Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 20 catch-up!

Hi Guys!

Guess it's a been awhile! Thought y'all were probably getting sick of all of my weight loss updates but as I thought would happen... It has taken over my life! haha.

I do apologise! I hope no one actually thinks that though! When I saw it on Pinterest I LOL'd but then I thought 'hey, wait a minute that could be me!!

I have now been on my weight loss quest for 20 weeks! I am now further than halfway and now have less than 20 kilos left to lose to get to my lowest weight ever (though I do want to try and go lower, but we'll cross that bridge later).

17th week~ 0.9 kilo
18th week~ 0.6 kilos
19th week~ 0.8 kilos
20th week~ 1.2 kilos

And my complete loss so far is:

28.7 kilos


(um... yay? haha. Nah I am super happy having come from being MORBIDLY OBESE)

Seeing as I have been on the quest for 20 weeks, I felt like that was a nice round number to just a reflection type run down.

My inches lost;

BMI: Morbidly Obese-> Obese-> Overweight
Bust: 8.5 inches
Under bust: 7 inches
Waist: 10 inches
Belly button: 9 inches
Hip: 7 inches
Thigh: 4.5 inches
Arm: 2.5 inches
Neck: 2 inches 
Butt measurement only started in week 3: 6 inches

That's a lot of inches!! 

And my 4 weekly cyclic weight loss has been;
week 4= 9 kilos
week 8= 6 kilos
week 12= 5.6 kilos
week 16= 4.6 kilos
week 20= 3.5 kilos

Oh Oh and I totally joined a gym- not sure if I mentioned it- a Luxe gym near my work- and I am mainly doing Pilates Reformer and loving it!! But that is the reason why my losses have been slower in the last month... It's due to upping my exercise as exercise and my plan (Cohens Lifestyle) don't actually mix! My losses have been improving though now that my body is getting used to the working out!

That's it for now!! Thanks for reading and please add me on Bloglovin' by clicking here and also Instagram lil_doll16


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sephora + HopShopGo VS Mecca VS Tarazz

Hey Kittens!!

A good friend of mine recently went to America (in fact she's still there, back soon though. Yay). I really threw myself into making a 'little' list of things for her to pick up for me from Sephora. I had created, in my mind, the perfect list!

I was so excited, I was practically drooling over the thought of all the goodies! I had read countless reviews on Sephora and on numerous blogs. I really took this wishlist seriously!

There was one particular item I was most excited for, Too Faced's Workday to Weekends Perfect Eye Set. It is such a great value for money set, and I couldn't wait to get my paws on it! That was, until I saw those two spirit-crushing words... online exclusive. *sigh. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Online Exclusive! $65

I removed it from my list with a heavy heart and picked a few other things just to make up the difference.

The Too Faced set haunted me... I needed it. I had wanted the brush set for ages and it alone is nearly $60 at Mecca, so this set from Sephora is a steal for only $65. Basically making all the other things FREE (that's how I justified it to myself anyway!). I had also been eyeing off the 3 way eye tool as well! See , like I said it's such a good value set!!! I had purchased some other brushes from Too Faced when I was in America and ohmigosh, the Teddy Bear Hair is oh so soft! I love everything about Too Faced products! They are fantastic products and the packaging is just perfect!

I started toying with the idea of using a forwarding service to get it to me from Sephora. I was scared. I hadn't done it before and it seemed like it could take forever and a day, not to mention cost an arm and a leg!

I finally decided on HopShopGo and was very happy with the service. I like that they're backed by PayPal.

The scary part is you don't know exactly how much it will cost you until your order is already sent to them and they request the forwarding fee from you. That was what scared me! What if it was a bazillion dollars?!

Another thing that scared me was I didn't want to use their buy for me service. Firstly, it costs a lot, and secondly, I wanted my Sephora points and freebies! I had read that Sephora doesn't accept international cards, so I was adding up all these extra costs and thinking hmmm it might not be worth it!

I put some items in my cart (including the Naked Flushed Palette and a little Laura Mercier Hand Cream) and was just "testing" to see if it would work! It did, it did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, longest story ever, short... I got the items and the forwarding cost was reasonable!HopShopGo asked if I wanted them to 'cut down' the box for me (Sephora pack with heaps of space in the box and shipping is by volume) the fee was like $7 but it saved me $19 in shipping! Yes please!!! Also, note I chose express shipping! I wanted it ASAP.

Shipping from Sephora to them was FREE but it took forever! I don't know why it took so long. That annoyed me. I was thinking there was an issue with my card or that an item was out of stock! Queue panic attack!

I placed the order on May 23rd, and it was shipped out on May 26th and it didn't reach HopShopGo HQ till the 31st May (that's free shipping for you, but it did say 3 days!)!! I received the package on Tuesday 11th June... It actually should have been the 7th but DHL handed my package to AusPost. Oh Boy was I fuming!!!

So, technically it took 12 business days altogether. Pretty good really!

Here are the comparisons!

Sephora + HopShopGo

This was the forwarding fee from HopShopGo. Quite reasonable considering I chose the most expensive shipping. 

Here is my order from Sephora. See all my freebies!
In Aussie Dollars:
Sephora Order $116.32
HopShopGo $50.10
Total: $166.42 (a bit more than I actually thought! haha. But I did get freebies!)


$173.55 and that's with an 8-16 day shipping window from when it arrives at their warehouse. Plus, no Sephora points or freebies.

And lastly, Mecca...

Mecca don't stock the pack I wanted or Laura Mercier but still... Check this out.

$145.85 just for what was in the Too Faced set!! Not including the sample mascara or Shadow Insurance. Not to even mention the Naked Flushed Palette or the Laura Mercier Hand cream OR the freebies OR the Sephora Points!!!

So, all in all I didn't save heaps from buying directly from Sephora, but I am still happy with my choice.

Also, I didn't get that Faux Tan freebie... They must have run out, but was substituted a St Tropez gradual tan which I am very happy about. I love St Tropez.

What do you guys think? Have you used HopShopGo or Tarazz? Or any other parcel forwarding companies??

I have used PriceUSA before, but I thought I'd try HopShopGo for this order instead!


Friday, June 7, 2013

♡ HALFWAY! ♡ Weeks Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen Results!!

Hello Kittens!!

I have been slack again! *hangs head*

I have been feeling really great about myself lately. Definitely walking with a bounce in my step.

I have hit the halfway mark in my 'journey' (anyone else cringe at this word?).

14th week~ 0.6 kilo
15th week~ 1.4 kilos
16th week~ 1.6 kilos

And my complete loss so far is:

25.2 kilos

Whoo Hoo!!

'Yay' indeed!
Now this is scary... Very Scary but here is my Before and Halfway photo.

