Friday, June 3, 2011

I suppose I should count myself lucky... But I never really knew how much was involved when it comes to organising a Funeral.

I am responsible for giving Shorty the funeral he deserves and I feel really overwhelmed right now.

We usually use Le Pine for our family funerals and Shorty is no exception.

 source: Google Images

There is just so much to think about. I met with the Funeral Director and she went through things with me, but I came really unprepared. I just didn't realise what was involved. I don't want to get anything wrong.

Shorty was a Richmond Tigers fanatic... So, I chose Yellow flowers for his casket, which they will tie with a black ribbon... Richmond Colours. But is that the right way to go? I don't know... I am not into having the onus on me. I composed the death notice and again, I just don't know if it is, if I covered everything I need to.

Still so manys things to finalise... and I haven't really even started yet. I just feel exhausted at the moment.


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