Friday, November 30, 2012

Mecca Cosmetica Vogue {Christmas} Online Shopping Night GIFT

Hello, Hello! 


As soon as I found out Mecca Cosmetica had this adorable gift with any purchase for the VOSN, I knew it was a must-have for me. It combined 2 of my favourites things; freebies and minis!

It had 2 products that I desperately wanted to test out too. 

The Eve Lom Cleanser & NARS Orgasm blush. 

I promptly set myself an alarm for 12pm Monday 26th November and I  feverishly started "window shopping" on the Mecca online store for what I would buy to qualify for the free gift. You could buy anything. anything. 

Mecca's VOSN Gift with Purchase

I toyed with being a little cheeky and just buying a little ducky lip gloss for only $4.95 but I figured I had a least 9,678 lip glosses already and I really didn't need another one.
Only $4.95

I figured I should get something that is actually on my wishlist and that is reasonably priced- seeing as I am going away very soon and I needs to save my monies for that.

I finally picked the Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub to be my Chosen One. 
Breakfast Scrub $18.95

More soften than not:
Infused with golden sugar scrub particles and banana, almond and honey extracts, this scrub is super softening and has a delicious new Maple fragrance! Scoop out a handful of scrub, rub it between your palms, then scrub in circles onto damp skin.

I needn't have bothered to set an alarm for the offer at all... I was ready and waiting, with my finger on the Mouse clicker well before 12pm on Monday. 

I even had my order paid for and my confirmation email received by 12:01pm. I did not want to miss out! Obviously. Haha.

Today {Friday} I received my order!

It was so well packaged and bigger than I imagined.

I was thoroughly impressed! Thank you, Mecca!!

Orange I glad Mecca packed so well?! {*laughs*}

So many Goodies!!
The VOSN Free Gift with Purchase Included; EVE LOM Cleanser with Mini Muslin Cloth, NARS mini Orgasm Blush, Dr Dennis Gross All-In-One Facial Cleanser with Toner, Ren Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel, Dr Brandt Flexitone BB cream

My Breakfast Scrub in the top left, wrapped up free gift and samples galore!
Samples Included; EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum (yes!), Amyris parfum, Fekkai Brilliant Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner (handy).

{1}Breakfast Scrub, {2}Free gifts, {3}EVE LOM cleanser, {4}Beautiful Box

Is this not the cutest NARS blush ever??!
$1 coin to prove adorability!
All in all I would say this was a successful purchase by moi! All this for only $18.95 + $10 for the shipping! Plus I get to try 2 prods on my list, and the NARS mini blush is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. How perfect for my NYC trip?!!!

Chances are I'll be buying at least one full size NARS while I am over there... So yay for minis!!

Thanks Mecca! And thanks VOSN!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh yeh…

That's right. I must have forgotten I had a blog?!

I get so caught up reading (and occasionally commenting on) other bloggies that I neglect my own. It’s funny cos I am constantly seeing things or buying things and being all ‘I am so going to blog about that!” and then... nothing.  

I have been pretty busy and yet I haven’t really done anything, so to speak.

Some things that have been going on;

♡ I have put on so much weight, it’s scary. I keep trying to jump back on the healthy/clean eating bus but fall flat on my bum when I see something yummy.

♡ I have been spending way way wayyyy too much money.

♡ I have bought a whole  new hair care system (Nioxin)

♡ My younger brother asked me a month or so ago if I wanted to go to the US with him and our little sister to go see the Rolling Stones, and of course I was all heck to the yeh (whose says no)… and then he said it was his shout, and I was like ‘say what?’… Can you believe it? I sure didn’t. I was of course super excited but thought it probably wouldn’t happen and that he was in dream land dancing with the pixies.

♡ ... yet somehow in 1 week and 4 days I will be on a plane to NYC!

♡ I am not exactly a Rolling Stones fan, so… I have massive guilt about that, but I don’t think my little sister is either. And who would turn down a trip to New York?! I have been brushing up bigtime though. turns out I do like some of their songs.

♡ At first I thought the trip was to Atlanta, Georgia… Don’t ask me why… but short story there was discussion and subsequent confusion (on my part) regarding a casino. I thought he said Atlanta but he was talking about Atlantic City which is NOT in Georgia. Derp. It’s New Jersey, which as we all know was devastated by the Super Storm, so I don’t know if the casino trips are still in the works (my brother is Poker player).

♡ So, did I mention I am going to NYC?! We are staying right near Times Square! Eeek. I can’t believe how soon it is?! 11 days!

♡ My boss is freaking out about me going away. It’s only for 10 days. Chill, Broseph. {side note; my phone just beeped, like the quietest most tranquil notification available and it blew his mind "Ahhh, what was that"... Calm down. end note}

♡ Being that the trip is so soon and was kind of a surprise, I have not saved any money. That sucks. I also don’t have credit cards (cannot. be. trusted)… So I don’t think I will be buying much, even though I want to. I want to so bad. Haha.

So more on that soon- Including my wish list abroad, my travel/packing plan, plane survival plan and what I want to see in NYC!

I also plan to blog about, among other things, my new Nioxin hair care plan (which I haven’t started), my new skincare plan (which I have started and may I just say ‘hello soft skin’), my makeup hauls, my Asian goodies (ie: Daiso) hauls, my ever growing collection of Glasshouse candles, et al .

I missed you blog!

{le me indulging in a Starbucks Gingerbread Frappuccino. I love Gingerbread!}

{couldn’t resist buying some Travel books at lunchtime today… So excited!}

I cannot believe how lucky I am to being going to NYC.