Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Latest Acquisitions; of the past edition

Ha. Yes, that title makes no sense… How can something be called latest acquisitions, when it was in the past? Huh huh?! Well, I don’t know about you guys, but as a self-proclaimed blogging-procrastinator, I tend to ‘plan to blog’ about my latest purchases etc… but never do. *hangs head in shame* I have close to a gazillion images on my phone ready to be blogged about.
So, I bring to you, my newest segment, aptly titled “Latest Acquisitions” but this edition is that of past purchases. Okay, still with me?! Sweet.

This cute phone attachment for my mobile phone... I laugh just looking at it. Totally impractical! 

You can listen to music through it, and it has a buttons to answer and end calls, as well as volume adjustment. So far I've only used it for the LOLs.

This cute receipt expanding file.

It says "Put your important things" with an arrow to indicate where to put said important things. It is now jam packed with receipts! Even receipts from Coles New World... I need to go through them. I only need the important ones, as per the helpful instructions, not the ones for my half-honeydew at the local supermarket!

My adorable Ceramic Travel mug! Russian themed!

I completely love the colours!! It came with a white lid, as standard, but the shop keepers adore me, so they let me swap it for a pink one! yay! I did some serious experiments to check the lid. Very Scientific! It involved water and a sink... and some swift "I'm pretending to walk around' with my arms movements, and some "I'm having a sip" over the sink trials.

I wasn't too keen on taking a sip and having my drink go all over me in the real world. FYI: It works PERFECTLY!

I also grabbed these Faber Castell pencils from Coles New World... They're pretty neat.

Now these are a massive hit with me;

Infallible Eyeshadow from L'Oréal Paris. I read some great reviews about them from some UK bloggers, and I needed to get my paws on them. This was my first haul... I have gained another 5 this past weekend! LOL. 

I will do a review and swatches one of these days. 
The colours here are: Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Flashback Silver, Endless Chocolate and Permanent Khaki. 
Love Love LOVE!
I use Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink and Endless Chocolate everyday!

That's it for now!


Monday, March 26, 2012

♡ Week Ten ♡ aka: The week I crumbled and failed.

Well hello, dears!

Er, yes, as the title suggests I have a bit of a bad week. 

I eat these Kraft Premium crackers as part of my plan… and over the weekend I went completely nutsos. I could not stop. It got me thinking that maybe I am needing more food. It was like I was super hunger after every meal. And the crackers were not filling the void. I think I will probably need to up my protein. So, anyway… enough avoidance. My naughtiness meant I only lost 300 grams for week ten. Taking my total to 10.9 kilos. Not bad in reality, but still disappointed that I ruined the rest of the week by overindulging on the weekend. I was feeling sorry for myself, okay?!

I am trying to reign in as we speak- and so far no good. I have already over eaten slightly on the cracker front… Some might say I’ve gone crackers! Ive also had too much fruit as well. Gosh Darn it! 

On another note, it’s freezing in Melbourne today!.. and I hate the cold. I feel it to the max… To top it off, the central heating in my office isn’t working. Thanks, thanks a lot. Of course the handyman can’t come until tomorrow. Brrrrrr.

I have been having some issues with a jerk at work. He was really grating me last week and wouldn’t get the hint that I wasn’t enjoying his B.S. He was on my back about everything- anything I said he squashed down. When I was in considerable pain, where even bums on the street took pity upon my hobbling, he asked ‘is that for the sympathy vote?’ about 10 freakin times. It wasn’t funny the first time and it actually got me quite upset. He put me down a few times too, which I just do not appreciate (he made fun of my appearance and insinuated I was ugly… Just because you laugh don’t make it a joke… We were talking about dental work, and onto the subject of the gap in my teeth, which I had wanted to get fixed once upon a time… I then said how most people don’t even notice it anyway, and he said ‘that’s just what they say to you. Gaps are ugly. Gaps are a deformity.) It just not nice. That’s my smile you’re talking about. 

