visit my beautiful Bender cat and also see the “Puppy”… I use the term loosely, as he is huge! And bite-y. I have the bruises to prove it. I took him for a walkies and pretty sure he was trying to rip my arm out of the socket. He needs walk-training. Badly. I feel like I need to take some control here. At my nephew’s ages, I was taking our beloved German Shepherd Gypsy for walks by myself (from 10/12 years of age), and she was classed as ‘naughty’ (we had rescued her from the streets), but Inky… He is so unbelievably strong… He needs training. Like yesterday. I am very disappointed in my sister, to be honest. I abandoned him because of her and she has clearly done next to nothing to train him to walk. No way will my Dad ever be able to walk him the way he behaves now. So, I feel like I will have to step up and say I will walk him x times a week, just so he gets a proper walk session in. He is gorgeous!!!! Lookie...

Soooo CUTE!!! Nearly 7 months old. Nawww!
Bender having a much needed cuddle! (much needed for both of us. I miss him!!!)
My Puppy War Wounds on my forearm... Pretty sure they are Love Bites, but "Ouch!" nonetheless!

Have a great weekend, Ladies and Gents!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Those Post-Super-Long-Weekend Blues

It was near impossible to pull myself up out of bed yesterday… I definitely had those Post-super-long-weekend Blues. And, confession time, I totally completely overindulged over Easter *hangs head in absolute shame*

Even at the time my head was saying ‘stop, don’t do this, please… You’re going to hate yourself’ but I could barely hear my head when my tummy and inner-glutton was humming ‘mmmmmmm, chocolate!’. Okay well I could hear the rational thoughts, but I didn’t want to pull myself out of the chocolate coma. *sighhhhhhh

Seriously bad. I am so ashamed… And now I’m stuck in a nasty cycle. Oy Vey.

What else can I do but draw a line in the sand and carry on? Easier said than done, but I am trying… That’s what’s important.

Speaking of drawing a line… How much fun is the Draw Something App?!! I am a super duper crappy “artist”, but it makes for some pretty funny doodles.

Here is one of my better ones:

If you play Draw Something, you should totes add me: missy1632 !!!

In other news… I am getting close to having 50 followers!! Hoorah! Ole! Yippy Yi Yo!

I can and will have a giveaway, people! I can and will!! I have loads of goodies I have been putting aside and I will reveal all in due course!

According to Kindle on my iPhone I am only 22% of the way through ‘The Hunger Games’… I am only reading on my commute to and from workies and only when I remember and only when I can park my booty on a seat.  I am enjoying it though. I am looking forward to finishing it and getting ahead in the other 2 installments before I see the movies.

Rant ahead!!
Re: my annoying co-worker. I don’t believe there is any crush to be had… Main reason being that he is gay and has a full on life partner and also as a side note he is over 50 (not that that would deter some people).

He is still really grating on me, big time, and he is not taking the hint one tiny bit. To be honest, I’m just sick of wasting time listening to his dribble. It did all start simply with him just not being very nice while I was suffering with my toe injury, which is still going on by the way- it’s not broken, just damaged cartilage, it’s incredibly frustrating more than anything. It feels like there is an elastic band wound tightly around my toe constantly and it aches at different times of the day, but I digress… He comes into my office and steals my time numerous times throughout the day. Sometimes in as much as 40 minute blocks of time. Come on?! It shows how little he values my time. Just because he has finished his work or is done for the day or needs a break, doesn’t mean I’m not busy blogging, er, I mean working. He also picks his nose and adjusts his genitalia (YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, yes seriously. And he complains to me that women who drink out of water bottles are vulgar. Say what?!). Anyway, I have a strategy to combat this situation or at least make it easier on me. Muhahaha. I have already started executing the plan… and unfortunately during this mid-stage, I have hit a hurdle and it has semi blown up in my face. Damn.

Even though I have been working with this company for quite a few years. It was and still is in shambles. When I initially started, I only worked a few days here and there and then I kind of started full time without really noticing. It’s been years, and only recently did I start to pull down the last employees posters from the wall. The last employee was one of the boss’s daughters and she is a hippy… So, as you can imagine there were some amusing pictures on the wall… and even right now there is a black and white pigeon still staring at me. Haha. Anyway, I decided enough was enough as the problem of clutter was getting worse… My boss is the type who isn’t exactly proactive and was happy leaving piles and piles of old files everywhere… as long as he roughly knew they were here. somewhere. If he ever needed to locate a file, it was chaotic and there was always a chance of a file avalanche. It was that bad.

