Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi Guys!!

After ONE full week on my 'lifestyle' change I am happy to report I am 2.9 kilos DOWN. Woo to the Hoo!!!

It's hard to stick with it, but the results do keep you motivated.

Just a quickie today... Ciao!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long road ahead...

Crap dammit.

I weighed myself this morning and it wasn’t pretty. It was worse than I had feared and now all I can think about is how long this is going to take me to get back to where I was not that long ago. 

I have 22.8 kilos to lose, which I want to lose in 6 months. So, my aim is to lose around 3.8 per month or .95 kilos per week. So, obviously my aim is 1 kilo of fat to lose per week. Do-able? We’ll see. I am not weighing myself until next Thursday!!!

Since April last year I have put on 22.8 kilos (10 months), which is roughly 2 kilos a month or half a kilo a week!

To make myself feel better, I am going to work out some pros to being on the diet;

Continuing on my healthy eating plan, each month* will save me:

$98 by not having a workday cappuccino ($4.90 x 5 days x 4 weeks in a month)
$259 by not getting McDonalds breakfast ($12.95 x 5 days x 4 weeks in a month)
$224 by not buying a piece of crap lean cuisine for dinner, which don’t even fill me up, every night cos I’m so damn lazy. ($8 x 7 days x 4 weeks in a month)
$200 by not buying lunch every workday (approx. $10 x 5 days x 4 weeks in a month)

*I didn’t do all these things every month, if I had McDonald’s breakfast, I wouldn’t have lunch, or need a cappuccino, as one is included in my breakfast… but anyway, not even one of those calculations is acceptable!

I will also save around $15 every time I go to the movies, by not indulging in Popcorn, choc-tops and drinks.

Arghhhhh I can’t believe I have been so stupid with both my health and my money!

I had really bad debt not long ago… but I shoved my fingers in my ears and went ‘la la la lahhhhhh’ and pretended like it wasn’t happening- which caused some serious problems!! Haven’t I learnt my lesson???!!!

Yesterday the money I spent on food looked more like this:

Earl Grey = $0 as I already have some, plenty actually about 25+ tea bags
Salada crackers, I can only have 2 ½ big squares a day, and that isn’t much… a whole pack costs under $3. I guess I am eating about $.50 worth a day.

I buy cans in bulk, and it works out to be less than $1 per can. I can have a maximum of 3 cans a day, so $3.00… and even if I ‘splurge’ on a bottle of diet coke at lunch, it would mean I could only have 1 can extra, so it ends up being about $3.50 for the bottle, plus $1 for the can, so still only $4.50 for the day.

 if I splurge on mangos… they are $4 each or an apple is about $1, so for arguments sake, say I have one of each= $5 for fruit for the day, though more likely I will stick to apples at $2 a day.

 Yogurt= under $3 per tub and each tub lasts me 2.5 breakfast. So that’s just over $1 per breakfast, in comparison to $12.95 a Maccy D’s. 

 Cauliflower and cheese (cauliflower is like $2 per half and the quantity of cheese is about 1/3 of a pack which costs about $7, so $2.30 per serve) =  around $4.30 for lunch.

Well last night I had hake fish which was only $3 and some asparagus at about $4 a bunch and I used one bunch… so $7 for dinner… Oh and I also added some mayo, but I already had it. Comparable to a lean cuisine, but I do buy quality ingredients… like yummy fish, juicy lean steak or plump prawns and it tastes a lot yummier. 

I am so hungry today and the detox headache has been plaguing me since yesterday  afternoon. And even though I drank nearly 3 litres of water yesterday, I felt dehydrated. So, far today I am at the half way mark at 1 ½ litres and still thirsty… Must. Flush. Out. Toxins.

My tummy has been rumbling ALL morning. It’s embarrassing and guess who’s in a really irritable mood??? *sigh

Toodles for now!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The promise of pets....

As I promised in my very first post EVER, pictures of my pets... my darlings... my little baby boys...

Smokey Joe (Smokey), the King of the house, or so he likes to think...
He just celebrated the big 1-0 on the 1st of Feb! 

 Next up is Dino...
Some of his nicknames include but are not limited to; The Dean-ster,  Dinominator, Deany, Deany-weener, etc

And then there's Bender
Also known as Bend, Bendy, Bendy-Wendy, Bender-bear, Blender (for some reason)

And, last... but by no means least, my sweet darling Bindi... who is no longer with us :(

R.I.P my sweet little Angel

*sigh... I get sad thinking about my poor little guy, taken too soon. And just watching Bender grieve for his best friend and brother just made it all the more sad... and this is the last photo I ever took of him.

