Friday, April 19, 2013

♡ Week Nine Results

Hey Guys!!

I actually have so many things I want to post about, but I usually end up reading soooo many blogs that iI run out of time for my own!

Today was my 9th week on my plan and I lost 1 kilo !!! I think this has actually been my lowest loss yet, but I am still really happy with this result! I have now lost 16 kilos exactly! And I am now almost exactly a third of the way there!! Wont be long until I have lost 20 kilos! That is a lot of weight!!!

Thank you all so much for your support with my last few posts. It really means a lot!

I have a medispa appointment next week and I am super excited! It was supposed to be a reward for one of my weight loss goals, but oops, I accidentally booked it earlier. I have no idea how that happened. haha. I might get a peel or something fun, but I'll see what is suggested for me. I thought my skin was 'okay' then I went to the place near my house and was shot down considerable. I have booked my appointment for a different place. I'll report back when I have had the appointment. It is a Beauty Blogger approved place! 

I might even get some botox at a later date... eep. Just between my brows. I get headaches and apparently botox can help. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Oh and you know how Google something or rather is closing down and every one is jumping ship to Bloglovin (and some others), well I am here to officially say I ♡ Bloglovin!!! I have the app on my phone and I did the GFC transfer things so now all my blogs are on bloglovin (so easy and simple!) and the app makes it sooooo nice to catch up on all my favourite blogs. I highly, highly recommend!! 

Oh and I am on the waiting list for the new Samsung Galaxy. Ta ta Apple! And thanks for making it so hard to retrieve my contacts and put them on a new phone! JERKS! Can you believe you can 'import' your contacts but you can't 'export' them. No, sorry Apple, I am not a drone and will not play into your forceful 'stick with apple or else' ways!!! 


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