Monday, January 30, 2012

♡ week two results ♡

This picture made me giggle.

So true!! And so me last night and the night before!

Day 3 on Project PT is going okay. Today it was drizzling, so that was different. Haha. It wasn’t too bad. I now see this whole PT thing as a challenge. Someone at my work said he gives me 6 months… He said it’s all fine and dandy during summer, but just wait till some bad weather rolls in. Challenge accepted old man!! I’m almost positive I’ll quit this caper well before 6 months!! {insert laughs here} 

I kid, I kid. It’s really not all that bad. Majority of my travel time is actually on the bus, so I won’t be that exposed to the elements. I’m not as naïve as to think I will not have bad days, when the buses are late and it’s freezing (or too hot), but I say roll with the punches, people. It’s part of my new leases on life. Not to sweat the small stuff. Pick my battles. Etc. 

Ohhh and today marked week two on my new lifestyle. I weighed myself through the week, and I saw a damn good number on the ol’ scale, but, the number increased today. Boo to that. That is not supposed to happen. The goal is weight loss. Grrr. Haha. Nah, I know it’s up and down and down and up. 

My weight loss for week two was;

1.1 kilos

Taking me to a total of 4.1 in 2 weeks! Can't be unhappy with that! A lot is water weight... In fact probably all of it. haha.

10kilos to go. (damn).

Oh my God, I have a dentist appointment tonight! I'm scared!!!!! I need a filling and I have been postponing it for months now... eeeek!


*All pictures from Tumblr. I love Tumblr.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy (belated) Australia Day!!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Australia Day, even if it's belated! 

source: google images (and on a meat pie please! geddit? haha)

I didn’t actually do anything especially Aussie to celebrate the day, but I did have a really great day nonetheless!

I got to see my Baby Bender!!!!

He looked different to me, darker than I remember, I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t seen someone for a while… He wasn’t upset with me or anything; in fact it was just like old times.

At first he was bit surprised to see me there when he came into my room, but I scooped him up and gave him some serious smooching. *sigh

I miss him so much.

He looks okay, no matted fur or anything, so I am happy about that. He also has a girlfriend… or at least some girl kitty called “Misty” who feels free to come inside the house to find him. Haha. Cute. 

My nephews were with me in my room when Bender came in; I held myself together, gave him his cuddles and let them play with him in my room while I continued to pack some of my stuff and tidy up… But as soon as they left, I clambered onto my bed to pat him, and within moments, there were tears. I am a bit of a sook.

Snuggled up against my bag!

I miss him, I miss him, I miss him!!!!

I had to pick him up and carry him out when I was ready to go. He was so relaxed, he wouldn't leave my room. He then walked with me outside and sat in the driveway as I drove away. He is such a darling cat. 

I also saw the puppy. He is HUGE! He is like a full grown German Shepard size wise, but all lanky and awkward like a teenage boy going through a growth spurt… SO CUTE! No pics though cos he was jumping up all over me! He can put his paws on my shoulders! He is only 4 months old! And I am nearly 170 cms tall (for some perspective). He nearly pushed me in the pool! Haha. So cute! Next time I go there to visit, I will definitely get pics. He’s adorable!

I also saw my sister...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On ya bus

OMG guys… Guess what I did?! 

Caught Public Transport to workies!!! I’m sure that sounds like no biggie to most peeps, but for me, Miss “I don’t do PT,” it was a massive deal. I’m still a little shaky! Haha. Seriously though, I was nervous, excited and scared.

Best bit? I made it to work. On time!! Woop! (I am also notoriously known as Miss Never-on-time, but that's another story)

Aside from a couple of trips with my Mumsy lately on PT, I pretty much haven’t done Melbourne’s Public Transport since I got my License… in the year 2000!
I did use the Vancouver Public Transport when in Canada, but I had my BF with me, and it seemed like part of the tourist experience and was all about (or aboot, I should say) the Novelty.