Before and Halfway!
And that's 'little' Inky!! Remember when he was a little puppy??!
Oh and I am wearing the Kardashian Leggings

I cannot believe how big I let myself get and though you can't see it in that first pic... but I was beaming from ear to ear- I thought I looked okay *sad face*. I am really proud of what I have achieved so far... It does still scare me that I have another 23 kilos to go to get to my lowest ever... And truth be told I should really go lower... Maybe lose another 31 kilos! But I will be crossing that bridge when I get there! The program I am on is designed to find my metabolic equilibrium... So my body will tell me when it's ready to eat my food... At the moment I am happily cruising down the scales!

I am loving the fact that I can finally fit into some of my old wardrobe... And I even purchased a pair of Kardashian leather look leggings... I LOVE THEM! I have now gotten 2 more pairs!! Quite reasonably priced at $32.95 at a Chemist near my work! They appear to be really good quality and I have gotten a few compliments when I wear them!

I have been online shopping like a mad woman!! And just spending money like a mad woman too!

One of my dear friends jetted off to NYC (jealous!! It's true what they say, once you've been there you need to go back!) and she asked me if I wanted her to get me anything. At first I said 'oh, no thank you' as I still have a massive stash since I went in December, but then I thought about it and may have looked at Sephora... Well then I was asking her if the offer still stood! She said yes! Yay!

Then I created this list and screen captured it, worked out currency conversion and was ready to send it to her when I noticed 2 horrible words... Online Exclusive!! Noooooooooooooo! So I revised my list but I still reallllllly wanted the online exclusive!! Isn't that always the way??? So, I created an online order and decided to use HopShopGo to get the Sephora package to me.

*Breathe, Breathe* It is on board with driver as I rapidly tap my keyboard!!!! So excited I could squeal like a little piggy!!!!!

My next post is a comparison between Mecca, Tarazz (the Aussie 'portal' to Sephora) and Sephora itself + HopShopGo! Plus pics of my goodies!!


Friday, May 17, 2013

♡ Weeks Ten, Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen Results!!

Wow! How slack am I?!!

I am sure you have all been desperately waiting for me to reveal my results... {crickets, lols}

I have been pretty busy... And had been having a bit of a rough time lately {awws}.

Some trouble with my sister was the main culprit... with her ending up in Intensive Care. All due to a self-inflicted type illness, so my sympathy level is quite low.

As a result not only did I look after the kids for a few nights, I was basically asked (well, more of an order) to clean her house "for Mother's Day', I really wanted to remind her that she actually isn't my Mother, but I bit my tongue as usual and basically I just couldn't be bothered arguing about it. I think my face said it all, but she was all 'I need help' etc... I did as much as I felt comfortable with, but seriously I have had it up to here with her *raises hand to neck height, which is pointless as you can't see*

When I cleaned up I found lots of drug paraphernalia, which I told her I was removing... She agreed. I also found heaps of empty and half-drunk cans of alcohol! Terrible. It was in the bathroom for crying out loud!!!! I also got rid of all that. Cleaned her fridge out... Including yogurt from 2010. 2010! Stuck my gloved hand in a sink of goodness-knows-how-old water. Gloved or not, ewww times a million.

I mean why should I help her when she wont even help herself?!! I have already done so much for her!! The real tragedy are the kids! But what can I do?!!

I thought that when I had to move out and she was being *hell* to live with... Just being a terrible human in general... I thought 'yep, this is her rock bottom... She'll pick herself up for sure!!'

But nope. It wasn't. Hopefully this 'near death' experience is (her words, not mine!)... And she finally learns. But hmm, I don't know. Already heard her talking about drinking etc. I have nothing against drinking, but I truly think she is allergic. She can not handle it. Anyway, enough about her!!

I also had an argument with my Mum. Which was awful. She was drunk (what's with my family?) and she just went off at me. Fully out of nowhere. It really bowled me over and I got very defensive and it really brought me back to when I was living with my sister. I hate being yelled at and I cannot handle it. So... Mmm. Had a rough time.

My Poor Bender ended up at the vet!!!!! I thought he had dislocated his shoulder, but it was actually a cat attack wound!!! My poor boy!!! 2 needles later (and the Sunday consult fee!) and he is on the mend. Still limping a little, but much better. He also had a very high fever!! {sad face}

Poor Dino walso had a trip to the Vet! He had a tummy issue... And he wouldn't get up for walks. I was very worried as it is so unlike him. One needle and a weeks worth of antibiotics (and another Sunday consult fee!), he was literally back to his old self that same night!!

Spent $400 at the Vet over 2 weekends!! I love my babies so it was all worth it... I hate to think they are suffering.

I wish I could make Bender be an indoor cat, but he is free spirit and he has been an outdoor cat all his life! I am hoping I can get him and Smokey into a stay-indoors-at-night routine but we'll see.

Bender and Dino are also overweight. Poor Smokey is probably underweight. Bender even eats the dog food!! Little piggy!!

Speaking of piggies...

On to my weight loss results.

The last time I checked in on here my total loss was 16 kilos... and now?

10th week~ 1.1 kilo
11th week~ 1.5 kilos
12th week~ 2 kilos
13th week 1 kilo

And my complete loss so far is:

21.6 kilos

Pretty good!! So far my weekly average has been 1.6 kgs, so I am pretty impressed.

As you can imagine I am feeling pretty good. It's a nice feeling knowing I have broken to 20 kilos barrier. I am nearly the halfway mark {sigh} but I am still very focused and motivated!!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My weight loss plan


I hope you are all well!

An anonymous reader asked me what a day of food would be like for me on my plan.

My plan is not for everyone and I am by no means saying ‘hey, do this’ but this is the type of food I am eating and believe me, if you saw me, you would know I am a pretty happy chappy on this plan and am hardly hungry… And as you guys have seen, I have lost some serious kgs (16 and counting).


Serve of Yogurt. At least 97% fat free natural yogurt with no flavouring. (Yoplait Yoplus or Tamar Valley are my picks)

1 egg (the biggest I can get, at the moment it’s apparently 1 kilo! Crazy) and a decent amount of mushrooms (a bit less than 100 grams). Sometimes I will add spinach but usually just mushies and I make myself a little omelette. Or if I am in a rush, I just whack it in the microwave. A bit gross/weird, but it gets the job done is 55 secs for the mushies, then add and whisk the egg and nuke for a further 35 secs and Voila!


Tuna and salad (salad being cucumber and tomato- I am fussy!), with cracker pepper and balsamic vinegar.

My ‘treat’ meal which is steamed cauliflower with mozzarella cheese melted on top. It sounds weird, but it’s damn tasty!! (I usually try and limit this 3 times a week)

Sometimes I will cook 2 dinner meals and bring one in the next day for lunch. That’s what’s happening today.