Then on top of all that, he made me do him a favour… He didn’t even actually ask, he just expected it and I wasn’t even thanked or apologised to even though it resulted in me staying back after business hours for 40mins. That’s 40mins of unpaid work for someone who I don’t work for?! We have 2 different businesses in this building; “everyone else” and me and my boss. We are completely separate entities. The jerk in question could have asked people from his own company- but shock horror, they don’t like him and he doesn’t like them0- so he asks me instead. I’m pretty sure it’s bad manners to ask for favours when you aren’t even being nice to someone. So, tsk tsk to him. Believe me when I say, he’s done his dash with me now. I am always polite… But I’ve had enough now. He monopolises my time with his boring banter, that I couldn’t be more uninterested in. Gardening?! I don’t have a garden! It’s come to light to me, that he must be rather unhappy, but anyway, I’m not letting him bring me down.  He’s already been in today for a mini-convo- BORING. I don’t actually care what you were up to over the weekend. I would have been if it was actually interesting, but it was just an itinerary. A boring itinerary. Example “so, we drove to the supermarket, we bought some groceries and took them home to put away in the fridge and cupboards”… I did that too, don’t hear me yabbering on about it! To be honest, he hurt my feelings so much last week that it wouldn’t have mattered what he had said. I am grrrrr@ him. He is on my naughty list!

Ooops, sorry for carrying on… haha.

In other news, my foot feels soooo much better. I stayed off it pretty much all weekend. The only thing I did was go to the supermarket- as mentioned briefly above, but imagine it done with more pizazz than my jerk co-worker, I walked my dog and took him to the HYDRO-BATH for DIY job… He actually looks adorable. Plus I got him a cute faux-sheepskin lined duffel coat- so cute. Haha. I also went and saw The Hunger games at Village with The BF. I {hearted} it! I haven’t read the books, but now I want to! The BF was sick… he ate something undercooked. *shakes head*

I have booked in for my next 2 Xtend Barre classes in one week from tomorrow. I am excited! Now, I just need to make sure my foot is 100% by then! 

This was supposed to just be my weigh in post, but I blabbered on. 

Cheerio possums!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 March 2012: And a little boo to Hoyts


My toe is hurting a lot right now.

On my way home after workies yesterday I thought, hey why not try not using my crutch to walk limp to the bus-stop?!  Come on, it'll be fun.

Sure, I got to the bus stop quicker, and made the earlier bus by moments… but I have been paying for it ever since. I even had to go back on the meds last night... And they don’t do Jack. I get no relief whatsoever… Was I given placebos or what?! I am going to Priceline Pharmacy at lunch time to see what else I can score (get the druggie ref?). The original Pharmacist said not to take anything else with the other stuff, but the stuff just doesn’t work. I'd sooner stop taking them and be allowed everything else instead! Haha. Seriously.
So, I’m back on my crutch today. 

Turns out I wont get to see my Doc until Saturday. Not that he can do anything either way, broken or not.. But I just want to know now. 

I went to see 21 Jump Street on Tuesday at Hoyts Chaddy… 

Turns out the idiot who booked the tickets had the choose your seats chart thingiemabob upside down and booked us front row seats. Wow. What an absolutely moron… Oh wait, that was me.

I thought I was being soooo smrt, I mean smart, booking in early and dodging queues. I’d like to know why the truck cinemas even have seats that close to the screen! You can't see the whole screen. Ever. I had to scan the screen every few moments to make sure I was getting the whole picture. Literally. Ridiculous. I was pretty annoyed. I even had to take my glasses off... Meaning not only was the screen uncomfortably close... It was blurred too. And, of course the cinema was packed, as I suspected- so we couldn’t even do any seat switching. 

BOO to you Hoyts
I think the movie was good. Can’t be too sure though. There was some definite funny moments- I heard everyone else laughing, but my judgement is skewed due to the seating arrangement. The only advantage of sitting front row, centre, was that I could stretch my legs and take all pressure of my toe. Whoopty Woo.

Channing Tatum is delicious. Obviously… And I also thought James Francos’ lil brother wasn’t too hard on the eyes either. Better mention his real name is Dave Franco, not just "James Franco’s lil brother"… he’d probably get cheesed off. Pretty sure he reads my blog. I totally see the family resemblance now that I know who his brother is.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twinkling on Tuesdays

Hey Sweets!

