Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

On a much lighter note compared to my most recent posts... On Saturday I had an appointment to get eyelash extensions 'implanted". I could choose from Synthetic, Silk or Mink. I wanted Mink as I had heard that's what Kim Kardashian has (lame. hehe).

The therapist basically told me that because I had never had extensions before the mink wouldn't suitable- some baloney about me "maybe" having a reaction- even though I said I never get allergic reactions. In the end I got Silk extensions- I didn't have a choice. I'm very happy with them. I love not having to apply mascara...

But... they do feel "fake." I would guess that the Mink lashes would feel nicer- softer. So I am bummed she wouldn't give me the mink... and my guess is that she chose not to because mink is probably more expensive than the silk. Grr.

Also, the appointment was a mess! Firstly I had to wait 30 mins as she was running behind... Then, somehow, she had double booked and I had to wait another 15 mins. Then halfway through- ie: one eye down- she had to leave me because again she had been double booked. Hmm. She made it up to me by giving me an eyebrow threading on the house. I would have LOVED that had I a) not just had my brows done at Benefit Brow Bar the night before in prep for the lashes and if b) she asked me how I actually liked my brows. She just went mental on them! I was laying there thinking... Sweet Jesus, do I have any brows left?! It felt like she was rolling that thread like nobody's business... And me, being chicken licken, was laying there in silence, quietly hoping 'it'll be okay, it'll be okay'... Luckily it was okay. Definitely thinner than I would like though.

This was a groupon coupon thing. $49 for a full set + one refill. Considering it took nearly 2 hours (including all the mucking about), the price is pretty reasonable. And they do look nice. I don't think I would pay $180 for them though.

I asked for them to be "dramatic"... but no one has noticed *sad face*

I did have long lashes anyway... but still... I was going for the Amber Dempsey look (from The Simpsons, when Lisa entered the Beauty pageant... Only like my fave Simpsons ep ever!)

This is me right after the application. How's my puffy face? haha. That's what happens when I've been laying down for 2 hours... with not a scrap of make-up on.

That twinkle in my eye is always there, I swear :)
Keeping them dry for 24 hours was sooooo hard. I even had to be careful while watching TV- as I tend to get teary over ads and whatnot (lolz). Not rubbing my eyes is a struggle too... Only because I'm not allowed to, it makes me want to do it so bad!! Washing my face is also an issue and I try not to get them too involved in the shower. I like my showers HOT but I fear the steam may cause the glue to disintegrate... But so far so good and we're on day 4.

I'll update on how it goes.

So far I have lost one eyelash... it was right on the outer corner and I think it was actually too far on to the edge... I noticed the other one eye was starting to look weird- it was nearly in my eye... so I pulled it off. It hurt. So... I wont be doing that again. So, two lashes down (but one self inflicted).


25th June, 2012

We said goodbye to my nephews' Father on Monday. The farewell was lovely and some great stories were shared. There were tears but also some laughs.

I'm really proud of my nephews. The eldest one even spoke at the funeral, which I think is incredibly brave. He read out a poem that his Father had written to my sister. It was really sweet.

The funeral was packed and as I got there a little later than I had hoped, I ended up standing. After the service I made my way to where my nephews were and that was when my tears started.

My nephews had handled everything so well... from when their Dad was first in ICU to when he actually passed but I think everything seems so much more real at a funeral... Seeing their tear stained faces and their little shoulders rising up and down with each gasping sob, turned me into a mess. I think I made it worse. I wanted to be comforting and to say something reassuring, but I think I was mostly incoherent. I don't know how I would have handled myself in their situation, but I'm very impressed with how they handled themselves.

I drove my youngest nephew to the private cremation service and he was his usual happy cheeky self on the drive there and back. Playing Where's Wally and Fruit Ninja on my iPhone.

He was quite enamored with my new scarf too and wouldn't stop petting it... it basically looks like a mess of fluffy balls in the pic below. It is incredibly soft.

Imagine my panic when the dash of colour I wanted to add to my outfit ended up shedding and leaving behind a rainbow of fur over my black jacket and then, worse, leaving a trail on my Nephews black suit. Ooops.

My nephews' Dad was a Leo and always referred to himself as the Lion (and sometimes a Tiger)... When I found these Lion hats near my work I had to get them. There was only one on display at the store, but luckily the storekeeper found another one out the back. They actually really took the time to search for me. I was really grateful. I wasn't sure if my nephews would really care that I got them, but I was wrong. They loved them and wore them on the drive home from the funeral.

This is my Mum modelling the hat. 
My nephews have a lot of great people around them, including my Dad- who is very active in their lives. I also got to know my sisters' new boyfriend a little more during the day too. I like him. He seems really grounded and I think he'll be a good influence on my nephews. The boys also have my Brothers (their Uncles) to help them and of course everyone is eager to help. The sadness doesn't end after the service, know what I mean? If anything, I think things will get harder for them as time passes.  I hope promises don't get forgotten and that people stay true to their word.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sadly my nephews’ Dad, and my quasi-Brother-in-Law, passed away after the decision was made to turn of his life support. He died a little less than 24 hours later (on Monday morning).

My heart is in knots for my nephews. They are actually coping quite well… Even though his death was a shock and unexpected, him being on life support and in ICU, kind of allowed my nephews time to adjust. He was in ICU for 7 days. He suffered damage to his brain and apparently even if he had ‘recovered’ the part of his brain that was actually ‘him’ (personality etc) was the most significantly damaged. So, he was gone.

