Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sorry for my absence... Turns out being 30 is more tiring than I anticipated. ha. Nah, just lazzzzy. Maybe that comes with old age?!

I have a tonne to catch up on the old blog... Including the second part of my eyelash extension disaster story experience... and the fact that I have found my new favourite foundation...

It feels sooooo luxurious!! It's also a pretty decent price (I paid under $30) and the product itself (and the packaging) feels more expensive. You only use a smidge to cover your whole face and *bonus* after an embarrassingly long length of time spent testing them on my hand, I actually found my perfect colour match!!

I have been spending exorbitant amounts of money on things I do not need... I keep saying to myself 'that's it young old lady, you're on a spending ban' next thing I know my arms a laden with bags of stuff! Gahhh.

I also packed on the pounds (and was in denial about it too)... So I am 'clean eating' again. Me and sugar do not mix well.



  1. Glad you're back :-) hope 30 is treating you well x

  2. Welcome back!!

    30 is still young! :)


  3. nice to see you back! :) i totally didnt realise you were 30! i just assume everyone is the same age as me (23) lol!

    ooo that revlon foundation is good, you say? i wanna try it out! i love moussy whipped foundations!


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