Steak and vege (like mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini, onion, or salad type vegies)

Turkey savoury mince (turkey mince and vege (usually go for celery, asparagus, mushroom). This is my favourite meal at the moment. Another trick is to use lettuce cups and use them as like a san choy bow. Yummo!

Chicken salad/Chicken and vege.

Turkey or chicken soup with the usual vege.

I can also have seafood. Prawns, lobster, crabs, some fish (flake, snapper- nothing oily).

Basically the meals are all pretty even in terms of protein vs vege. None of my veggies are starchy (ie: potatoes, carrots, pumpkin etc). I cut of all visible fat from meat and only eat turkey or chicken breast.


Fruit- apples, mangoes, honeydew are the main ones I have. I could also have oranges, kiwi fruit and a few others, but I choose my favourites. I have 2 pieces a day. Usually in the afternoon/evening, to curb the munchies

Crackers- These are tough, because they are very addictive! I can really only have 5 serves of crackers- and 1 serve consists of 2 ‘little squares’. I have premium full fat. They are so good… So buttery!! I can also have no low fat version or saladas in full fat or low fat.


About 3 L water a day.

Tea and coffee, but only black. I can use certain sweeteners.

And I can have 2 cans of Diet Coke/Coke zero/Spite Zero/Diet Ginger Ale/Diet Pub Squash. 1 more if I am desperate. Should limit to 1L a day.

I also take a multivitamin, a flaxseed oil and a hair skin and nail supplement daily. All by Blackmores.


So, yeh that’s it. That’s what I do! I know it sounds strict etc. But it works for me. This is a special plan from a place called ‘Cohens Lifestyle Clinc’ and it does cost money to join, as you get specific weights for your meals and you get blood tests to make sure everything is functioning okay. If you want any more info, please let me know. I never wanted to actually mention the exact plan I am on, but I figured what the heck. Sharing is Caring ♡

I have tried every diet under the sun, and I had trouble sticking to them all! This just works for me. It balances my hormones and I am not hungry and I lose weight!! They don't spend millions on flashy advertising and mainly work through word of mouth, I think I first heard of them on TodayTonight or one of those shows and someone had lost weight while having PCOS. I have PCOS and it can hinder weight loss! I started looking into it and researched it for nearly a year before I finally took the plunge!

Here is a segment on the Plan

My real issue is how to eat ‘after’… I can get stuck into my old habits. That’s what I am working on this time! Anyway, that would happen regardless of the way I chose to lose weight. I used to have a personal trainer twice a week, but I ate to compensate. Complete waste of money. I did weight watchers for years and barely lost a kilo a week! And that was while trying (working out, eating according to the points system!! I did the soup diet, atkins... blah blah blah!

Having so many kilos to lose, I really need to get this weight off to feel happy again. I know people think moderation and exercise is the key, but that would take me YEARS! I want to wipe the slate clean and start this moderation business fresh!

My goal is to be finished by Christmas. So I want to lose 30 odd kilos by December (8 months, so ~4 kilos a month), so far I am ahead in terms of progress, but weight loss does slow down when you have less to lose.


Friday, April 19, 2013

♡ Week Nine Results

Hey Guys!!

I actually have so many things I want to post about, but I usually end up reading soooo many blogs that iI run out of time for my own!

Today was my 9th week on my plan and I lost 1 kilo !!! I think this has actually been my lowest loss yet, but I am still really happy with this result! I have now lost 16 kilos exactly! And I am now almost exactly a third of the way there!! Wont be long until I have lost 20 kilos! That is a lot of weight!!!

Thank you all so much for your support with my last few posts. It really means a lot!

I have a medispa appointment next week and I am super excited! It was supposed to be a reward for one of my weight loss goals, but oops, I accidentally booked it earlier. I have no idea how that happened. haha. I might get a peel or something fun, but I'll see what is suggested for me. I thought my skin was 'okay' then I went to the place near my house and was shot down considerable. I have booked my appointment for a different place. I'll report back when I have had the appointment. It is a Beauty Blogger approved place! 

I might even get some botox at a later date... eep. Just between my brows. I get headaches and apparently botox can help. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Oh and you know how Google something or rather is closing down and every one is jumping ship to Bloglovin (and some others), well I am here to officially say I ♡ Bloglovin!!! I have the app on my phone and I did the GFC transfer things so now all my blogs are on bloglovin (so easy and simple!) and the app makes it sooooo nice to catch up on all my favourite blogs. I highly, highly recommend!! 

Oh and I am on the waiting list for the new Samsung Galaxy. Ta ta Apple! And thanks for making it so hard to retrieve my contacts and put them on a new phone! JERKS! Can you believe you can 'import' your contacts but you can't 'export' them. No, sorry Apple, I am not a drone and will not play into your forceful 'stick with apple or else' ways!!! 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

♡ Week Seven & Eight Results

Hey Kittens!

I didn’t manage to post last week so this is a double weigh in post!
Last week was my 7th week weigh in and I managed 1.3 kilos.
Today was my 8th week on my plan and I lost a further 2.2 kilos !!! I am really happy with this result! I have now lost 15 kilos exactly! And I am now like 31% of the way there! 

I am definitely noticing a difference… Just in general I feel a lot happier, my skin is clear and glowing, my eyes are bright, I am more alert, my clothes feel looser and I sleep better.

When I think about all the good things happening, I can’t concentrate on any of the bad! The only bad things are that I can’t just go and eat on a whim, and I do cook every meal from scratch and that can be time consuming, but for the results? Pfft, who cares!

I went for dinner the other night with some friends in the city, and as I wanted to stay true to my goal, I didn’t partake in the dumpling-fest… Oh so hard, but when I get greeted with a 2.2 loss on the scales for the week, I am glad I didn’t indulge! In the end it doesn’t matter that I didn’t eat… It doesn’t hamper their experience and I still have fond memories of the night! Plus I didn’t get hit with a big bill! Major Plus!

I wanted to share with you guys my reward plan… These are ‘number on the scale’ dependable and also some rewards when I hot certain milestones (Like BMI status and 20, 30, 40 kilos lost, yes it's a long ass journey!)… I am not including the actual weight figures, as that is tooooooo scary to post!


At x I will get my brows made over at Benefit in the city. Plus a little 10minute makeover + purchase a little make up set. Gel manicure and pedicure at home. þ

At x I am going to treat myself to an at home day spa. This also includes dipping into my USA goodies and use one of my face masks. I will also have a long soak in the tub with some LUSH products. I will also give myself a pedicure and a manicure (gel)! (I will then try to continue this once every 2 weeks!). þ (this is what I am up to right now).

At x I can dip into my USA goodies. (3 products).

