Friday, June 7, 2013

♡ HALFWAY! ♡ Weeks Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen Results!!

Hello Kittens!!

I have been slack again! *hangs head*

I have been feeling really great about myself lately. Definitely walking with a bounce in my step.

I have hit the halfway mark in my 'journey' (anyone else cringe at this word?).

14th week~ 0.6 kilo
15th week~ 1.4 kilos
16th week~ 1.6 kilos

And my complete loss so far is:

25.2 kilos

Whoo Hoo!!

'Yay' indeed!
Now this is scary... Very Scary but here is my Before and Halfway photo.

Before and Halfway!
And that's 'little' Inky!! Remember when he was a little puppy??!
Oh and I am wearing the Kardashian Leggings

I cannot believe how big I let myself get and though you can't see it in that first pic... but I was beaming from ear to ear- I thought I looked okay *sad face*. I am really proud of what I have achieved so far... It does still scare me that I have another 23 kilos to go to get to my lowest ever... And truth be told I should really go lower... Maybe lose another 31 kilos! But I will be crossing that bridge when I get there! The program I am on is designed to find my metabolic equilibrium... So my body will tell me when it's ready to eat my food... At the moment I am happily cruising down the scales!

I am loving the fact that I can finally fit into some of my old wardrobe... And I even purchased a pair of Kardashian leather look leggings... I LOVE THEM! I have now gotten 2 more pairs!! Quite reasonably priced at $32.95 at a Chemist near my work! They appear to be really good quality and I have gotten a few compliments when I wear them!

I have been online shopping like a mad woman!! And just spending money like a mad woman too!

One of my dear friends jetted off to NYC (jealous!! It's true what they say, once you've been there you need to go back!) and she asked me if I wanted her to get me anything. At first I said 'oh, no thank you' as I still have a massive stash since I went in December, but then I thought about it and may have looked at Sephora... Well then I was asking her if the offer still stood! She said yes! Yay!

Then I created this list and screen captured it, worked out currency conversion and was ready to send it to her when I noticed 2 horrible words... Online Exclusive!! Noooooooooooooo! So I revised my list but I still reallllllly wanted the online exclusive!! Isn't that always the way??? So, I created an online order and decided to use HopShopGo to get the Sephora package to me.

*Breathe, Breathe* It is on board with driver as I rapidly tap my keyboard!!!! So excited I could squeal like a little piggy!!!!!

My next post is a comparison between Mecca, Tarazz (the Aussie 'portal' to Sephora) and Sephora itself + HopShopGo! Plus pics of my goodies!!



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
    I wish I could fit into my old wardrobe!
    I'm hoping in 4 more months I will!!
    But in all honesty, thats amazing and well done!

    1. Oh thanks Kara!!
      It's definitely fun being able to shop my own wardrobe! Winter is such a hard time to slim down though... All you want is comfort foods!!

      Meanwhile, I miss your blog so bad *cries*

    2. Do you have instagram?! Im opening it up to peeps who already follow me! I think I just dont like the idea of anyone being able to see what I've been up to! and by anyone.. I mean exes and the like HAHAH (or work peeps). I really like the blogging community and dont want to sensor myself so I guess thats the only logical solution! :)
      YOU KNOW WHAT I SAY? Winter is the perfect time! WHAT ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? lo
      Do you go to the gym? I dont know if i'm wrong here but were you from Port Melbourne? I go to one of the gyms in the area, it makes it so much easier knowing I can walk there! Even in the Rain? Ha

      - KK

    3. Hello hello! Yep I just got a new instagram... lil_doll16! I have barely any photos on there! Would love to follow you!

      I actually just joined a gym! I was going to join South Pacific right down the end of Bay Street, but decided on one near my work in Prahran instead- I figured that seeing as I literally walk past it twice a day, I might actually go! haha. I have a personal training sesh tonight. I am scared. SO unfit!!!

  2. Totes following you on instagram! :)

    Well done with the weight loss, such a good effort! Love the comparison photo, you've changed so much! If only we could see your face! :P


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