Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nearing my first month...


Tomorrow marks the end of my 4th week back on my diet.

The diet I am on is a medical one, and was designed specifically for me, based on my blood results- I know some people are skeptical about these types of diets, but it definitely worked for me the first time around... the thing is it will work for you FOREVER, if you stay within 4 kilos of your goal weight… which I didn’t do… :( But anyway, I have been using my old diet, in the hope that it will still work and that my hormones haven’t changed too much. I set myself a 6 kilo target for the first 4 weeks, and if I don’t hit it, I will consider getting a new program (which is expensive).

Anyway, my 3 week result was only 400 grams- taking my total loss 4.8kgs in 3 weeks… naturally I was getting worried that maybe the diet wasn’t working for me anymore, but this week I have seen some movement. I only take sneaky peeks at the scales daily, and as far as I know, and not withstanding a gain tonight (but HOPEFULLY even more of a loss), I seem to have lost a kilo this week!! Yay, that would make my total 5.8 in 4 weeks, not bad! I would even classify that as a pass on my target! LOL.

So, I am hoping, wishing and praying that I don’t gain any weight by tomorrow morning, but I must say I am feeling a little bloated *sigh
I used one of those online deals last night for a body scrub, and was under the impression that I might actually lose a little weight from it (even if just water weight)… I also had a 30 min infra-red sauna too and sweated buckets, and thought that would help too… but this morning, I weighed more than I did yesterday morning. Weird, no?

Anyhoo, I realized I haven’t actually posted my weight on here, but I want to… because my next goal is a number based goal.
My last official weigh-in (end of week 3) is 84 kilos (I started at 88.8) and my next goal is to get in to the 70’s!
I’ll report back tomorrow on my 4th week weigh-in and fingers and toes crossed for an over a kilo loss!!!

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