At x I will have lost 25 kilos and that’s when I shall have some CANDY. (Prada Candy perfume that is- purchased in USA)

At x I can have another dip into my USA goodies (3 products).

At x ( I will be ‘overweight’ ) I will allow myself to wear my jewellery again. Yes, that’s right, I was being mean and confiscated all my jewellery since gaining weight!

At x I will have lost 30 kilos! I can now have everything I want from my USA stash!

At x I will treat myself to a spa pedicure! I hate spending the $40 when I can do it myself but as a treat it will be lovely!

At x I will give myself the Tiffany & Co bracelet I purchased for myself on 5th Avenue! I haven’t even taken it out of the box!! It’s the delicate silver ball chain with the Tiffany blue heart! (I seriously cannot wait… I have always wanted this since I lost weight the first time but never got around to it! In New York, I couldn't resist buying it, but felt I didn't deserve to wear it!)

At x I would have lost 40 kilos!

x I will be in the normal BMI category! Aka: IDEAL!

At x I will treat myself to a facial at the fancy place near home. Like a microdermabrasion type thing- something fancy!

At goal I will buy myself another Tiffany & Co Bracelet! The same design as the other one but with a dangling bow!

Time on plan rewards

4 weeks on plan: Buy myself that make up bag I wanted. þ (Ted Baker)
8 weeks on plan: I decided not to do anything, as I am feeling fine and happy with the other reward I get anyway.
12 weeks on plan: Massage (already have a voucher- it’s a hot stone massage. Ooh La La!)
16 weeks on plan: A trip to the hairdresser! I dyed my own hair from blonde to brunette, and haven’t had a haircut for like a year! My hair needs help!!!

Thanks for sticking around while I get my weight issues sorted!

I have been reading a book called ‘The Beck Diet Solution’… Have any of you guys read it? It’s about breaking free of the dieting cycle by using CBT (cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I am loving it and finding myself nodding along and I am putting the things I am learning into practice! If anyone else struggles, I urge you to get a copy of the book! I have a hard copy and also one from Amazon on my iPhone and tablet- using the kindle app.

Speak to y’all soon!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

♡ Week Six Results

Hi Guys…

Just a quick post today. It’s my 6th week weigh in and it wasn’t too great. Nuts.

I have stayed the same for nearly a whole week. 6 days to be precise. According to the weight loss prophesies I foresee a big loss when I weigh in tomorrow. I have no idea why this keeps happening. I seem to lose the day after my weigh in. haha

I weigh 1.1 kilos less than last week. Taking my total lost to 11.5 kilos in 6 weeks. I am still only 23% of the way through my ‘journey’ though.

I have to attend a funeral tomorrow. *sigh

A friend of mine, who is the brother of one of my besties, took his own life last week. As you can imagine this has been incredibly shocking and I don’t think it has really even hit me yet. Not until tomorrow, I’m sure.

I have one black dress that fits and still haven’t found it yet. I am procrastinating on the looking front but I need to find it tonight or I will be in big trouble tomorrow! I also need to wash my hair tonight and do all sorts of things. I worry over the little things that no one will even notice. It must make me feel in control to preoccupy my mind with them. Like, I want to wash and ‘do my hair and I feel like I ‘need’ to have my nails painted. I have been thinking of a nice grey colour, but does it even matter?! No.

I am also worried that I haven’t been doing a good job comforting my friend. I am terrible at it. The friend who had lost contact with her went to her house yesterday and stayed till the evening. What have I done? Nothing- well one call and some messages and emails. Hmm, maybe it is okay that I leave the comforting to the ones who can handle it. Plus I am sure she is being bombarded with messages and calls left right and centre.

This whole situation has also brought to mind that life is too short. I had to tell one of my friends about the death and I found that really hard. For the obvious reason and also that we have been ‘estranged’ for quick awhile (years). Since I told her, we have made massive strides in our relationship and I think a bridge may even have been mended. If there can even be a silver lining, this could be it.

It has also made me think of my ‘thing’ between me and my Dad. I still haven’t spoken to him. He reached out and I ignored his calls, then he sent me a message saying to contact him when I was ready but also that he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. So, I don’t know… Bottom line, I’m not ready to talk to him about it all and I’ve had other things on my mind.

Anyway, so that’s what’s happening in my world at the moment.



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bottling emotions, until the Bottle POPS

Hey Guys…

I had a really stressfully emotional night last night.


You see, my sister has been unwell and if you’ve read of my posts about family you would see I had a lot of issues with her. Long story short is that I eventually moved out- but I had already suffered a lot. I felt like I was always taking a backseat in my family because others would be so effed up that there was never time for me.

My Dad has 10 children (4 different mums)… So it makes sense that some of us had to disappear. We are all spread out a lot. Especially me. I am the most spread out of us all. My sister is 12 years older than me and my little brother is 6 years younger- everyone else is 1 or 2 years apart. You’d almost think I would have had a lot of attention. But I didn’t. Or maybe I did but I was too young to remember.

Anyway, since I moved out (I lived with my Dad and my sister and her 2 sons), I haven’t had much to do with my sister. She is going through something and I don’t want to be part of it- it’s destructive. She uses me and does nothing to help her situation. My dad would call me now and then just say hello. It started to dawn on me that almost every call was to update me on my sister after he put in the obligatory 'small chat'. ‘Oh she’s not doing well’ ‘when was the last time you saw her’ ‘ she’s very skinny‘ ‘oh she has so much on her plate.’ Every call was under a minute long and most of that was him telling me about my sister.

I can’t really explain and I probably sound like I am evil, but he has always put her problems onto me. Since I was at least 19. She had a nervous breakdown and I was the one who had to help her through it. Last night was the final straw. He asked me when was the last time I saw her. Well, it was that weekend when I babysat my nephew so she could go to a night club. Call me crazy, but she can’t be too sick if she can go to a nightclub. Anyway, I don’t want my post here to be about her, but after I got off the phone I felt really low. My dad puts all this guilt on me as though I am supposed to do something about her problems when she won’t even help herself. I started toying with the idea of telling him how I felt. I have never done that. I bottle my emotions, keep them deep down inside. I knew I couldn’t ‘speak’ to him, as I get too emotional and make no sense. So, I wrote him a letter (to send electronically).

I cried while I wrote it. I asked him what it was he wanted me to do about my sister, and didn’t he notice that the last time I ‘helped’ my life was turned upside down and no one cared and it didn’t help her, it just hurt me. I told him he only sees what she wants him to see and if he only knew the truth. I told him how I now know how our family works… ‘he who screams loudest gets the attention’- I am not like that. I told him I don’t want him to call me only to tell me how badly she is doing. I told how all my life I have reached out to him, only to be pushed aside. I have always felt like a nuisance… Just something that everyone had to find something to do with. I was in the way. I used to stay at my step-mums on weekends just so I could see him when he would visit them… I used to go to his work after to school just to see him, even if it was only to spend time with him as he would drive me home. If I hadn’t made those efforts, I wouldn’t have seen him. I have never told him how all this has made me feel. I said all I want is for you to not call me to remind me how less important I am than everyone else.

