Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 20 catch-up!

Hi Guys!

Guess it's a been awhile! Thought y'all were probably getting sick of all of my weight loss updates but as I thought would happen... It has taken over my life! haha.

I do apologise! I hope no one actually thinks that though! When I saw it on Pinterest I LOL'd but then I thought 'hey, wait a minute that could be me!!

I have now been on my weight loss quest for 20 weeks! I am now further than halfway and now have less than 20 kilos left to lose to get to my lowest weight ever (though I do want to try and go lower, but we'll cross that bridge later).

17th week~ 0.9 kilo
18th week~ 0.6 kilos
19th week~ 0.8 kilos
20th week~ 1.2 kilos

And my complete loss so far is:

28.7 kilos


(um... yay? haha. Nah I am super happy having come from being MORBIDLY OBESE)

Seeing as I have been on the quest for 20 weeks, I felt like that was a nice round number to just a reflection type run down.

My inches lost;

BMI: Morbidly Obese-> Obese-> Overweight
Bust: 8.5 inches
Under bust: 7 inches
Waist: 10 inches
Belly button: 9 inches
Hip: 7 inches
Thigh: 4.5 inches
Arm: 2.5 inches
Neck: 2 inches 
Butt measurement only started in week 3: 6 inches

That's a lot of inches!! 

And my 4 weekly cyclic weight loss has been;
week 4= 9 kilos
week 8= 6 kilos
week 12= 5.6 kilos
week 16= 4.6 kilos
week 20= 3.5 kilos

Oh Oh and I totally joined a gym- not sure if I mentioned it- a Luxe gym near my work- and I am mainly doing Pilates Reformer and loving it!! But that is the reason why my losses have been slower in the last month... It's due to upping my exercise as exercise and my plan (Cohens Lifestyle) don't actually mix! My losses have been improving though now that my body is getting used to the working out!

That's it for now!! Thanks for reading and please add me on Bloglovin' by clicking here and also Instagram lil_doll16