The silver lining, not that there really is any, is that Smokey has stepped up to the plate and is now a lot nicer to Bender.

I got Shallac'd

A few weeks ago I tried out CNDs Shellac manicure. I researched a few different places to see who could get me in the quickest... I finally made an appointment with a lady in Edithvale. I live in the Mentone area... so it really isn't too far. Anyway... what I didn't realise was that she operates at home, in a little bungalow type thing. And I only realised when she was giving me directions and said something along the lines of 'walk down my drive-way, go passed the cars and in through my back gate'... I must admit I was worried. I had never been to someone's house for any beauty treatment, and I was skeptical to the max. Um, point being, it went off without a hitch... hahah, but I got the I-could-so-do-this bug, and spent the next few weeks looking into becoming a certified nail technician. hahaha. The Shellac'ing was awesome. I am hooked! I usually stick to pink/nude polishes and I usually chip my nails within the hour of getting painted, if not during... so this really is the perfect manicure for me. I had dabbled with acrylic nails in the past, but hated the way they made my real nails feel. Plus, at the time, I was working at a market on the weekend and I would break a nail every time, thus resulting in weekly trips to get them fixed- which was both costly and time consuming... Also, the hours of the salon I went to were very hard to fit into my schedule, so I would invariably walk around with missing nails for a few days. YUK. Here are my shallac'd nails-1 week after application And as you can see they are no chips or anything! I wasn't entirely happy with the colour I choose, and I know now that you can layer the shellac polishes to achieve the colour you want :) I have since purchased my own CND UV lamp, and am in the process of getting some polishes (and the base and top coat)... I'll keep y'all up to date on my progress!! Oh and in the end I kept my shellac polish on for over 3 weeks!!! And they looked fine and/or dandy! The only issues were; a few cracks here and there, the regrowth was noticeable close up and my nails got too long to handle- though as a reformed nail-bitter that sounds soooo good to say, er I mean type, hehe.

Oh yeh...

Oh I forgot to mention my lifestyle change must-haves...

Earl Grey, by Twinnings of London
My sugar substitute, the lovely Hermestas
And my lovely 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Travel Mug that my Boyfriend got me last Valentine's Day in Canada... *sigh
It's sooooo handy. It keeps my tea hot as on my entire daily commute to work (almost 1hour).

And my trusty baby pink Tupperware drink bottle, 750mls

And my berry coloured Tupperware Sandwich keeper to keep my Salads crush-free


So… today is day ONE of my ‘lifestyle’ change. So, let the initial detox begin. *Waaaahh*

I just have to remember that this part is only temporary and in a few days I will be feeling super duper.

Today, I am cutting out the crap. No more heavily processed foods and I am going back to my ‘diet’ that changed my life before I get even more out of control and end up being worse than when I started.

All of the times that I’ve said I will be going back on the diet, I have given myself allowances- like still allowing myself to have that morning cappuccino… but not this time. It’s 100% all the way- except for Friday as I had already promised my mum I would go for dinner at her house and she has already bought the dinner, but after that, 100% 100% 100%!!!

So far today I have had:
Breakfast: Tamar Valley fat free yogurt. I used to weigh the portion, but I didn’t have my scales handy. If anything, I’d say I under-served myself today.

Snack: 2 little salada squares.
Water: 750mls

What else is planned? Steamed cauliflower and cheese with saladas for lunch, and steamed fish and asparagus for dinner. Along with 2 pieces of fruit and my portion of crackers for the day. Oh and my 3 litres of water quota!

I know the key to success for me, is holding out on my 'extra' allowances for as long as I can (fruit, saladas and cans of soda*). I usually wouldn’t have had any saladas at this stage, but as I am only beginning, I was feeling nauseous and needed something in my belly!

I actually haven’t weighed myself yet either. I am petrified of what I am going to see on there. So, instead of facing the figure itself, I shall gauge my progress in terms of the kilos I lose.

At this stage, I am already running out of clothes to wear… Today I am wearing a really tight singlet (underneath a baggyish) jumper, just to remind myself that I am a porker.
I plan to rely on my blog to track my progress, keep myself motivated and distract the heck out of myself…

*I realise soda doesn't sound like part of a detox plan, but considering everything else I am giving up, I need something to keep me sane!