Thursday, April 14, 2011

9th week weigh-in

Hey Guys!

I knew it would be a slow week!

My weigh-in was yesterday, and I lost another 700 grams, taking me to 76.8kgs. 

I weighed again this morning (as I usually do) and was down another 500 grams, hehe- just my luck! But I will add that to my loss next Wednesday.  What really matters is that the number is going down… I now have 10kilos to go till I get to my goal!

I am feeling really good and finally able to wear some of my cuter outfits seeing as they fit a little better now… I still have a weigh to go (geddit?), but I will get there.

Oh I just realised, this takes my total weight-loss to.... 12 kilos!!!
(1.3kgs a week!!)

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