Monday, August 29, 2011


Okay so I recently fessed up about being the Queen of Procrastination, I then posted my "to do" list...

Bustin' at the seams with Good Intentions, I was... but then....

Well, then I got struck down!




I got sick y'all!!!

I do apologise!

I actually thought I was going to be out for awhile with this bug, but turns out I have made a rather swift recovery! Go me!!! I actually hadn't been sick since I first embarked on my "Lifestyle Change" back in February and was having daily multi Vs plus eating super healthy... But since being officially off the diet, I have been naughty. Seriously. *Disappointed Sad Face*

I have been slack with my multi V intake and I honestly think this is why I got struck down. Granted there have been some nasty bugs around recently and my whole house was infected, but I live with primary school brats. er I mean kids, so it's not like there weren't nasty bugs around in the last 6 months anyway!

This just cements the need to be more serious about my health... I can already feel my clothes getting too snug and I feel so Bleugh! I just feel better when I am eating well!

I had also gotten an online voucher for a month access to Contours, which is conveniently around the jolly corner from me, but, in my usual way, I left the voucher to the last minute and due to me getting sick I missed out on activating the month access so now it is forfeited!


Okay, it was only a $10 voucher, so not a big huge loss, though I did buy 2 vouchers (1 for my sis as well) but I actually really wanted to try the place out.. and I figured Contours would have been a nice easy introduction back into the gym scene. Oh wells. I don't know if they have monthly passes to buy usually, maybe I should enquire. I am really unfit and want to ease myself into exercising.

I am also considering going to Fernwood... But I have read some crappy reviews on the Vogue Forum. I have never been before and there is a no joining fee promo on at the moment (a savings of $199) but I would have to sign up for 12months... Eeek. Plus I would want to get the Gym + PT membership, which includes a 30 minute weekly Personal Training session... and is almost $60 a fortnight.

Hmm, decisions....

I only have till the 31st August (aka WEDNESDAY!) to make my mind up about Fernwood... I wouldn't pay $199 just to join as well the $60 a fortnight! Heck to the No! So if I say yes now I have to be committed for 12 months!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things to do...

So, first things first I have to put all my fresh ideas on hold and at least do the things I already said I would do first.

1. Update on Milkshake Sugar Frosting for Hair. I took some photos but felt they turned out crappy... I noticed a few people had checked on my Milkshake posts, presumably to see what I thought, and I didn't even bother with the update! Oh the shame!

2. Update of my experience at Benefit BrowBar at Myer Melbourne. I have photos and they are fine... why didn't I update?! Pfft, who knows!!

3. Update on my weight loss... I made it to goal, I re-introduced certain food types (carbs) into my diet... But now that I am free as a Bird, I find myself on Struggle Street! Eeek!

Stay tuned!!!


The Procrastinator

I am just the Queen of Procrastination. It's annoys me as much as I am sure it annoys other people... *le sigh*

I believe it is a mixture of things that leads me to procrastinate...
a) Perfectionist Tendendancies
b) Fear of Failure
c) General Laziness

(source: Tumblr)