Friday, April 8, 2011

Ugh... I am terrible at updating!

I think I get carried away looking at everyone else's blogs!!

I have now completed 8 weeks of my diet, and am now sitting at 77.5 kgs, which is a total loss of 11.3kgs! Yay! I have just over 10kilos to go to get 'back to where I was'! And I am getting closer to no longer being over-weight and having a 'normal' BMI!

I have always been confused about my body and its’ shape... I am an APPLE, through and through and I find it hard to find much useful information about what to actually wear to flatter my figure. I guess I can cross that bridge when I actually have a flatter-able figure though! hehe.

I entered my waist to hip ratio into an app on my iPhone and it confirmed my apple-ness and warned me I was at HIGH risk of heart disease. No fair!

Anyway, my point of all this, is that when I first completed my diet, I got to 66 kilos and felt great and thought I looked pretty decent too! Especially considering I had come down from a high of 114kgs... but now I am thinking that 66 probably isn't my optimal weight... It takes my BMI to the healthy range but I think I still get a muffin-top look. Anyhoo, I guess time will tell :)

The medical diet gives you a range to aim for (though not set in concrete) and they changed it to include age as a factor... Originally my goal range was 60-63kilos, so I never quite made it, and now it has changed to 55-58... Eeeeek! I am still going to stick with my 66kg goal, but if I can continue on my plan, I will endeavour to get into the 50's, which would be amazing to me! I never even imagined being able to get into the 60's!

Very happy with my results so far and I am feeling G.O.O.D. My next weigh in is next Wednesday, but I think I will be due for a lower drop now, I have been having 1+ kilo drops for the past 2 weeks, and I am guessing something has gotta give! LOL. Plus TOM will be coming soon!


  1. WOW, you have some EXCELLENT results!

    A loss of 11.3 kilos in 8 weeks is absolutely amazing, you must be very proud of yourself!!

    Also read 114 kilos to 66 kilos...that's crazy.

    You must have so much discipline - you are very inspiring, keep up the excellent work!

  2. Thanks, SSC ♡

    I really appreciate it


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