I did feel like a weight had been lifted off me just writing it all down. I was unsure of sending the message. I know it would make him sad… but I honestly can’t handle it anymore. It’s every time I talk to him. I sent the message. I told him I didn’t want to talk about it, I just wanted him to know how I felt and how it makes me feel when he tried to guilt me. I did receive a reply this morning. It was pretty okay and he barely mentioned my sister, only to say ‘he didn’t know’ and that ‘maybe’ he was ‘blind about some things’… Better than nothing. He also said we needed to talk. I don’t want to. To be honest, since I moved out I gave up. I decided that he had made his choice and my sisters’ problems were more important than anyone’s and most definitely more important than my happiness. I decided I wasn’t going to continue to reach out anymore to him, only to get burned again. I also think is why I am still mad at her. I blame her for what has happened to my relationship with my dad. I know he thinks less of me for walking away. He said to me ‘I thought you were stronger than that’… I said ‘well, you were wrong’ and walked away.

Anyway, I had knots in my stomach… and had trouble getting to sleep. When I woke up I was okay, until I remembered what had happened. Back to feeling queasy. I then checked my phone and saw the message from my dad and had a nice cry in the shower.

I am a coward but I don’t care anyway. I am who I am and I can’t help that. This is the first time I ever told my Dad how I really feel, usually I just put on a brave face and pretend I am okay. When my dad tries to call me again, I won’t be answering. It’ll probably be tonight but I’m just not ready. I have really exposed my true feelings and it’s scary. I feel raw and exposed.

Sorry for the post. But I need to get it all out. I saw a psychologist a few years ago, but it was when I was quite depressed and seeing the doctor and going to work 3 times a week were literally all I did. The rest of the time I was in bed, at home and ordering takeaway food. Unfortunately the half-rebated Medicare appointments were all used up before I could even get to my family issues.        

Thanks for reading if you did. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

♡ Week Five Results

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all fine and dandy. I am pretty good, in case you were wondering! haha.

So, today was my 5 week weigh in.

UNFORTUNATELY my weight loss for the week is sorta ‘left over’ from last week! What do I mean by that? Well, I have weighed the exact same amount for 5 or 6 days straight! Exactly the same! Not 100 gram difference on any day! Quite frustrating!

But anyway, this week I managed 1.4 kilos. Taking my total lost to 10.4 kilos. Pretty good for 5 weeks… and even better for 4 weeks and 1 or 2 days! Haha.

I purchased some cute as pie OTK boots (Over the Knee) on the eBay and I got them yesterday… as they were getting sent I thought hmm I might check the measurements. The seller had given the measurement for the bit that supposedly goes over your knee, I had a sneaking suspicion the thigh bit wouldn't fit, well not at the moment anyway… Eek, no way, not a chance!! I need to lose like 10 something cms there for it fit over my knee (EEEEK) and even then I actually want it to be a little loose. I am still 100% happy with my purchase though! They are everything I want in a boot (OTK, Black, Quilting, Buckles, wedge or flat, round toe, JUICY!)! They retail for US$249 (and $349 at David Jones!) and I got them for $99!! Bargainous!

Juicy OTK Wedge Boots!

I have wanted over the knee boots since I went to Canada, however long ago that was- I just checked, it was February 2010! All the chic ladies were wearing them, and I wanted to be chic too! Haha.

I bought a pair but they finally disintegrated last year (I still have them of course… haha, such a hoarder!). They weren't super expensive… Maybe $50, so they definitely weren't quality material. These new ones are though! Waxy suede- whatever that means! My Mum says it means water should run right off them. Hope so! I never wanted anything that was too high, or a stiletto heel (screams ‘street walker’) but the wedges are really comfy (I squeezed my leg into them to test if the shoe part fit) and I could actually walk in them and they felt very comfortable and supported. I have wide and fat feet so that is a big accomplishment! I couldn't even get the thigh bit over my calves though! Oh Lordy! Anyhoo… These will be perfect come winter. And super cute with my ‘leather-look’ leggings! Dontcha think??

Oh and back to my weigh in… I also take my measurements weekly and I quickly punch the deets into my phone and don’t even think about them. Afterwards, I am supposed to transcribe them into my journal and compare them to the week before. I haven’t done it now for 2 weigh ins! Naughty! I might sit down and do it now. Maybe I've been losing inches, wouldn't that be nice?!

That’s it from me! Speak to you all soon!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Benefit Brow Bar, Ted Baker and Winning at Internet Shopping!

Hey Kittens!

Hope you are all well!

Last week as one of my reward for being a good girl in my weight loss quest, I treated myself to a Brow wax/shape at Benefit at Myer Melbourne.

I had been there before as reviewed here, but I figured, hmm, why not review it again! haha.

I went to the city on Thursday afternoon when I had been let out of jail work early. I have been on the hunt for this GORGEOUS Ted Baker make up bag I spotted while browsing some UK blogs... As I approached the city I thought hey! My brows are unruly, why not get the hair ripped out with hot wax as a treat for my weight loss?! haha. Yes, a treat.

I asked the bene-babe (or whatever they refer themselves as) to take a pic of my scary looking eyebrows.
She took the worst pic ever!

The lighting in Myer is scary. I am an oil slick!! And I swear I am not usually that oily looking.

I had to crop the pic as I was mid-sentence when she took the photo... Horrendous!

GAH! Unruly Brows!!! Oil Slick City!!

And after she ripped the hairs out and then filled my brows in... This was the result...

Note my shifty eye.

I think she used too dark a brow powder on me... I have been using the lighter shade of brown myself and it has been much less 'Hey! LOOK! Look at me! I fill in my brows!'

Also in that first "after" pic, can you see the patchy foundation job above my eyebrow ? I got offered a 10 minute makeover, which I totally accepted but ew to the foundation. It looks yellow... And when I got home it looked like I was wearing a mask. There was a very noticeable jaw line. Tsk Tsk. Bad bene-babe!

The bene-babe also used the posie tint on me. I loved it! I had never given it a second look... But the price is outrageous .. It was $50 something dollars. After you have shopped in the US you just can't bring yourself to spend that kind of monies!

That was until she showed me this cute little set...

Yes, yes I am feeling Dandy!

I was ainstantly sold on the adorable-ness of the minis. Then I was told it was on sale as well! I can't remember how much it is usually, but I only paid $40! Pretty good, I reckon!

