Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10th week Weigh-In...

I am suffering big-time with PMS symptoms! 

Cramps like I haven't experienced in forever... and back pain so persistent you think you must have hurt yourself with all that heavy lifting you never did. 

I had to use a a wheat pack for the past 3 days/nights... and I have rarely used them at all. Luckily, it's a cute pink leopard print one... So that pleases me. 

Popping Nurofen had no effect either! My theory is, the Nurofen couldn't decide which pain to target- cramps, back pain or the headache- so it just gave up! Wahhhh!

Anyway, I thought for sure my weigh-in was going to be unimpressive, given the bloat and general that-time-of-the-month sluggish feeling, but low and behold, I weighed in at 75.5kgs, which is a total loss of 13.3 kilos in 10 weeks and 1.3kgs for the week ! Ole!

As a reward, I am going in for a pamper sesh today in Port Melbourne... 

I will be undergoing the following;

A half-hour soothing massage
A Moroccan Oil scalp massage and leave-in treatment
A Pure Fiji exfoliation or moisturising body wrap to scrub, hydrate and cocoon my bod in lushness!
A deluxe Pevonia mini facial, and
A pedicure to prettify my tootsies- including a deluxe coconut pure Fiji foot soak & scrub plus mychoice of Opi polish!

I am really looking forward to it

(notice my new love of and ♥)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HotLocks by Rachael...

I have a hair appointment for tonight, and believe me, I need it! I commented on a thread on the Vogue Forum for a hair dresser rec in South East Melbourne, so I mentioned the place I go to... They quite literally saved my hair from breaking off! It's called HotLocks by Rachael, on McKinnon Road, McKinnon.

My previous hair dresser was good and much closer to home, but things were getting a bit too relaxed, I stopped getting asked what I wanted, and it was the same routine 1/2 head of foils in my usual colour, just a trim and GHD'd... Granted, she knew the colour I wanted my hair to bey, but after a few years of going there, sticking with the one colour for foils started looking really bad! I honestly had no idea, but the under-side of my hair was dark brown (looked black) and the top half was white/yellow/gross.

I also started to be unable to get an appointment when I really needed it (my own fault for not being organised) and the HD sent me home with foils in, to wash it out myself... Big Mistake. It only 2 times for me to have over processed hair, without even realising. My new HD  told me I was luckily my hair hadn't already snapped off! I had to have a fair bit cut off (which was sad) but my hair is in such better condition now, nealry one year later. 

Of course I put the blame on myself, saying that it was my own fault for over processing, but my new HD quickly reminded me, that I should never have been sent home to do it myself to begin with. 

What's worse is that my last emergency appointment (and last appointment there ever) was a few days before my 10 year high school reunion, and anyone who has seen 'Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion' knows how important this event is! I actually thought I looked okay, it wasn't until the photos circulated on Facebook that I realised how straw-like my hair was!!

Ewww, I found the pics to prove it!

This is me at my reunion *sighhhh

This is me about 1 month later, after being to the new Hair Dresser
A lot of hair did get cut off, but becuase the longer bits were so dark, you can barely tell from this pic. Although, I think she took a bit off each time so I wouldn't freak out and never come back. 

I will also post a new pic tonight... My colour is better now as well.