I used to catch Public Transport to school. Ever since I was in Grade 3!!!! Yeh, grade 3?! I was itchin' to get my license. itchin'.

I started getting anxiety about 6 or so years ago when around too many people. I am/was (not sure yet) very very self-conscious… And being on PT, trapped, and not having my car in close proximity to go to escape and hide was a position I would never allow myself to get into. Even on nights out with friends, I would either be the designated driver or demand compulsory Taxi Cabs (I always call them Taxi Cabs… got it from my Pop, just like how I call Coles “Coles New World,” just like he used to. aww).

Why did I choose today to use Public Transport? 
Well, turns out my Car Park Company haven’t been directly debiting my monthly car park payments (as they had been the months prior), so my card was voided yesterday!!! Arghhhh!! I was on my way to exit and when I swiped it said ‘voided,’ when I spoke to the chap via the intercom, he said I hadn’t paid my bill and to just pay the normal car park fee… Um, I was already in the car park?! I couldn’t drive out and back in again to get a daily card and pay, now could I? He asked me how I had gotten in… Um, with my card, genius! He finally let me through. Phew. 

When I got home, I decided to check my pile of car park invoices… Uhm, payments haven’t been made for nearly 6 months!!! So, it’s like a $700 bill!! So, I had 3 choices;

♡ Pull $700 out of my bum, 
♡ Pay the $11.50 a day car park fee (full rate)
♡ Suck it up and use Public Transport

If I could have pulled the $700 from ‘back there’ I totes would have. But I tried and it didn’t work. Haha. So, I spent the remainder of the night mapping out my PT route! It was hard!! Especially when you aren’t well versed in the Public Transport system… *sighs 

Port Melbs is an awesome place to live, but unless you work in, or have a desire to go, the city, PT is quite limited. I work in Prahran, which is not that far, but in order to get there, I had to PT it to the city!! I am scared of the CITY!!! So today was a Double Scaredom Day!! PT aspect and hittin’ The Big Smoke! Eeeouch! 

Anyhoozy, I finally worked out the best route for me… It may not be the fastest or whatevs, but it is the most direct and simple. It only involves 2 buses (plus a twaddle across a road. a main road. scary), as opposed to the 13 billion train/tram changes that MetLink wanted me to take according the Journey Planner.

Also, I believe I have been telling myself some little wee porky pies in regards to how much I could potentially save by using PT. 

Using my monthly car park pass, it costs me $6.75 a day (not too shabby) but for some unknown reason I have always thought and verbalised that it was $5.50 a day. Façade No. 1. 

I usually put in $70 worth of Petroleum every 2 weeks (more or less, mostly less) nut never included that in my costing, I thought it was negligible. Façade No. 2. 

So, that takes my daily drive to work $13.75 a day-ish. Getting Pricey, really. On the plus side, it only takes me 30mins of my sweet precious time to get to work when driving and I value my alone time and privacy quite highly.

Onto PT; 
A monthly pass will cost me $112.56, which is $5.60 a day (week days only… So /20) and I technically get F R E E transport on weekends… And it only takes me 45 minutes! So, my sweet precious time is hardly gobbled up… And as for privacy and my Alone Time… Pish Posh! Turns out people watching is F U N! Haha. I also only listen to my iPhone in the car anyway, so earphones in and I was laughing; not literally, or I would have looked nutty but there was figurative laughing, that's for sure.

This adorable card holder I acquired to hold my Myki may or may not have sweetened the deal beyond comprehension. 

I do love a card. And a swipey card even more so… Top that with an adorably cute cardholder, sprinkled with Pandas, Hearts and a Cupcake, and finished off with Lashings of Pink?! I was S O L D!!

Did I mention it had a sparkle to it?? I didn't? Well it does! It has a sparkle to it... I love it!!

 P.S- I can and will work out some sort of payment arrangement with my Car Park Co. Just thought I’d mention that.

