Friday, January 25, 2013

Australis "Milky Way"

Okay so picture this…

I’m sitting at my desk at work innocently reading my favourite blogs, telling myself how I don’t need to spend any more moolah on anything beauty related for a long long time.

I stumble across a post from sleep and water showing the new offering from Australis- Milky Way, a "chunky, multicoloured glitter polish", and  and think to myself oh what a lovely polish. oh how I would love to have it… no… nope, I don’t need any more polishes. *slaps hand*

Ahh… managed to get out of that one. I really don’t need any more polishes… Firstly I have about 6,573,035* regular polishes that I haven’t touched and I have a nice little collection of Gelish which I haven’t been using at all.

A few blogs later and I stumble across Beauty with the Beautifool… and dagnamit, she too was influenced by sleep and water but actually went out and got the polish. Hmmm.

One blogger temptation, I can handle... But 2? On the same day? In the same Blog reading sesh?

Nope, no way… I cannot resist. 

Next thing I know I'm strolling out of priceline $7.95 lighter. hehe. Luckily it's on the Bargainy side.

Much to my astonishment, I actually went ahead and painted my fingies that very evening! What the?!

I had read on both reviews that it was difficult to get the white opaque, and Tram from Beauty with the Beautifool actually did 6 coats... 6 coats!

Am I on a roll with my memes or what?!

I applied a light pink (Sally Hanson something or other) as my first 2 coats... followed by 2 coats of Australis Milky Way.

You can see a very faint hint of pink on mine... it's hardly noticeable though. And as if I'd complain about that?!

I like it.

One of my thumbs has already started peeling... Grrrrr.

Next post; I tipped the contents of my bag onto my desk at lunch to see just why it was damn heavy. Stay tuned for the reveal. It's riveting stuff!

Here's a sneaky peak;


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crisis Averted

Thank goodness!

I was searching for Bender the minute I got home.. Right up until I went to bed, for what was to be a sleepless night.

My other furbabies were so adorable though.

Firstly, I was out in the back yard, calling for Bender… and Dino was howling along with me. I’d say “Bennnnnderrrrrrrrrrrrr?” and Dino would start “arrr rooow roow rooooooooo”… in the same ‘tune’ I had been calling. I thought I was hurting his sensitive little ears, but then when I did it really softly and he still echoed my call only he did it loudly. It was kind of like he was saying, ‘no, no, not like that, like this…’

To my slight annoyance, Smokey kept responding to my calls… But I swear he was trying to tell me something. He is actually not a massive fan of Bender, but he is sensitive to me being distraught, so I think he was comforting me. And maybe, just maybe he pretends not to like him. They did touch noses the day before Bender went walkabout... Nawww.

A bit later I went for a walk with Dino to search for Bender. I looked like a nut job, walking around calling out for him… but I didn’t care. I was looking in bushes and shrubs and anywhere I thought he might be hiding out. I was also looking for him on the road just in case *sad face*.

It was too busy out- with kids playing in the park and cars driving around... I knew he wouldn’t come even if he did hear me.

I went back inside and every time I heard a noise outside or Smokey’s bell I thought it might have been Bender… But, nope.

Once it got dark, I went out and called him again… Still nothing. The roads were still kind of busy, so I didn't think he respond yet anyway.

At midnight, I ventured out again- to the park, in the lane way (scary) and called and called—worried I was waking sleeping babies, but doing what I had to do.

Unfortunately, a different cat answered my calls. I have met him before, his name is Henry or Harry and I literally call him “Henry-Harry”… and he walked around with me for a bit, but left when I went into the park area.

I was later joined by Smokey, again. And this time I knew he was trying to help, he was sniffing around and walking alongside me, meowing along… Then we heart a very faint meow.

I thought for sure I had found him… 

But then Henry-Harry jumped down from a roof. Next thing I know, he and Smokey were having a tiff… Hissing and growling at each other. Henry-Harry actually chased my Smokey away- down the lane way and around the corner! Then I started thinking… That is probably what has happened to Bender. Maybe Henry-Harry chased him too and he went further from home than he intended and he couldn't find his way back.

Then I was thinking maybe he had gone back to his old house. A good 50 minute drive away… but cats have been known to travel interstate before. So then I was questioning whether he wanted to live with me in the first place… and whether he was happy etc etc.

I finally crawled into bed… and tried to sleep. But bad thoughts just kept coming to my mind. I figured if he was going to come back, he would wait until the wee hours- when it’s quiet out and Henry-Harry is asleep.
I knew I was going to have one of those half asleep nights, y’know when you are on high alert- kinda sleeping with one eye open.

Sure enough, I was woken by a very little meow, which I assumed was Smokey… I patted my bed and gestured for him to get up… Then I noticed it wasn't Smokey at all... It was Bender! I was SO happy- as happy as you can be half-asleep. I noticed he had a wet/sticky patch on his back and he was very sooky. I think he did get in a scuffle with Henry-Harry. I checked the time and it was 3:15am.

When I woke up in the morning, he was still in my bed- so it wasn’t just a dream. He seemed to be okay- health wise, but I’ll give him another once over when I get home.

I feel very lucky to have him back… And I am relieved to know he knows where ‘home’ is.

I am looking into having him neutered today. Poor little guy, he won’t know what’s hit him! I need to buy him a cat carrier box. There is a shop around the corner from my work that sells pink ones… Hmm. It’s under $30 and I'm the one carrying it, so I think that justifies the colour pink. 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scary Prospect

Bender is missing!

Since he has been with me, I have woken up every morning to him on/in my bed. But not this morning. I was immediately worried. I had a super quick shower and then spent most of my usual getting ready time calling for him.