It comes with a mini posie tint, a mini highbeam, a lip gloss and a blush! Perfect way to test out some items!! I haven't got any of these!

Please look at the cuteness!

So, that was a success... Then I wandered over to David Jones to find my wash bag!

SOLD OUT! &*%^%#$(*^^%#

I noticed there was a cute grey one and was úhmming'and áhhing' over it. It isn't exactly what I want, but, hmmm. Then I noticed it had these weird pink marks on it- like where something else had rubbed against it (probably the hot pink wash bag I actually wanted!)... I thought hmmmm, maybe I can get a discount. *cheesy grin*

I finally found a salesperson, 20 minutes later... and asked if they had any stock of my HOT PINK bag and she said everything they have is on the floor- *sad face*... I asked if she could check another store... Apparently not. I don't believe that, she just didn't want to do it. She was roughly 50 years old and more interested in talking to her co-workers than helping out a customer. That's Aussie retail for you! And they wonder why we shop overseas online... I showed her the marks on the grey one and was offered 20% off. I took it.

This isn't mine, obviously...  FYI, the pink marks are near the zipper and barely noticeable

I still wanted the pink one. In pure desperation, I had also now called DJs at Chaddy and Southland- but still no dice. I also called the Ted Baker store, but there was no answer.

On Sunday I went into the city again- this time with my little nephew- I needed a DAISO fix. So, I dragged him along to the actual Ted Baker store (located in Little Collins) but nope, no stock. I also tried DJs again,, just in case, but nope. haha. Yes, I was desperate.

I eventually gave in and decided to buy it online with DJs. I didn't want to, purely due to the $10 postage (yes, I am that tight- especially after all my efforts thus far)... but after a little bit of web sleuthing I found myself a code for 10% off... Unfortunately it didn't cover the shipping. Nuts.

Then I noticed you get FREE shipping if you spent over $50- of course the bag was $49.95 (can you believe it?!). So, I tried to find the cheapest thing I sorta kinda wanted... and nearly settled on an OPI nail file for $3.95, but honestly... I just don't need one.

I finally settled on a small bottle of Kiehls Creme de Corps for $15... Which, in the end, was essentially free! With my 10% discount and now the free shipping it came out the same as if I hadn't bought the creme at all! Muhahahahaha! I won that round DJs! Suckers!!

So, this beautiful pink bag is on it's way to me!!!! Yay!!! I bought it yesterday afternoon and got a dispatch notice this morning! Yay!

Look at that pink!!! I think mine is the smaller version  Same as the grey. But it is a great size! I have all my essentials in the grey now and there is room for more!

* My 5 week weigh in is tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

♡ Week Four Results

Hey Kittens!

I hope you are all well!

I am totally reneging on my promise not to bombard you with weight loss malarkey .. here I am, fourth post in a row, talkin' about my weight loss venture!

But first of all let me say...
Hallelujah the heat wave in Melbourne is OVER.

I suffered big time. Damn you heat + sweat that equals hot, sweaty rashes! YUCK.

Firstly, and most horrifically, I have a heat rash in a really unfortunate area! (my groin). It is so so SO uncomfy. And as if that wasn't bad enough, on the weekend I used my newly acquired epilator on my underarms. ZOMG. Big mistake!!!

At first everything was fine and I was really happy and impressed with the results, I was even planning to sing its' praises on my wee little blog... Then came the burning. OMG, the burning. Well... 4 days later and I am still burning with the most disgusting rashy welts that are extremely painful. I feel like if maybe I had done it on a 'normal' weekend and not in the midst of a heatwave I would have been okay... but oh my Gosh. The worst!

{side note: I used the epilator on my legs and it's awesome, didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I thought it would}

So, in short, I am a walking rash. A painful walking rash. Ohhh and my thigh chafing has decided to rear its' ugly head. I'll tell you, if this isn't a good reason to NEVER be overweight (severely obese, really), then I don't know what is! Besides the serious health issues as well... hehe. Good Grief!

Anyway, I have been trying to treat my rashes... by keeping the areas dry, but in 37 degree heat. it's pretty hard! Especially when the morning bus drivers don't seem to like turning on the air-con and I am literally saturated before I even get to work!! I read online to keep my underarms moisturised after epilating, which I dutifully adhered to (the internets never lie, derr)... but, um, yeh, I think that's where I went wrong and why I am suffering big time right now. I am now throwing anti chaf powder around like it's confetti.

So, in short. I. AM. UNCOMFORTABLE.

Anyway... enough about me and my heat induced rash and onto my fourth week results.

I will say, these four weeks has gone by really quickly. At the beginning I was really disheartened by how long my journey (Gosh, I hate that word, thank you biggest loser*) was going to be, but it's just gotta be done. I got myself into this mess, so now I have to suffer the consequence- harsh, but true. The diet isn't really suffering per se, but it does have many challenges.

On to the results. I am shocked at my results this week. I was really expecting a crappy week, as I have a) had good losses in the past 3 weeks and b) it is Thomas Time. Surprisingly, I managed to lose 1.9 kilos. That's a grande totale of 9 kilos in 4 weeks (28 days!).

On another note, my Cotton On order came really quickly! Within 2 days actually. I love when online shopping gets to you quickly. Nothing worse than waiting. I LOL'd at Krissy saying the shorts were 'EW' (note the caps). When I looked at them again I was like 'sh!t, are they?!'... When I got them in my hands I came to this conclusion... yes, yes I believe they are! hahaha. The leggings on the other hand are pretty damn good (especially the other pair I didn't actually show on the blog, they are available in store, apparently!).

Another purchase I made was on the eBay (my parents call it 'the eBay')... I got a Juicy Couture tracksuit and an another pair of track pants (2 separate Auctions, same seller). They have 'New York' written on them, which is why I wanted them. When I was in NYC, I stumbled into the Juicy Couture store on 5th Ave, but noticed my sister and brother were completely bored, so I pretended I was finished looking (I so wasn't, I was only in there for 10 mins, max). I was really peeved I didn't get a chance to go back on my own and even more bummed I didn't buy anything when I had the chance. So, these pants were perfect and I plan to fib and say I got them in NYC. They are a New York exclusive afterall. Yay. And they were only $30, double yay! Oh oh and the bestest of best bits... All the pieces are genuine! haha.

I also bought myself a Juicy Couture iPad case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Nowhere has CUTE galaxy tab cases! I have a pink one I bought from an Asian store in the city, but it's too bulky and it shows marks easily. The Juicy one is an envelope style carrier in steel grey (and looks black), with a gold turn lock. I haven't received it yet, but it looks fancy!

That's all folks!

(Yay for the cool change!)