I went for my x ray last night and even though I inspected the images with my Doctor goggles on, I had no idea what I was looking at. I am a dork and even google-imaged ‘x ray of broken toe’ haha. No help. Soo, I guess it mustn’t be like broken-broken. Otherwise I would have seen that, surely…

It could be ‘cracked,’ which is what my Doctor suggested initially. The x ray guy said I wouldn’t be able to walk if it was broken… So, um, I guess that’s that. Haha. Oh fun fact, I saw the big toe being referred to as the grand toe. How cute! I had never heard/seen that before.

In other news, I wish to make a concerted effort to blog more often. I am so freakin’ lazy. In nearly every aspect of my life. It’s annoying. Mental note: I need to do something about that. Maybe later. LOLS. Yes, I procrastinate too. Like a boss. 

I have all these grandiose ideas of what I want to do in so many areas of my life, yet I never do anything. What’s wrong with me?! 

I have so many photos and pictures from online stashed (read: cluttering my desktop, another thing on my to-do list) yet I never blog about anything. It’s like I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. At the moment that one thing is getting back to my goal weight. Which is silly… All I am doing is eating right… Not brain surgery really. 

Another thing I have procrastinated big time on is my little eBay business I had going on awhile back. It was selling Pandora type beads. Put it this way, I have about $10,000 worth of beads (at selling price that is) sitting in a jewellery box on my bedroom floor. I could use that money for stuff!! I love stuff! One thing that ‘set me back’ was that my computer died. I refused to sell until I had myself a pink Sony Vaio. Checked that off my list. Then I wanted a pink Sony camera with that macro business to take “better” photos of the beads/charms. Got that too… I took like 30 photos and thought I sucked… Then I got some lighting to help me out… NEVER ONCE USED IT. All still in the box. Gahhhhh! The trend is wearing off now! Hahaha. And eBay has made it near impossible to sell (they made it ‘illegal’ to put ‘will fit Pandora’ in the listing title).

Anyhoo, I just went on a tangent about how badly I procrastinate and how I want to blog more. I named this post ‘Twinkling Tuesdays’ with the thought that I’d continue that every week. Well, all you got was me blubbering on. Sorry. 

Here you go… Some Love/Hate

Loving that my weight loss is finally getting noticed. Yesterday my boss said ‘You can tell you’ve lost weight’. Thanks! Considering it was only last week, when I was…

Hating that a co-worker who I was sympathising with as he yabbered on about how he wanted to join the gym to lose weight and then put both of us in the same boat with the comment ‘our problem is, we eat too much’ OUCH!

Hating my sore toe, but

Loving that people have been showing kindness on Public Transport and on my travels to and fro’.

Hating that I have been spending all my monies on eBay, yet

Loving the bargains and super-duper sniping I have accomplished! Will blog about, I swear! We’re talking leather shorts, perfumes for me and perfumes for he, a leather bag, gorgeous jewellery box and a cute pink and sequin coin purse.

Loving the awesome Essie Nail polishes I scored from OZSALE. $5 each? Getouttahere! I have never used Essie, but the colours are oh so me!

Hating that I overlooked one of the packages and it got sent to my old address. Meaning I have trek all the way there to retrieve it…

Loving that I can use that as an excuse to see my baby Bender!!
Loving that I have a date night planned with the BF tonight… Tight arse Tuesday movie (21 Jump Street, EXCITED). I haven’t seen him since last weekend!

Hating that I couldn’t work out how to redeem my Hoyts reward points online… Only to see that 21 Jump Street is showing on an Xreme screen at 9pm, thus costing more points. Rudeness. I have exactly enough for 2x Tuesday tickets. 

Until tomorrow...


Monday, March 19, 2012

♡ Week Nine ♡

 Hi peeps!

Ahh, I have made it through to week nine of my lifestyle change…

This week, I lost 1 kilo! Yay. I only have 3.6kilos to go to get to my goal! Yay!