He always comes when I call…

There was no sign of him.

Smokey was acting weird and meowing a lot as I was calling for Bender. I wish he could tell me where Bender is or what has happened.

Where is he?! What’s happened? Oh God I hope he isn’t injured, or worse. I don’t even want to think about it.

Also, my mum said when she got up this morning the power had been reset (the oven clock was flashing- a sure sign of power reset). Has that got something to do with the disappearance?

I feel a disgusting pit in my stomach, like something bad has happened.

I’ve notified the local Vet. He is wearing a collar with the home phone number… but collars can be lost and he is not micro chipped. He is a Tom, so he could have gone looking for a ladyfriend… but maybe he couldn’t find his way home. I need to get him neutered… If I can find him. I put it off because I didn't want it to change his personality. 

Please please send your most hopeful thoughts our way… 

I'm scared.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My wallet needs to go on a diet!

Well actually not my wallet- that would mean it was fat and filled with wads of monies, that is so not the case. I really mean my spending needs to go on a diet. And so do I, but that's a whole 'nother blog post

I literally don't need anything, but I know I would be setting myself up for failure if I said I was on a spending ban... It just ain't gonna happen!

I bought an unconscionable amount of make up while I was in New York. Unconscionable! I swear on all that is holy in BlogLand that I can and WILL write up a blog post on all my goodies**... Mainly because said BlogLand is wholly responsible for my massive list of wants and when I was set loose in Sephora, I was temporarily mental. Oh Lordy did I go mental?! Luckily I had purchased a new adorable Hello Kitty Suitcase, or I would not have been able to bring it all home.

I was nearly in tears on the flight home, my bags were SO heavy and ridiculously big. I am surprised they let me on the plane. Luckily they thought I was funny. I was wearing a singlet, a long sleeved top, a woolly dress, a knitted top, a fur vest, my massive winter jacket and was struggling with my bags... Security jokingly asked if I was headed to Antarctica .. When I said Australia, they were baffled 'isn't it summer there?'... I confessed I couldn't fit all my clothes into my bags. Oh how they laughed... at my expense. All I cared about was getting all my goodies back home.

I was also afraid the handles on my Hello Kitty case were going to break... All is well, we made it home in one piece.

What was I really blogging about? Oh yes, a spending ban of course. I am really trying to actively shop for quality and not quantity. Also, I am in debt like no one's business, and can't really afford to buy anything... So, naturally a bazillion things have popped up that I want... and they fit the "quality" criteria... Plus I realllllly want 'em! Woe is me.

Another thing I need to work on is actually using my stuff. I tend to just want, want, want and then when I get it, I go all "my precious" over it and never actually use it... I am working on it though. For awhile there, the worst culprit was Glasshouse candles... but I have actually been burning them lately! Well, truth be told the first one I finished, was one I wasn't too fussed over, so that made it a lot easier.

Case in point, I just bought a new leather laptop case on eBay... Firstly, I don't even know if my laptop will fit inside it, and secondly, I don't even need it- I never take my laptop anywhere... but, it is leather, it is pink, and it has perforated hearts on it... Totally fits the quality criteria. And it's cute and I want it.

eBay is a spending ban's nemesis.


** Also I appear to be unable to open all my goodies before I do a blog post. hahaha.

P.S- Not only should my wallet be on a diet, but me also... Eugh. Clean eating here I come.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Got my baby back!

Just quietly, let’s pretend it hasn’t been nearly 2 months since I last blogged. Okay? Deal.

I have been preoccupied and I am sure you will understand… especially if you read this post and offered support.

I got him! I got him back!!!

My patience and gentle persistence paid off.

Just before I left for NYC (side note; wow), my sister posted a picture on Facey of the head of a rat and said she had enough and that I could take the cat. I was cautious… Oh so cautious- and I know, actually everyone knew, she was holding him over me ever since I moved out. I said I would take him in a heartbeat if I thought she was serious… She continued to dangle him in front of me, but I couldn’t seem too eager. I had to play it cool. 

The next time I visited them, she asked if I was taking him with me… *eek*… my heart was bursting with excitement.


I couldn’t take him.

Not yet. I was about to go to New York and couldn’t leave him to adjust without me… and I also couldn’t put that on my Mum.

I thought I had ruined my chance of having him back…It felt as though there was a slim window and I had to jump when I had to chance… But it was just my luck that my sister asked me to feed and walk the dog every day while they all went to QLD for a holiday. No problem, I thought… Now’s my chance!

As I dropped them off at the airport, I mentioned nonchalantly that I would probably take Bender while they were away… You know? At some stage. Well, I got him that very next day!!!!!

There has been some adjusting. He knows he is safe with me, but he wasn’t so sure about my mum. Haha. Smokey wasn’t impressed at all. He threw a hissy fit to be precise… and even didn’t come home on the first night. Eek. He’s okay now and we’re all nice and settled. It’s been nearly 3 weeks now and I am sometimes still in shock that I got him back. I am so so SO happy I have my little family back together. 

My sister and co ended up being away for nearly 3 weeks (they got back last night)… and I spoke to her a few nights ago (talking about the puppy) and I mentioned that Bender was settling in and was right next to me on the couch… She seemed shocked. Oops, but too bad. Don’t tell me to take him then be shocked when I do?! Haha. Weird. 

And anyway, I have already gotten him a new collar and tag with my home number on it. He’s mine!!!

P.S- Off to the city tonight for dinner for a besties birthday…  it’s a night for dumplings! Yay. The booking isn’t till about 7 so I have no choice but to go to Daiso and have a little wander around the city.

Oh and also, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!