Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2nd week progress report

After my second week weigh-in, I am down 4.4kilos and took myself out of the OBESE BMI.

Thank God for that. I was sooo PO'd even being back there!!

When I initially lost weight, I stopped at 66kilos and my range to aim for was 60-63... but now they have included age as a factor in determining your goal weight, and I am now aiming for 56-59kilos. Crap! I find that really scary. I was petrified of even getting into the 60's, but the 50's... hmmmm, guess we'll see.

I am technically coming to the end of week 3- tomorrow is my weigh-in, but I have had a couple of sneaky peeks, and my weight is basically the same as last week... so still only around 4.4kilos down in 3 weeks. I guess not too bad. :)

Ciao for now, Sweets!

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  1. congrats on the weight loss so far and thanks so much for your encouraging post on my blog! I wish you lived near me to give me some motivation!!


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