Friday, May 17, 2013

♡ Weeks Ten, Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen Results!!

Wow! How slack am I?!!

I am sure you have all been desperately waiting for me to reveal my results... {crickets, lols}

I have been pretty busy... And had been having a bit of a rough time lately {awws}.

Some trouble with my sister was the main culprit... with her ending up in Intensive Care. All due to a self-inflicted type illness, so my sympathy level is quite low.

As a result not only did I look after the kids for a few nights, I was basically asked (well, more of an order) to clean her house "for Mother's Day', I really wanted to remind her that she actually isn't my Mother, but I bit my tongue as usual and basically I just couldn't be bothered arguing about it. I think my face said it all, but she was all 'I need help' etc... I did as much as I felt comfortable with, but seriously I have had it up to here with her *raises hand to neck height, which is pointless as you can't see*

When I cleaned up I found lots of drug paraphernalia, which I told her I was removing... She agreed. I also found heaps of empty and half-drunk cans of alcohol! Terrible. It was in the bathroom for crying out loud!!!! I also got rid of all that. Cleaned her fridge out... Including yogurt from 2010. 2010! Stuck my gloved hand in a sink of goodness-knows-how-old water. Gloved or not, ewww times a million.

I mean why should I help her when she wont even help herself?!! I have already done so much for her!! The real tragedy are the kids! But what can I do?!!

I thought that when I had to move out and she was being *hell* to live with... Just being a terrible human in general... I thought 'yep, this is her rock bottom... She'll pick herself up for sure!!'

But nope. It wasn't. Hopefully this 'near death' experience is (her words, not mine!)... And she finally learns. But hmm, I don't know. Already heard her talking about drinking etc. I have nothing against drinking, but I truly think she is allergic. She can not handle it. Anyway, enough about her!!

I also had an argument with my Mum. Which was awful. She was drunk (what's with my family?) and she just went off at me. Fully out of nowhere. It really bowled me over and I got very defensive and it really brought me back to when I was living with my sister. I hate being yelled at and I cannot handle it. So... Mmm. Had a rough time.

My Poor Bender ended up at the vet!!!!! I thought he had dislocated his shoulder, but it was actually a cat attack wound!!! My poor boy!!! 2 needles later (and the Sunday consult fee!) and he is on the mend. Still limping a little, but much better. He also had a very high fever!! {sad face}

Poor Dino walso had a trip to the Vet! He had a tummy issue... And he wouldn't get up for walks. I was very worried as it is so unlike him. One needle and a weeks worth of antibiotics (and another Sunday consult fee!), he was literally back to his old self that same night!!

Spent $400 at the Vet over 2 weekends!! I love my babies so it was all worth it... I hate to think they are suffering.

I wish I could make Bender be an indoor cat, but he is free spirit and he has been an outdoor cat all his life! I am hoping I can get him and Smokey into a stay-indoors-at-night routine but we'll see.

Bender and Dino are also overweight. Poor Smokey is probably underweight. Bender even eats the dog food!! Little piggy!!

Speaking of piggies...

On to my weight loss results.

The last time I checked in on here my total loss was 16 kilos... and now?

10th week~ 1.1 kilo
11th week~ 1.5 kilos
12th week~ 2 kilos
13th week 1 kilo

And my complete loss so far is:

21.6 kilos

Pretty good!! So far my weekly average has been 1.6 kgs, so I am pretty impressed.

As you can imagine I am feeling pretty good. It's a nice feeling knowing I have broken to 20 kilos barrier. I am nearly the halfway mark {sigh} but I am still very focused and motivated!!



  1. Congrats! That is an awesome achievement!! 21kg!!! So happy for you :)
    Sorrry to hear all your family stuff that's going on, not nice at all. Just stay strong xx

    1. Thanks Onika!
      Thankfully things have settled now :)

  2. I'm really sorry to read about your family problems. I actually cut my family off for a few years and as much as it hurt we needed that space to repair ourselves (hopefully that makes sense).

    Congrats on your weight loss x

    1. Thanks you TOAG.

      I have kind of done that with my Dad. It's been nearly 3 months since I've really spoken to him. I am finding the space to be beneficial to me... He was always pressuring me to do more for my sister.

      I keep my sister at arm's length these days... As she is a bit of a toxic person. Nothing anyone does is ever enough and everyone owes her something. I was sick of living with it and honestly I have never felt more free since moving away from her. As a family member though I can't completely escape the 'drama'

      Thanks again! :)

  3. Woohoo over 20kg! Thats a great achievement!

    Omg I cannot believe you found yogurt from 2010. WHAT?! Who leaves it that long to clean out their fridge?!

    Sucks about your family issues :(

    1. hehe thank you, Krissy!

      Well you better believe that yogurt was stuck to the fridge, I had to really yank it out and it left a gross ring on the shelf (which I obviously then had to clean). haha. Ew. It was all very gross!

  4. Hey well done re the amazing milestone of over 20kgs. This is great! I bet your old clothes are falling off!

    Yep agree re family drama - I havent spoken to my father for over five years and to be honest it's for the best. Too much pain etc.

    Keep going, you're doing amazing!

    1. Thanks Anon!

      I am sort of in denial about not talking to my Dad. It doesn't seem real... But he hasn't reached out and I don't plan on doing so either. Both too stubborn, I guess.


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