I purchased a jacket on the eBay, which arrived today at work… I can get it on, but it’s too small *sighhhhh… So, I have a feeling I might drop my goal weight further. 

Here are my measurement results:
5 inches from my waist (narrowest point)
3 inches from my hips (widest point)
4 inches from my bust. 

Oh and I was reading PolkaDotPearls Blog on Friday that made me rethink my bra/cup size… Over the weekend I checked my measurements. I wear a B Cup at present and according to my calculation I should be a D!! (P.S- woo hoo, if that is true). I have 2 vouchers to use at La Senza, and I am SO testing out some D Cups!!!

My toe is so sore!!! I went to the Docs on the weekend and am due for an x-ray tonight. Eeek. It has been hurting even more since visiting the Doc… So, that’s great. I got some drugs, and they appear to make the pain worse?! RUDE. 

My Doc said I would have to go back to him to get the results (in 2 days) but hopefully the x-ray operator will be able to tell me if it is broken. I am on one (1) crutch today. It’s actually making walking easier. I can’t stand to walk on the side of my foot anymore… It makes the pain much worse. 

In happy chappy news, my Essie nail polish Ozsale order arrived today! Eeeek!!! Only 2 out of 3 arrived though… Then I checked online and somehow, magically, I managed to get it sent to my old house!! Grrrrr! I have 2 mini sets and 6 full size polishes here, and there are 3 more full sized ones waiting for me! Exciting. The colours are all SO me!! I will do a post on them once they are all reunited!

Oh, and on the topic of nail polishes… I am so rude. I have been meaning to say a big thank you to Miss Directions for the prize I won on her blog a while back. I have enough nail polish to last me 1000 years! Again, separate blog post. 

Oh and on the topic of competitions... I also won one off the lovely Kiki Chaos, like 10 thousand years ago... I will POST on that!

I have issues adding pics to my computer at work and this is where I blog from…
Ciao for now! And I’ll update you on my tootsie toe… when I know!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

♡ Week Eight ♡ + Overdue Update!

Hey Lovelies... Slack blogger here!

Ahh, had a nice long weekend in Ole Melbourne Town… Not to be marred by possibly breaking my poor little tootsie- which is actually my big toe. I don’t think it is broken broken, but it is damn sore and may have a fracture or something. I stubbed it on Saturday… It’s Wednesday now and it still hurts? Hmmm. A slight amount of swelling is evident and there is a “line” bruise across the joint. WEIRD. I don’t like thinking about it, it makes me feel strange… You know like, sends shivers.

My activities over the days to follow may not have helped. I had 2 coupons that needed redeeming right away. 5x Pilates Reformer classes and 3x Ballet Barre classes.

I had my first Pilates Reformer class on Sunday. One word. Ouch! Haha.

Even though it was a beginner’s class, I was the only super newbie there… There were only 3 of us, so I got a bit of attention from the trainer. It was kind of embarrassing when she had to reduce my resistance a number of times and I fully had no idea how to use the reformer (the machine). When I got there early, she said ‘just go and stretch on the bar'… well, I didn’t know what in holy heck she was talking to about. I had never even seen one of those machines before, let alone knew where or what the bar was, I was looking for like a ballet barre! Haha! FYI: It’s at the end of the machine, or the top, I still don’t know which was is UP… But, anyway, I survived…

Last night was a ballet barre class, called Xtend barre! I was SCARED! Mainly because I have been looking forward to this barre class for ever and a day and now feared it was going to be troublesome with my toe! I also couldn't delay it, due to the expiration of the coupon!

I perused online and read that the ballet barre class is a no shoe affair, but you can wear socks… I was wearing slip on shoes so I didn’t have socks… Then I read something else online that said I needed dance shoes (um, no) or grip socks (wha?!)… So, I emailed the place and they said I do need socks. Craps. I can either spend $x at the el cheapo shop and not be slip proof and fall on my face, or I can spend $20 at the clinic and buy their special grip sox (not socks, sox, haha). I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this class, so I resigned myself to buying some SOX.