* I am excited for the biggest loser to start this Sunday. Oh yes I am.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

♡ Week Three Results

Hiya Guys and Dolls!

Hope everyone is well!

I ended up getting those Co. by Cotton On Leggings as well as a different pair they had in their normal section. I had a 30% off code, so it was silly not to buy them! They are "leather" or should I say pleather...

Side Note; this guy a friend of mine used to date called it fleather. Fleather?!... I don't think that's even a term. He insisted there was no such term as pleather and that it was fake leather= fleather. This is also the guy that insisted Michael Jackson never sang Billy Jean- it was when some cover was released and he had obviously never heard the song before, he claimed Michael would never sing about something so violent... And once when I used the term 'garnishing wages' he laughed at me and said that wasn't a real term. What an idiot!

Anyway  I digress... I also bought a pair of pleather (haha) shorts... I got them in a 10 (wishful thinking) as it was the only size they had... And I am so glad I did. The shorts are now sold out!

Co by Cotton on shorts were $34.95 - 30%. I also wanted the jacked but thought it was a bit much! haha

I love the sporty luxe look!

So, cutting to the chase here, today was my 3 week weigh in and I lost 1.2 kilos! Taking my total to 7.1 kilos... which I am rather happy with!!! I expect the losses to slow down now... I believe I am now in the FAT burning stage! YAY!

Catch up soon!


Thursday, February 28, 2013

♡ Week Two Results

Hey everybody!

I am one day late for my check in, I hope you will forgive me *puppy dog eyes*

I had another good result! I am expecting it to slow down soon, but I sure am happy!

I lost 1.6 kilos!!

So, now my total for 2 weeks is 5.9 kilos!!!

I can actually feel a difference in my clothes already (even though I have a way to go still).

I found these leather-look leggings from Co. by Cotton On and I want them.

They actually have zips at the back of the legs at the bottom that I am not 100% a fan of but the price is right, and I signed up to their newsletter and snagged 30% off!

Co. by Cotton on PU Leggings only $29.95!

The leggings are only $29.95 anyway and with the discount they'd be like $20.95! Crazy cheap! 

The Co collection tends to sell out really quick, so I want to buy them ASAP. I don't know what size to get. I know I don't want the size I am now, but then I am not sure what size I will be. Oh the dilemmas! I'm thinking either 10 or 12... I am leaning towards 10 seeing as they look stretchy.

I really want to get them now as I missed out on something from the Co. Collection awhile ago and I've never really gotten over it! hahahaha.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

♡ Week One Results

Hello Sweethearts!

Yesterday marked my first week on my healthy eating adventure… and I lost 4.3 kilos. Yeh… 4.3 kilos! 

I still have a way to go but I am very happy with 4.3 kilos in the first week. Granted, it is just water weight… but I’m still happy with the fact that I am no longer carry around that extra 4.3 kilos. Water weight or not! 

My nephews came for a sleep over during the week and one of them shared something very special with my Mum and I…


Grrrr. I haven’t been sick with a cold/flu for well over a year! It certainly hasn't been fun trying to eat well but also trying to get better. I am so glad I stuck with my plan though… Or I’d still be 4.3 kilos heavier right now! Take that, fat! 

I believe I have spoken about my plan before. It is somewhat controversial, which is why I choose not to say too much… but whatevs. Reality is, it’s all healthy food, no diet shakes or pills, and I don’t see why some people take issue with it. It is very portion controlled, which to be honest is where some of my problems lie. This girl can eat a whole packet of Tim Tams in one sitting. 

The thing with this diet and any diet… Is that you have to stick with the changes you make. My issues in the past and the reason I have regained weight is that I go right back to my old habits. 

I am an emotional eater and that’s really what needs to stop. This plan gives you exactly what your body needs to function and allow your body to feed off its’ fat reserves… and baby, I've got PLENTY of fat reserves! 

This ‘diet’ is like being on cruise control and there are no grey areas. There is no ‘ho hum what should I eat today?’- It’s ‘here are your choices, now pick one!’ I like that. It means, hopefully, that this time round, I can concentrate more on the emotional side of it all. Why do I keep eating when I am full? What void am I filling?

I have a few books currently on loan (majorly overdue)… Some of the gems include ‘How to Feed the Hungry Heart. The Experience of Compulsive Eating’ and ‘Why Can't I Stop Eating: Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Food Addiction’… Not gonna lie, the titles makes me giggle, but they are all SO me. Have I read them yet? Nope. 

Due to feeling so poorly, I decided to attempt to make a soup last night. My first ever soup in my whole entire life! I can’t believe I haven’t done it earlier! So easy, so yum and so filling. 

All I did was cut up celery and add some spring onions and my already sliced chicken breast (I should have cut it more, but was lazy!)… Covered with water, added salt and pepper and waited. So easy! 

I have the cutest little pot that I usually use in the oven with my steak and mushies, but it was even cuter on the stove! (see attached pic, please excuse the marks on the stove, it boiled over!!! I was like nooooooo)

Please excuse all the marks on the stove. It boiled over and I was like 'Nooooooooooo, precious broth'

Seriously though, how cute is this pot! 

I am attempting to make another one tonight. I purchased some leek (never used the stuff before) and bok choy! I also have mushies and cauliflower… I don’t know if those go in soup though. Hahahaha. At least not a brothy type like mine. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clean Eating (&Happy LOVE Day)

Happy LOVE day everyone!

I hope you are all getting spoilt by your loved ones, and if not then I hope you are spoiling yourselves!

I won’t be seeing The BF tonight because my nephews are sleeping over and I haven’t seen them in ages… And it’ll be their first time visiting Bender since I got him back. So, I want to be there to see how that goes.

google images

google images

So, now that I have the formalities over, I just wanted to say I am back on the healthy eating bandwagon! Just a quick history I lost like 20 kilos a little while back and but it all back on and then some. Yeah. And then some.

I started yesterday, which just so happened to be Ash Wednesday- aka the first day of Lent. How convenient? I can pretend this is all in the name of being a good Catholic girl. Ha.

About 3 hours into the plan to eat healthy I was struck with a headache! I couldn't believe the detox symptom came on so fast but obviously I was rather toxic.

I’m not going lie, I have a truckload of weight to lose! I am in for a long ride on the healthy eating train.

Obviously my main incentive is to be healthy and happy but also I would like to be able to fit into the clothes in my wardrobe! I swore I would never buy myself fat clothes again… turns out I kinda had to.  I bought the bare minimum I could get away with and only cheap as cheap can be. Just basic stuff really.

Aside from my headache I already feel pretty good. It’s amazing how a proper diet can affect you so soon. I feel lighter and less bloated already- I lost 1.5 kilos overnight of pure water. I know it’s not fat but at least I am not carrying it around anymore! And I've only just begun!

