Monday, August 29, 2011


Okay so I recently fessed up about being the Queen of Procrastination, I then posted my "to do" list...

Bustin' at the seams with Good Intentions, I was... but then....

Well, then I got struck down!




I got sick y'all!!!

I do apologise!

I actually thought I was going to be out for awhile with this bug, but turns out I have made a rather swift recovery! Go me!!! I actually hadn't been sick since I first embarked on my "Lifestyle Change" back in February and was having daily multi Vs plus eating super healthy... But since being officially off the diet, I have been naughty. Seriously. *Disappointed Sad Face*

I have been slack with my multi V intake and I honestly think this is why I got struck down. Granted there have been some nasty bugs around recently and my whole house was infected, but I live with primary school brats. er I mean kids, so it's not like there weren't nasty bugs around in the last 6 months anyway!

This just cements the need to be more serious about my health... I can already feel my clothes getting too snug and I feel so Bleugh! I just feel better when I am eating well!

I had also gotten an online voucher for a month access to Contours, which is conveniently around the jolly corner from me, but, in my usual way, I left the voucher to the last minute and due to me getting sick I missed out on activating the month access so now it is forfeited!


Okay, it was only a $10 voucher, so not a big huge loss, though I did buy 2 vouchers (1 for my sis as well) but I actually really wanted to try the place out.. and I figured Contours would have been a nice easy introduction back into the gym scene. Oh wells. I don't know if they have monthly passes to buy usually, maybe I should enquire. I am really unfit and want to ease myself into exercising.

I am also considering going to Fernwood... But I have read some crappy reviews on the Vogue Forum. I have never been before and there is a no joining fee promo on at the moment (a savings of $199) but I would have to sign up for 12months... Eeek. Plus I would want to get the Gym + PT membership, which includes a 30 minute weekly Personal Training session... and is almost $60 a fortnight.

Hmm, decisions....

I only have till the 31st August (aka WEDNESDAY!) to make my mind up about Fernwood... I wouldn't pay $199 just to join as well the $60 a fortnight! Heck to the No! So if I say yes now I have to be committed for 12 months!



  1. Hi Missy, I've been lurking on your blog for a while but this is the first time I've commented! Just wanted to say it's been really motivating for me to read through your posts on changing your lifestyle as I'm trying to lose weight & get healthier at the moment, so thank you!

    I've been a member with Fernwood for about a year and I think it's worth it, as long as you go regularly to get your moneys worth. The girls at my gym are really friendly, they give you as much help as you need or let you do your own thing if you want to. They have hair dryers and straighteners in the bathroom & supply shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc which is really convenient if you go to the gym before work. And they have a kitchen to make breakfast in too. But definitely think about it because you are locked in for that 12 month period if you sign up. Jemma xx

  2. Hey Jemma!

    Thanks for visiting ♥

    And thanks for the advice re: Fernwood. They do sound like great gyms and are definitely still on the top of my list... But right after I posted this I remembered that I have a 3 month pass to a recreation gym near me, so it would be stupid to commit to a 12month membership at Fernwood when I have a pass ready to go already *face palm* LOL. I nearly got sucked in with the whole no joining fee thing…

    Best wishes for your weight loss and healthy lifestyle endeavours. I'd love to know how you go. It’s a struggle at first *sigh

    Thanks again, Jemma… See you ‘round

  3. I love Anytime Fitness - I don't know if you have one near you, but they have them in most cities, and you can use them when you travel for $49.95 a month, anytime of day or night. But no classes - so if you want classes I wouldn't recommend it! They do have foxtel in their cardio machines - I love that:)


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