Oh my God, the ballet. Pfft, I thought reformer Pilates was painful... SHIZ! This hurt BAD. ohmigosh. I did LOVE pretending to be Ballerina. Seriously. It's a great workout... 100% highly recommended by yours truly. I mentioned to the instructor that I thought my hips were going to break off and she said I did well (yay! Even though I stopped a few times) and that if I thought my legs hurt then, I will be really cursing her day after next. Eeek. I do feel 'okay' today (except for my tootsie!) but I am fearing tomorrow.

My legs were like jello after class and I was shaking like a leaf on a tree throughout the workout. The great thing about it is that your legs are hurting so bad, so you're concentrating on that and not noticing that you are also holding your arms up Ballerina Style. Yay for not noticing. Then same goes the other way, you concentrate on moving your arms, and forget about the plie (yes, I said plie) you're doing- until your legs start to shake, but then you’re concentrating on your funny little legs shaking and forget about your arms again!

Unfortunately I did find it harder due to my toe. Obviously you don't go en pointe (yep 2x ballet terms used) in these types of classes, but you do go up on the balls of your feet and well that didn't go well for me. I kind of had to shift my weight to the side on my foot, and not below my big toe. I also didn't tell the instructor about my toe... Cos, I wanted to do the class. haha.

Please let my toe be better by next Tuesday. Pretty please!!! I only have 2 more lessons, and 2 weeks left of the voucher... And, I can only go on the Tuesdays.

The thing that has me confuzzled with my toe is the no-serious-bruising factor. I have broken 3 toes in the past and they bruised, but this time, there is barely anything. I asked Dr. Google and was advised bruising 'may become apparent'... hmm, might ask a Pharmacist. I cannot be arsed going to the real Docs. especially not for a maybe-broken toe, that's probably just 'stubbed real bad'. haha. Plus no one can do diddly about a broken tootsie. Although, it’s making me walk like a nutter.

Oh yeh, the weigh-in. haha.

So, week 8... 
Now, I had a feeling I wasn't going to lose any weight this week... Mainly due to my PigOut the Sunday prior and also cos it was, y'know, that time of the month... But I lose 500 grams. So, even though that's a pretty small lose (in comparision) I am still pretty happy with it. In 8 weeks I have lost 9.6 kilos with less than 5 kilos left to go. Plus I am only a smidge away from 2 more goals. Losing 10 kgs and being in the 60's!

Tonight is my rest day! I am planning an awesome bubble bath with some sort of delicious bath melts/bombs from LUSH, my new obsession- to which I now been not once, not twice, but THRICE! Must blog about that! I am also planning to have a super scrub, with the BUFFY bar, also from LUSH, to prepare for my spray tan tomorrow night. Ooh yeh, and a face mask... yummmm, also from LUSH.

Oh and by the way, I am C2B (close to Bankrupt), so I am on a spending ban. Big Time. I could not stop shopping over the long weekend- real life and eBay too. Seriously, I may not be able to afford groceries for the next 2 weeks.


Monday, March 5, 2012

♡ Week Seven ♡

Generally Monday is my weigh in day, but over the weekend we had a family BBQ and I decided to let my hair down and go off the diet.

So, seeing as I was a good little dieter throughout the rest of the week, I decided to take weigh in and take my measurements on Sunday instead.

So, for Week Seven, I lost 1.4 kilos!!


That takes my grand total to 8.9 kilos in 7 weeks (1.2kgs a week, for those playing at home). So, now I kind of have 5.3kgs to go until I reach my goal. Why kind of? Well, for starters... The BBQ and all its naughtiness...

And treat myself I did!

At the BBQ, not only was I not eating my usual lunch, I had some creamy salads... One was potato and the other was pasta. I also had a sausage. And then my Mum rolled out the big guns... Chinese Sausage. I {heart} these sausages, and when I found out she had gotten some that was what tipped me over the edge to indulge. Then there was cake. It was a double whammy birthday celebration, so I had some. I am P.O'd cos it was just a sponge... So, I wish I hadn't wasted the indulgence on it, but nonetheless, what's done is done. Stop there? hahaha. No.