As is often the case, there was family squabbling over whether or not to turn off the machine. It’s so sad. It seems so surreal, I don't think the reality has sunk in yet. Since it happened I haven’t stopped thinking about him, remembering the good times and even letting the bad times creep in. My nephews’ father and I had our differences… and I’m really glad that last year we kind of settled everything. He and my sister were no longer together and it wasn’t an amicable break up or co-parenting relationship (even though they separated like 7 years ago). I, was, of course, technically “on my sisters side” and she actually used to tell him that, using me in their arguments… Which I didn’t like. What’s between them is between them.

One drunken night he said to me ‘you hate me don’t you?’ and it was the perfect opportunity for me to tell him that whatever happened between him and my sister was between them and hadn’t influenced my judgement of him at all. It’s true too. Whenever I saw him, I was 100% friendly, even after the horror stories I heard. 

My most recent memory was at a family friend’s birthday party where he and I hogged the mic from the band. We were singing up a storm. And it was totally awesome. I wish the songs we sang were more to my taste but ‘mambo #5’ and more specifically “a little bit of Monica in my life” will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s actually the only song I definitely remember we sang, but we hogged the mic for a good hour. Haha.

So, a funeral is on the cards for me at some stage… But I believe there will be an inquest or something into his death. The funeral will be quite big, as he was well known and had a lot of friends as well as a large family. 

He was only 55 and left behind 3 sons. Aged 18, 11 and 8. 

Rest in Peace Marty.


Friday, June 15, 2012


Thank Goodness it’s Friday.

Even though it was short week… It dragged on for me and there seems to be more work to do in punishment for the long weekend.

I am also struggling with something. Something serious.

My ‘brother in law’/my nephews’ dad is in the ICU (intensive Care Unit) after sustaining a critical head injury on Monday. There is a criminal investigation happening, so we aren’t being told much. It was even a struggle to get in to see him.

My sister and the boys were in QLD when it happened. My sister wasn’t sure if she should tell them… When she did she kept it very vague (as it was actually quite violent) and sort of eased them into the seriousness.  The boys wanted to see him (understandable) so they flew home early. It’s kind of like everything is in limbo right now. It’s just a waiting game.

I’m really concerned for my nephews. They are only 11 and 8. Far too young to be dealing with this. They had to visit a counsellor before they could see their Dad in ICU. The youngest one freaked out and the eldest had a lot of questions. Questions that couldn’t really be answered. The nurses wouldn’t even tell us if he was breathing on his own. It’s so surreal.

He’s been in ICU and classed as critical for 5 days now. He has a brain injury. I’m no doctor but it doesn’t sound good. If he survives, and I’m thinking that’s a big if, he is probably brain damaged and, I don’t know but, he won’t be the same. In a way, my nephews have lost their Dad. It’s just f*cked how one minute everything is fine and dandy, they were in QLD (no doubt having fun) and I was going to visit the Puppy and my beloved Bender every day, and then BAM everything has changed.

I want to fast-forward and find out what’s going to happen. Waiting sucks. It’s weird coming to work and pretending everything is okay. Dealing with mundane things like phone calls and appointments when someone-I-know’s life is in the balance. There’s nothing to do but wait. It’s weird. I feel like I should be doing something, but there is literally nothing I can do.

Tomorrow the boys are coming with me and my mum on a trip to the Yarra Valley to see my brother (their uncle, who they adore), for my niece’s birthday. The plan is to get their minds off what’s happening. I actually haven’t seen them yet and I’m eager to see how they are coping.

And then as if that isn't bad enough... My God-Mother and my Mum's BFF's cancer has returned (I've lost count). She's also in hospital. She has already said she will not undergo treatment anymore. She can't stand it again.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goodie Bag Winner!

Thanks for the entries to my little giveaway and for the suggestions in regaining trust with the BF.  ♡
Things actually appear to be fine between us, so I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing. He is actually going away to Poland in 42 days (*sad face*) for like 6 weeks, so that's going to suck.


There were 16 comments to that post (which included 2 from Cat), so I asked to select a winner from 15 entries.

And the lucky lady is..........................................

Monday, June 4, 2012

Latest Acquisitions: Pet Edition

Hi Lovelies!

I hope you all have a nice weekend. Mine wasn’t too bad. Spent most of it just lazying away. Sweet.
Just thought I’d give y’all some recent purchase updates for my pooch.  

I love ALDI! I got this heated pet bed for Dino and his arthritic back legs. It was only $50 and it's very spacious! Best bit though? Unlike his Kennel, he is actually using it! PRICELESS!! 

Dodgy Picture, or what?!
Sensitive Dog Wash and a Chamois from a cute brand available at Coles New World. 
I gave Dino a bath on Saturday and we can report that the wash works. haha. Luckily there was a bit of sun on Saturday, so what the Chamois missed, Dino Sun baked dry.

Also, as a side note: I am kind of going through a mini-1/3 life-crisis (I am nearly thirty FFS) and have gone a bit mad on anti-aging prods. Like, I mean I have gone mad. 

Oh and in other fun news. I purchased a deal for some Mink Eyelash Extensions... I don't really need them, but that doesn't stop me wanting them *cheesy grin* The deal I got was $49 and includes one refill... Valued at $230. I just figure it will be a bit of fun and it's close to where I live.