I finally went though some files, which is no mean feat considering I was working on top of myself- as there is very little room and no proper filing system or numbering system at all. Also, my boss is a borderline (read: a bona fide) tight arse and won’t spend a dollar on anything (I have to use my own money to buy office supplies, like a decent pen or even sticky tape). I had to beg him to buy some archive boxes for the piles of files and it was a battle to get him to have them removed from the office. He was going to take 2 boxes a week to his farm. Thankfully I convinced him to hire a courier because there were 50 boxes (and more to come). Ugh, that would have taken forever for him to do, and in contrast it was a 20 minute pick up by the couriers. Anyway, progress has been made and just this past week I have seen my hard work come to fruition. There is room to move! There is substantially less clutter. There are still piles of crap everywhere… And like old bits of paper from 2002! Unfortunately I have to get a sensitive document remover company to come and take those… And I can hardly do much more until it is all gone. I am secretly happy that I need to get someone to take the documents... When I started going through them, I encountered a number of spiders. *scared face* No. No. No. I am not paid enough to deal with spiders... But, shh don't tell me, but they're all around me.... *cries* As soon as I lifted but one paper I saw movement of the spidey variety. *screamssssssssssssssssssssss*

Double unfortunately though, is that all this file removal has revealed a chair in the office. A chair which my annoying co-worker could sit on for “chats” if he so desired… Now, I have made in pretty clear that I am not into these chats anymore. You would have to have rocks in your head to think otherwise. I don’t know how much more obvious I can make it without having to say “Oi! Shut up, I’m. not. Interested! LEAVE ME ALONE” and my nature won’t allow that to happen, so I’m kind of screwed. Grr damn my nature! I have been very stand offish though and my desire to pretend to listen has weaned. He might just crack this little cookie after all. I don't know how much more I can take.  

I have now concluded that my boss does in fact have rocks in his head. Upon seeing the newly revealed chair he exclaimed ‘Oh {insert annoying co-workers name} could sit there’… in a very unlike me manner and only due to serious desperation, I cried ‘Oh God NO!’… My boss laughed a little, as if I was only joking and ran off to tell my annoying co-worker about the mother effing chair for him to sit on!!!! WTF?!

Now I have no choice but to continue my big old clean up (which was the plan anyway) and oops accidently (and promptly) use the chair to hold some newly filled up archive boxes. Idiots. Can you believe it?! And before you think ‘hee hee, maybe your boss is the practical joker type’ um, definitely 100% no way. He's just a bit of an idiot. An idiot with a barely any common sense, let alone anything resembling a sense of humour.

On another note, my desk is uncomfortably close to the one my boss uses. I mean I could literally reach out and punch him in the face if I wanted to (secret wish revealed! Haha)… so, stage 2 of my plan is to move my desk further away (once I free up more room) and then re-organise my desk. At the moment my back is facing the door… Which means when someone enters my office I need to completely turn my body to see who it is and to talk to them… So, when my annoying co-worker comes in for one of his chats it means I am entirely at his mercy and he basically has my complete attention, because I have already turned to see who it is and turning back would be completely rude. Aside from shuffling things on my desk, I have nothing to make it appear as though I am busy, and he can see my computer screen clearly, so no help there. I hate that. My mum said I should just say I have a lot of work to do, but whenever I have said that, he says ‘what are you doing, what are you doing?’ like some idiotic child wanting to help his Mum cook dinner. And the last thing I want is his help. We have our own way to do things and he always makes things harder… and talks to me like I'm a moron. Even when my phone rings, which should be a signal to move on, he stands there waiting for me to finish?! Get a clue, man! And I’m the moron?! Hmmm.

Anyway, to conclude, I just want to share how my Tuesday-back-from super-long-weekend convo with him went.

Him: How was the weekend? 
Me: Not too bad, my family doesn’t do much for Easter. (the end) 
Me: (being polite tentatively asking)… How was yours? (obviously dreading the surely long winded answer to come) 
Him: Well, on Friday I went out to the garden to do some weeding, then it rained, so I went inside. I watched some TV, ate some dinner. Blahhhhhh blahhhh drone drone…
  Cut to me: Dying from boredom
Him (still): On Saturday I went to Northland… along with half of Melbourne… HA HA. I’m so funny. Blahhh blahhhhjh drone on and on and on. On Sunday we drove to my Mums for Easter lunch, blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh blahhhhhh blahhhh. On Monday I went back out to the garden, it was cold, so I went inside... Yada yada yada, blahdy blahhh blahhhh

I kid you not. He asks me how my weekend was… Shortest answer possible, without being too rude… I ask him, purely out of politeness and get a complete moment by moment playback of the most boring weekend in history. The sooner I have my computer screen to myself, the sooner I can pretend to be busy and the sooner I can get on with my life!!!!

Yep… I am complaining a ridiculous amount… But he is annoying me so badly. I even write posts like this in the morning, so I can save my ‘real work’ for the afternoon when he usually swings by, so I don’t have to pretend to be busy. I really am.

Anyway, toodles noodles…!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

♡ Happy Easter! ♡

Just me wishing you a Happy Easter and a Happy and Safe Long weekend!!

 I hope the Easter Bunny brings you many treats and lots of Chocolate!

I have a precious Lindt White Choccy Bunny stowed away (+ a Cadbury Creme Egg) for laters... I also plan on finding me some decadent Hot Cross Buns from Thomas Dux too!