Then I was all big noting my favourite grocer!

Tommy D's!

So, me and my Brother's Baby Mama, Vivvi, went on an excursion, so I could show it off. haha. She was into it. Phew. Don't you hate it when you talk something up, and the other person isn't impressed?

But, yeh, there was taste testing on! That was then end of that! I had a little Camembert cheese, a slice of flat bread pizza, and some yummy flat bread with cinnamon and sugar (sweet, sweet, poisonous sugarrrrr).

I ended the night guzzling water (massive headache, thank you sugar!) and no dinner (no room!).

I woke this morning (aka Monday= my real weigh in day) and had gained back 1.3 kilos! Noooooooo. I am pretending it didn't happen! Cos it'll be mainly water, so fingers crossed I move it before my next weigh in next Monday!


Friday, March 2, 2012

My Luscious Lush Haul

Well Ladies, here are the goodies I picked up at Lush.

My bestie came along for the excursion, in the end. She called me at work to see what I was doing that night and when I said I was going to the city shopping, she wanted in. Then I said I planned to shop at Lush, she exclaimed ‘what?! that stinky shop?!!!’ haha. So true, my friend, so true.

I have to say I felt really overwhelmed in store, mostly because there are so many products! And also I found the sales peeps to be super pushy! Even after the first one finally let me be, another one pounced!   

I thought when I showed them that I had a list, which was pretty long, that maybe- just maybe- they’d see I was on a mission and kinda knew what products I wanted to go for and would just help me find those products. But no, not so much. I got a few ‘if you think you’ll like that, you’ll love this’ and then the thing that they would show me would be just so not in the right direction for me. I'm into creamy, sweet, vanilla and pink. And, to be blunt, I just don’t like being made to feel like a big giant walking dollar sign who they want to just sell sell sell to. I already had a lot on my wish list that I wanted to check out, I didn’t need so much pushiness! If it wasn’t for my ‘I want it now’ trait of impulsiveness, I would have turned around and done my shopping online.  

My head was just spinning in the store from all the info and being pulled left, right and centre… In the end, I left happy with my buys but when I got home, I had no idea how to use the stuff! I was given twenty bazzillion demonstrations in the store; some were on my arm, and my hands got some love, there were buckets with water shows and paper towels to dry off. It was fun and I was ooh’ing and ahh’ing a little, I'll admit it, BUT not only was my head spinning and my sense of smell completely overloaded, there was super fast talking selling going on and I forgot everything I was shown when I got home! 

I was super excited and very eager to get home and have a bath!!  

By the time I lugged all my stuff home, I was exhausted… and had a headache- maybe due to senses overload, or could have been more of a general body overload; I had also I bought other stuff, like 3 pairs of shoes at Rubi, plus all my usual carry around crap junk precious things, or maybe I was just plain tired?! When I peeked into the bag at home,I had so many choices I had a lot of trouble deciding what product to use first.

My legs ached, so I was excited to try a massage bar and went straight for the hottie massage bar. It was so good. Smells delicious!

Next stop was to have some dinner… Then it was time...

Time to draw my bath. 

But wait! Where’s the plug?! I could not find the bath plug!!! I had to tear the bathroom apart to locate it! Turns out it is actually the same size as the one for the basin, so I could have avoided that whole debacle in an instant, but I didn’t even think to try it.

hurro, creepy hand wave!

I decided on Mrs Whippy. Mainly because it was one of the first on my list and also it is being discontinued and I want to know if I want/need/must-get more. (the answer to this conundrum to come)

Dropped the bomb!

It was so good. I was surrounded by warmth and the scent was indescribable. I was in LusHeaven! 

I loved how my bath was pink… But mostly, oh my sweet Lord, mostly I loved how soft my skin was. 
Directly after the bath? heck yeah. When I woke up the next morning? Double heck yeh. Even after my morning shower and exfoliation session? Oh my Gosh YES! You better believe it! I have been getting magical wafts of deliciousness-ness (that's double the deliciousness!). I definitely want more Mrs. Whippy!!!