Monday, September 19, 2011

Thoughts on Benefit Brow Bar...

Alrighty... So, I totally didn't update in a timely fashion at all... But considering I confessed to being the Queen of Procrastination, it isn't all that surprising! Hehe.

Anyhoo, without any further ado, I shall share my thoughts...

This is what I had to say on the Vogue forum a few days after my appointment... 

I got my eyebrows done at the Benefit  Brow Bar at Myer Melbourne on Friday (15th July, 2011).

I was a  little shirty that I had to wait quite a while (seeing as I had  made an  appointment), and it wasn't until I said I was leaving that they  said I  was next. There were heaps of walk-ins, so it looked like tonnes  of  people were waiting- I had no idea where I was in the queue.

Aside  from that, I really enjoyed it... I barely felt the waxing part  and  the SA who taught me how to fill in my brows was very patient with   me... and amazingly enough I was able to re-create the look at home!   *gasp*

I’m going to put my before and after pics up on my blog.

P.S-  trimming of the eyebrow hair was weird- I have never had that done  before, and now if I touch my brows they feel funny.

Picture time!

Word of warning... Prior to my appointment, I had been "growing" out my brows for Donkey's Years, so I got my mum to capture the state they were in while we were waiting! You have been warned!

Ouch! Damn you Myer and your super harsh lighting!

The unruliness that was!

Ahhhh much better!

Loving the shape!

Check out that fullness!

 Seeing as my before pic is an example of crazy lady brows at their craziest, it's hard for me to convey the fact that the "tail" of my brow is never a nice line like it is in my after pics, even if I get them professionally done.. They tend to just taper off in to a bit of nothing.

Aside from the waiting issue, I really loved the results! I would be more than happy to get my brows done at Benefit again, and again and again.

I actually haven't touched my brows since that appointment waaay back on July 15th- mostly because I didn't want to stuff up the shape with wayward tweezing and also the fact that I had all intentions of getting them done again. Well, let's just say, 11 weeks later (c'mon, WTF?! Queen of Procrastination strikes again!),  I am, yet again, in desperate need and my brows are officially in crazy lady territory again! My closest shopping Centre is Southland, and I don't believe there is a Brow Bar there. No fair! *stamps feet*

I either have to move my tush and get to the Myer Melbourne Brow Bar or go elsewhere... eep.



  1. Just randomly, you have really nice eyes! :)

    I went to the brow bar once to get my eyebrows shaped and they did such an amazing job! since then I just pluck my eyebrows myself and its always inconsistent and weirdly shaped but I just cant be bothered making an appointment and going to Myer, etc etc :P

    Btw, I live near Southland too! Maybe we live closeby!

  2. Your brows look perfect, as do your eyelashes - they're crazy long.
    I want to go too, Southland is my closest also and sucks that there's no Benefit there.


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