Last week I realised I was really starting to feel dreadful. My feet are always swollen by the end of the day, I can't walk far without being puffed out, my thighs rub together like a bitch and the back of my legs throb as I walk waddle… I occasionally get dizzy spells and see spots- not a good sign. A guy at my work suggested I might have diabetes. He himself is a diabetic but I said I didn't think so and played down the issues I was complaining about- all while secretly having  a panic attack.

A few days later I realised I was always so thirsty but it seemed unquenchable. I decided to google it and… bang… the first thing that came up… diabetes!

I told my co-worker and he said "well, not to be disrespectful but you have gained an awful lot of weight recently"... It hurts to have that said to you but it's the truth.

I am really scared of getting diabetes! And so I should be- I am actually in serious jeopardy of being diabetic and all through self-infliction!!! I am super scared of needles and the thought of pricking myself daily or even injecting myself daily makes me quiver. The thought of it sent me straight into the arms of my healthy eating plan.

I don’t like to call it a diet and I realise it is quite a strict plan but I just want the weight gone. People have tried to sway me into going on weight watchers or what-have-you, but they just aren't for me. I have done them before and it just didn't work well for me. I need the strictness and I love how fast the weight comes off with my plan.

I don’t think it’s the speed of the weight coming off that is the issue for me to maintain a slimmer body. It’s that I don’t really understand ‘normal’… I revert back to my old habits when really I need to stick to my new ones (sounds easy but it so isn't . In reality I practically have avoid sugar like the plague forever. It is my drug. My addiction. One little taste of the sweet white stuff sends me into a tail spin!


So, anyway… I will try not to bombard you with weight loss stuff but it kinda becomes all I think of. Haha.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a lovely day!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Le Questionnaire

I found this Questionnaire on someone's blog (can't remember who, sorry) and it looked like fun!

1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?

Well, Missy is my main nickname.

From my Dad; I also get called “Ris" which is the middle of my real name, which also turned into "Rissole". Then Ris/Rissole started getting used for other people within my family as well… like when they are bratty or naughty. Like as a nice way of calling someone an ass or an a**hole… so that’s disconcerting. Haha. I like to say I am the Original Rissole, though. 

From my Mum; I get called "Little Doll" or Lil Doll (which I have tattooed on my wrist- I also have Missy on my hip).

One of my sister's exes used to have matching names for me and her... She was Organ Arse and I was Thunder Bum. I wonder why? hahahaha. 

2. What's a weird habit of yours?

Ummmm, I probably have lots and lots. I guess one is that a hoard a lot of stuff around with me everywhere I go and yet never use it. Like I carry a bag full of paperwork with me, but I constantly avoid doing anything about it (bills, letters etc- most remain unopened).

I also carry around a million and one lipstick/lip balm/gloss product… Guess who rarely ‘touches up’ during the day? Moi.

(p.s- I think this is a mental issue… *nervous laughs*)

3. Do you have any weird phobias? 

Erm, I used to HATE sharing… Well I still do. I won’t share anything that you actually use on yourself or that touches your lips (lip gloss/straws/etc).

I won’t share drinks or food. I mean, okay, you can have a chip, but don’t touch anything that I want to eat… I might not even say anything about it at the time, but I probably wont eat it now, so thanks a lot. An actual bite of something that I would also be biting into? Hells no. It doesn't matter how much I love you. It just ain't happening. I’d buy you one for yourself before letting that happen.

It was a big issue at school, when everyone was sharing beauty products, and sharing drinks/lunch or whatever and I’d just be like ‘no’. I don’t like that it is labelled as not sharing… but hmm I guess that’s what it is. 

4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

haha. Lots of songs. Too many to note. Any ballad from Mariah, Whitney... heck even Celine! (lols). I will also belt out some Adele. I fancy myself as a bit of a singer. I am a pro at SingStar and real-life Karaoke! 

5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves? 

Just rude people to sum it up. I think everyone gets peeved at rude people.

People who aren't conscientious...  you know? Who only think of themselves. I am very aware of most people around me and will do my best not to put them out or cause myself to be in their way or anything like that. 

I also dislike people who swallow loudly. I hate hearing the gulping noise. You can do it quietly, I don't understand why some people are SO loud about it.

My boss does this and it makes me want to cry. I hate it. I understand that sometimes you can accidentally make a noise (Even I do it too sometimes) but he makes really loud GULPING noises with each and every sip. Drives. Me. Crazy!  

6.  What's one of your nervous habits? 

Gosh I don’t know. Probably being overly nice… My hands used to shake if I had to use them in front of someone  but I think that’s a little better now.

7.  What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

I sleep on the right side of the bed at the moment… but it’s always the side furthest away from the entrance to the room. So, in my last house it was the left.

8.  What was your first stuffed animal & its name? 

It’s a teddy bear I got in hospital when I was born. His name is Teddy.

God I love that bear. 

He has leather pads on his paws and he is just the bomb. He has a nail polish mark on his leg from when I was playing hospital and he was the injured party… dammit. I actually don’t know who gave him to me… but I adore him. 

9.  What's the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks? 

Skim milk Caramel Frappuccino, no whip and with Java chips, please!

10.  What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice? 

Never go to sleep without washing your face. I even include the use of face wipes as a no-no… it just isn’t the same as washing in the bathroom. But heck, I've been guilty of falling asleep without washing my face properly. I have some seriously beautiful skincare but there is a routine to it (involving a hot cloth steam and then a scrub) and when I am dog tired, I just cannot be bothered. 

11.  Which way do you face in the shower?

I face towards the shower. Funny, I've never even thought of it before. If I have to do something I turn and face away but mainly I face the shower head. I do a lot of twisting and turning in the shower, I can tell you that. 

12.  Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'? 

not really. I can make a noise like Donald Duck… It’s the trick I do for kids… It gets the laughs… Not so much now that Donald isn't so famous, but back in the day it was all about Mickey and friends and my Donald impression was all the rage.

13.  What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?

I have too many comfort foods… Anything sweet and/or cheesy is me.

14.  What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? 

“I’ll tell you that for free” talking about something lame and saying it is "all the rage"- (see Q12)… Either of them usually gets the laughs… especially the first time, but I will use them time and time again.
“JJ” is another one… followed by ‘just joking or joshing” (I actually say them both with the "or" haha).
I also have a habit of mispronouncing words... or like Mike Myers says in "View from the Top" "Putting the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle"... That also gets the laughs when people realise what I am actually saying.

15.  Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing? 

Undies… maybe. Sometimes I go the full PJ, other times completely in the buff. I just go with however I’m feeling.

If you do this Questionnaire too, please let me know. I'd love to read it!