Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10th week Weigh-In...

I am suffering big-time with PMS symptoms! 

Cramps like I haven't experienced in forever... and back pain so persistent you think you must have hurt yourself with all that heavy lifting you never did. 

I had to use a a wheat pack for the past 3 days/nights... and I have rarely used them at all. Luckily, it's a cute pink leopard print one... So that pleases me. 

Popping Nurofen had no effect either! My theory is, the Nurofen couldn't decide which pain to target- cramps, back pain or the headache- so it just gave up! Wahhhh!

Anyway, I thought for sure my weigh-in was going to be unimpressive, given the bloat and general that-time-of-the-month sluggish feeling, but low and behold, I weighed in at 75.5kgs, which is a total loss of 13.3 kilos in 10 weeks and 1.3kgs for the week ! Ole!

As a reward, I am going in for a pamper sesh today in Port Melbourne... 

I will be undergoing the following;

A half-hour soothing massage
A Moroccan Oil scalp massage and leave-in treatment
A Pure Fiji exfoliation or moisturising body wrap to scrub, hydrate and cocoon my bod in lushness!
A deluxe Pevonia mini facial, and
A pedicure to prettify my tootsies- including a deluxe coconut pure Fiji foot soak & scrub plus mychoice of Opi polish!

I am really looking forward to it

(notice my new love of and ♥)

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