Also, just to get the legalities out of the way:

D I S C L A I M E R: The Novelty may or may not wear off this sparkly new obsession I have with the Public Transport System, my Myki card and/or People Watching. Time will tell. Today's results are not typical. Results may vary.


Monday, January 23, 2012

One week down

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday to you all!!

This morning was my first week weigh-in… Unfortunately, I didn’t lose any more weight from my mid-week update, but it’s not like losing 3 kilos in one week is anything to sniff at!

I also took my measurements, and was super pleased to see that I have lost nearly 1.5 inches off my waist… yeh… INCHES. Ta ta bloat. Good riddance! 
 Funnily enough... I am an apple shape and also use a Pink measuring tape! Thank you, Google images!

I also lost an inch off my hips. Yippy.

I don't think I drank enough water over the weekend, and that may have halted my losses a bit. Say hello to my support team...

This is my adorable Hello Kitty travel mug. I luv it! And also my new Sigg water bottle; a Chrissy present from my Boss. Pretty sweet... He didn't think I'd like it, he said "it was the only one with pink on it"... I really like it!

I went shopping with my Mumsy on Saturday… And I found some pretty good bargains!

I rarely wear dresses, but I am wearing one today. It's actually quite fun. I feel rather ladylike. The print is just so cute… Poppies!! 

The brown is actually much lighter... It's quite sheer.

And it has adorable gathered sleeves. Too cute.

We also went through Kmart to get some basics, and I saw these cute shoes.

I have wide feet (grrrr, I hate them) and can never wear strappy anything… But my Mum pressed me to try the strappy ones on anyway cos I thought they were cute, and they were super comfy. Hopefully I can be brave enough to wear them. I am not that tall, but when I wear heels, I feel like I giant.

My mum is always saying I “look down on my feet” (both literally and figuratively, haha) but she says my feet aren’t as bad as I see them when I look down- and no one else sees them from that angle.  Geez, I hope she wasn't telling me one of those 'Motherly Love' fibs...

Oh I also got my legs waxed for the first time. Ouchies... haha, nah it wasn't that bad, but the Waxist (pretty sure that's the term), said the hairs were too short... I could not imagine trotting around with anything hairer! I wanted them done anyway, but she said some may not have been ripped from the root, but not to shave anymore. I had red dots all over my legs for about 6 hours. And they were very tender!! I like the smoothness though... Hopefully I can bare waiting for the next wax sesh. However long that may be.

Toodles for now!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Yay for Friday!! (Day 5...)

Hello, Hello!

I am finally free from detox!!


Thursday was my first headache free day and I have been feeling pretty great since then. Well, I’ll admit my mood is questionable at times but for the most part I’m feeling pretty happy.

I wanted to try and not weigh myself till my first week was done, but due to the sugar withdrawals I needed a burst of motivation… Essentially I have weighed myself every single day… And when I say essentially, I mean I did. I weighed myself every day. Haha.

So, so far for eating very well since Monday, I have gotten rid of 3 kilos!!! Woop Woo! Yes… It will be all water weight, but the loss is still not to be discounted…  Not in my book, anyway!

The weekend is always the hardest… so here’s hoping I can stick to it! I kind of like having Mondays' as my dooms weigh-in day... Keeps me in line over the weekend.

Oh and all photos are from weheartit... (I totally love all of Chibird's cartoons on tumblr, check out her drawings here.)


Monday, January 16, 2012

My new lifet (and no, that's not a typo)...

Well, we’re just over 2 weeks into the New Year, so I figured it was about time I pulled up my socks and got back into healthy eating. 

I am an emotional eater.

I have often heard that admitting you have a problem is the first step… Hmm, hasn’t stopped me from continuing to be an emotional eater. Hmph. I guess things to do with emotions aren’t as easily recified as just voicing the problem..  

Anyway, I’m going back on my “diet” (hate that word. really)… A lot of peeps who know me think it is too strict, but it is the only thing that works for me and fast. For some reason I cannot find a balance between eating well and eating terribly- well at least not yet. I plan to.

