Thursday, May 19, 2011

Milkshake Sugar Frosting...

Huh? What was that?? A dessert?? Why would I mention something so deliciously tempting when I am on a quest to change my lifestyle??

No, no, sillies...

Milkshake Sugar Frosting isn't some sort of delicious dessert drink; it's for your hair... obviously!

Apparently, it can help conceal regrowth between salon visits (including greys, if needed), and also doubles as a dry shampoo, absorbing oil and making your hair smell yummy and sweet... Oh and it comes in this adorable little tin!


RRP is AU$60 and a tin will last around 168 applications (why so specific? haha), with each application lasting between 8 and 20 hours*

Used daily, the tin should last you for 6months, but you wouldn't need it every day now, would you? Hopefully roots won't need concealing just after you've just been to the hair dressers or sometime afterwards, for that matter!

I stumbled across this stuff quite some time ago, but I only purchased it yesterday (on a whim, which is weird, considering I had been umm'ing and ahh'ing for donkey's years) and it should be at my PO Box when I go by after workies. And the timing couldn't be more perfect because...

I am between salon visits
My regrowth has been getting me down of late, and making me consider ditching the blonde locks 
I am attending a Funeral on Monday and I don't want to go with gross looking hair!

I got Vanilla Cupcake Blonde, but there is a powder to suit most hair colours; Milk Chocolate Brunette, Raspberry Creme Redhead and Boysenberry Black.

I will let you guys know how I go... AND I will post some piccys too. My rootage is so bad at the mo', it's the perfect time to see if this delicious product can live up to its' claims! And after researching online, I couldn't find any pictures to show what the product can do, so I will be posting my results; good or bad.

"Milkshakes Sugar Frosting is a chic easy-to-apply luxurious mineral based hair powder that conceals re-growth including greys and absorbs excess oil whilst helping to keep hair healthy, manageable and revitalised. Naturally preserved and completely free of dyes, alcohol and artificial colours. Milkshake's fabulous formulas are infused with yummy smells. Ideal for use between salon visits, one application of Milkshake's unique formula can last for up to 20 hours."

Sounds good to me!


Source: Google images
*apparently there is less product in the pack for blondes! 4 month supply instead of 6.


  1. Thanks Missy, I tried it and fell in love and I just discovered that our gorgeous Milkshake is back and newly rebranded with two new colours, Yay!
    I bought it from my hairdresser only yesterday, it's Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder and is even better! They've tweaked the formula's and at the moment they're running a fab gift with purchase so I got a free set of Eyelashes and $50.00 Gift Voucher when I bought a canister!
    I found their new website-

  2. I've just picked some up too from my hairdressing salon in Avalon! I think I've fallen in love. How amazing is this stuff! Thanks for posting.

  3. I still haven't even done my update and these anons seem a little fishy, but that's okay, I want to give the stuff another good go and actually review it.. Thank you for posting the new website and name :)

  4. I've tried every dry shampoo out there (pharmacy and high end salon including Spilt Milk) and I am with your readers on this one. It's probably the best on the shelf I've tried.

    I will be sticking with it not only for the coverage I get on my roots and oil absorbtion but also the fact that I get a lot more out of one canister than I did compared with a crummy can of bumble & bumple or a little poof of Kevin Murphy that feels disgusting in your hair, because it's cruddy wax!

    Missy I think it's time you tried it yourself and see what the hype is all about. It's pretty awesome.

    When are you going to do a posting on nails? i need another option that isn't acrylic, not expensive but lasts. Help! xx


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