♡ Day Two of Phase Two ♡ + General Update

Thanks very muchly for the comments on my last post. I really felt like I needed somebody else to tell me to start the 2nd Phase of my diet. Haha

Funnily enough, I have lost some grammage since starting to eat more. Yay. Not much, but I was actually putting on weight before, which cements the fact I was getting myself into starvation mode which can and will cause you to hold on to weight.

I still managed to overeat crackers last night. Big Time. I probably waited too long to eat more. Dammit. Please let the cravings stop!! 

The result of me overeating crackers last night meant I have had none on me for today… And I totes forgot to pick some up on the way to work. My tummy is rumbling right now. It is practically Lunch Time though! Thank goodness!

I cannot wait for this long weekend. Seriously. My Mother is going away, which means I have the homestead to myself. Whoo to the freaking Hoo. I have some major IQ (DVR) recordings to catch up on. 

I started a free trial with QuickFlix at the end of March. It’s an online DVD rental thingie… I figured if it is free than why the fudge not?! One of my co-workers loves her subscription, and so far, so do I.

You make a Queue of DVDs you would like (movies, TV shows, etc) and you prioritise them and get sent ones from as high up on your list that is available (you also get a prepaid return envelope too). It is recommended you have at least 20 items in your Queue. I was surprised at how hard I found that to do! I also have some DVDs in my waiting Queue- ones that aren't released yet.

I managed to snag a 60 day trial, by searching online for a code. Unfortunately it has already expired but there may be more. A 14 day trial is the standard they offer on the site. I don’t really think that is enough to get an idea of whether you would actually benefit from the service though.

I had started watching the Danish series The Killing on SBS, but managed to miss what I assumed was only the first episode (so didn’t really know how the actual killing went down). I added the first DVD from the series on my Queue with QuickFlix and was sent that first. Turns out I must have missed much more than the just the first episode! I watched all 4 on the DVD one after the other and hadn’t seen any! I had missed so much!! I have added the 2nd DVD now to my Queue as well.

I am also currently watching the 2nd series on SBS at the mo'. I really like the series. Not sure if this new series compares to the first.

The other DVD I received was ‘Our Idiot Brother’ with Paul Rudd and Zooey Deschanel. I didn’t mind it, but I was sort of watching the DVD time thingie every so often, to see when it would end. Not such a great sign, is it?! This is a comedy people… And guess who cried?! Rudd has issues getting his beloved dog off his Ex… and it reminded me very much of my situation with Bender.  I could not stop crying. *sigh

I got my second set of DVD’s (I'm allowed 2 out at a time) in the mail and watched “Winter’s Bone” (starring Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games- I 100% admit to being a total bandwagon hopper-on-er-er and am even reading the books at the moment on Kindle for the iPhone!! Hahaha. Obsessed). I quite liked this movie; my mum thought it was too slow. Lawrence is great in it. It’s quite dark and a bit violent. 

The other DVD I got is the first one for the series “Diary of a Call Girl” with Billie Piper. I haven’t started it yet, but I’m interested in the series. I will endeavour to get onto it over the long weekend, mainly so I can post it back and get sent new ones ASAP. I have already sent back Winter's Bone (only watched it last night). I am, what you may call, an Eager Beaver! 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

♡ Week Eleven ♡

Hello my lovelies…

Sooooo, I am still struggling. Those damn crackers are too damn tasty, I cannot resist. I am doing everything else right- aside from a little extra fruit. So, it’s really disappointing that I can’t control myself when it comes to my crackers. Pretty sure I could be classified as a cracker addict. Ha.

I did weigh myself yesterday (Monday, weigh-in day) but couldn’t really focus on the number through the tears. I kid, I kid… But I saw the number and was all “Bahhh, {insert expletive}”… So I did not record it. I know it wasn’t pretty though. 

I’m thinking it’s time to throw in the towel. The hunger pangs are too much and I am obviously craving more carbs or I wouldn’t be able to devour a whole packet of Kraft Premium Crackers. A. Whole. Packet. I shudder to think how bad that is for me… Although I noticed it said ‘naturally cholesterol free’… but still.

There is a 2nd phase to the diet… Which is re-introducing different foods back into your diet, in a slow and controlled manner- so you don’t get a shock to your system… And it supposedly maintains your weight. Well, not really supposedly… I have done it before and yes my weight stabilised even though I was eating like quadruple the amount. The issue is, you’re “supposed” to do the 2nd phase on a clean slate, as in, having not been being naughty… Like I have been. D’oh! You’re supposed to be ‘clean’ for 2 weeks before the 2nd phase. Can I handle that?? Thus far I haven’t lasted a day without overdoing the crackers. Eeep.

Hmm, I kind of don’t know what to do. I am not at the weight I should be. I am at least 4 kilos away, but I think I need to start eating like a normal human being. Hmm. My mood is being affected. I am a b!tch and a half.

I’m craving everything… And I’m afraid I’m going to binge like a mofo… Surely that would be worse than starting to re-introduce food without being perfect for 2 weeks? Aside from OD’ing on crackers and fruit, I have still been 100%. Hmm, yeh, I think it is time.