So, today is DAY ONE of my diet… Arghhh that word again, that’s it, I am forevermore changing it to lifet (geddit? diet = lifet… it’s my lifestyle change hybrid diet).

So, today is LIFET: Day One. 

I had to weigh and measure myself this morning. Not pretty. Fingers crossed some of it is just water weight and will bugger off swiftly. I am pretending I didn’t see the figures. I entered them in to my iPhone app and let the numbers disappear out of my head. If I can, I am going to not weigh again until next Monday… I used to be a daily weigher. 

I wasn’t going to. But I checked my phone and changed my Lily Slim ticker on my sidebar to reflect what I need to lose. Stay Tuned for my next Monday weigh in!! 

The first week loss is always the biggest... Bring on the motivation!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Am I a Crazy Coupon Lady..?

Okay, so I went through a phase where I bought every couponI came across that tickled my fancy.

I bought so many that I lost track of them and ended up forfeitinga couple due to not cashing them in before they expired *sad face*

I do love me a coupon!! A true bargain Hunter at heart ❤

Read more about by Coupon craziness...

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello and Happy New Year!!

Sorry for my blog-absence! Looks like I procrastinated actioning my New Year Resolution to cease procrastinating! haha. Nah, I don't really do New Year Resolutions... I make resolutions 24/7, and being a New Year doesn't really help me stick to them any better... It adds more pressure, if anything.

Having said that though, I am feeling pretty positive about 2012. I mean, after the 2011 I had (especially the latter half) things can only look up (touch wood, fingers crossed, etc etc!).

source: we heart it.
I do believe you make your own luck, but I also believe sometimes nothing seems to go your way, no matter how much luck you try and conjure up.

I also believe that things happen for a reason... and maybe, jussssst maybe my sister going bat-sh!t crazy on me gave me the push I need to get where I want to be. That is not to say I am in any way grateful to her for that though! I am grateful for myself for that. It took a helluva lot of courage for me to leave, and it took an alcohol-saturated Deep & Meaningful with an old bestie to have that pointed out to me and for me to start to believe it.

I still feel bad... still broken. I still fall asleep wondering if my beloved Bender Bear is missing me cos I sure am missing him, or if he will even still remember me. I feel tremendous guilt for leaving. Leaving Bender, the Puppy, my Nephews, my Dad. But I could. not. stay there anymore. And that is that. I was suffocating, my head held down underwater... And actually, truth be told, I had been forced to practice holding my breath for years... Existing in Pause Land, waiting for my chance to break the surface, take a deep breath and finally get the fudge out of there!

Anyhooooo, not to dwell too much... Instead of New Years Resolutions I'm making New Years Revelations!! Hehe

Moving on...

I want to introduce you all to my new 2012 diary. My first ever Moleskin! I have wanted one for quite sometime.

Obviously, I have a bit of a penchant for Pink and if something comes in Pink, I want it. I want it bad. The only size Moleskin in Pink was the "extra small" size. I thought, hmm how small could it really be?!... Well, it's small... Extra small! I even thought it was too small! But now that I am over the initial shock, I like it. The size is actually adorable!

I had to send pics to people to ascertain their opinion whether it was too small-- hence my hand in the pics for size referencing.

Cute nails, right?!

The inside

The inside is actually quite roomy. And the space to write for each day is actually larger than what i coped with in my 2011 diary! So, um... Yay!

I purchased my Moleskin from The Book Depository and I'm super happy with a) the price (practically 1/2 of what it would have cost in an Australian store) and b) the fast shipping, which was FREE. I ordered it on the 23rd of December, and it arrived before the New Year! Woop Woo!!

Ohh and I had to, I repeat had to pick up the cutest little crystal-topped pencil to match my new diary... Check it...

Till next we speak!!

Oh and PS: I didn't spend Christmas or New Years Eve like I usually do (ie: with my family), so it kind of feels like it never happened. I will update more on what I got up to I'm my next post.