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My weight loss plan


I hope you are all well!

An anonymous reader asked me what a day of food would be like for me on my plan.

My plan is not for everyone and I am by no means saying ‘hey, do this’ but this is the type of food I am eating and believe me, if you saw me, you would know I am a pretty happy chappy on this plan and am hardly hungry… And as you guys have seen, I have lost some serious kgs (16 and counting).


Serve of Yogurt. At least 97% fat free natural yogurt with no flavouring. (Yoplait Yoplus or Tamar Valley are my picks)

1 egg (the biggest I can get, at the moment it’s apparently 1 kilo! Crazy) and a decent amount of mushrooms (a bit less than 100 grams). Sometimes I will add spinach but usually just mushies and I make myself a little omelette. Or if I am in a rush, I just whack it in the microwave. A bit gross/weird, but it gets the job done is 55 secs for the mushies, then add and whisk the egg and nuke for a further 35 secs and Voila!


Tuna and salad (salad being cucumber and tomato- I am fussy!), with cracker pepper and balsamic vinegar.

My ‘treat’ meal which is steamed cauliflower with mozzarella cheese melted on top. It sounds weird, but it’s damn tasty!! (I usually try and limit this 3 times a week)

Sometimes I will cook 2 dinner meals and bring one in the next day for lunch. That’s what’s happening today.


Steak and vege (like mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini, onion, or salad type vegies)

Turkey savoury mince (turkey mince and vege (usually go for celery, asparagus, mushroom). This is my favourite meal at the moment. Another trick is to use lettuce cups and use them as like a san choy bow. Yummo!

Chicken salad/Chicken and vege.

Turkey or chicken soup with the usual vege.

I can also have seafood. Prawns, lobster, crabs, some fish (flake, snapper- nothing oily).

Basically the meals are all pretty even in terms of protein vs vege. None of my veggies are starchy (ie: potatoes, carrots, pumpkin etc). I cut of all visible fat from meat and only eat turkey or chicken breast.


Fruit- apples, mangoes, honeydew are the main ones I have. I could also have oranges, kiwi fruit and a few others, but I choose my favourites. I have 2 pieces a day. Usually in the afternoon/evening, to curb the munchies

Crackers- These are tough, because they are very addictive! I can really only have 5 serves of crackers- and 1 serve consists of 2 ‘little squares’. I have premium full fat. They are so good… So buttery!! I can also have no low fat version or saladas in full fat or low fat.


About 3 L water a day.

Tea and coffee, but only black. I can use certain sweeteners.

And I can have 2 cans of Diet Coke/Coke zero/Spite Zero/Diet Ginger Ale/Diet Pub Squash. 1 more if I am desperate. Should limit to 1L a day.

I also take a multivitamin, a flaxseed oil and a hair skin and nail supplement daily. All by Blackmores.


So, yeh that’s it. That’s what I do! I know it sounds strict etc. But it works for me. This is a special plan from a place called ‘Cohens Lifestyle Clinc’ and it does cost money to join, as you get specific weights for your meals and you get blood tests to make sure everything is functioning okay. If you want any more info, please let me know. I never wanted to actually mention the exact plan I am on, but I figured what the heck. Sharing is Caring ♡

I have tried every diet under the sun, and I had trouble sticking to them all! This just works for me. It balances my hormones and I am not hungry and I lose weight!! They don't spend millions on flashy advertising and mainly work through word of mouth, I think I first heard of them on TodayTonight or one of those shows and someone had lost weight while having PCOS. I have PCOS and it can hinder weight loss! I started looking into it and researched it for nearly a year before I finally took the plunge!

Here is a segment on the Plan

My real issue is how to eat ‘after’… I can get stuck into my old habits. That’s what I am working on this time! Anyway, that would happen regardless of the way I chose to lose weight. I used to have a personal trainer twice a week, but I ate to compensate. Complete waste of money. I did weight watchers for years and barely lost a kilo a week! And that was while trying (working out, eating according to the points system!! I did the soup diet, atkins... blah blah blah!

Having so many kilos to lose, I really need to get this weight off to feel happy again. I know people think moderation and exercise is the key, but that would take me YEARS! I want to wipe the slate clean and start this moderation business fresh!

My goal is to be finished by Christmas. So I want to lose 30 odd kilos by December (8 months, so ~4 kilos a month), so far I am ahead in terms of progress, but weight loss does slow down when you have less to lose.


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  1. Hello, I am the anon reader!

    Thanks so much for posting this it's really intersting and informative and I've made some enquiries, as I said I have a heap of weight to shift so need to look at doing something I can sustain.

    You should be really proud of your achievements, you've done an awesome job!

    I will keep reading and following your journey..you're an inspiration!



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