Friday, June 17, 2011

Saying "I love you"...

My boyfriend and I haven't taken this step yet *sigh

I feel like sending him this pic

We're almost approaching 3 years of 'dating'...

Luckily I agree with these sentiments...

Is it bad that I need/want him to say it first?!



  1. Why don't you say it first?

  2. I totally hear you girl - I have reasons why I could never say it first, guess you must be the same. But if you've been together 3 years well what could it hurt for you to say it first now? x

  3. Every couple is totally different. There's nothing wrong with wanting him to say it first!

    In my relationship, I was the one who said "I love you" first. I honestly can't remember why, but I insisted on being the first one to say it. I remember he kept wanting to say it and each time I'd stop him and be like, "nup...shh...I wanna say it first!". Eventually, I said it and it was so magic. Four years later, it feels like we never stop saying it!

    Hope you get your "I love you" soon!! xxx

  4. Thanks guys... I do wish I could "just say it", but I am a bit of an emotional 'tard.

    Aside from saying it to my darling pets, I can't remember the last time I actually uttered those 3 little words.

    My family just isn't big on "saying" the words... But written words in cards etc, on the other hand, are like an outpouring of emotion!

    And actually, my BF and I do sign cards with love... But anyway, I want to verbalise.

  5. Awwww! Maybe he feels the same way and wants you to say it first? You could both me in emotional limbo for no reason at all and will laugh about it in years to come :)

  6. If he reads your blog you may just hear it sooner rather than later!!


  7. Argh! Just say it!!! Say it 15 times over and over and over again. Shout it out loud. Whisper it quietly. Wrap yourselves up with it and don't come out until morning.

    I LOVE YOU! and everything all right by me. x

  8. Hi Miss

    I just stumbled upon your blog today and when I saw this post I had to comment. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and only in the last few weeks has he said I love you....

    His family is not a family that says I love you and while initially it was a issue in time I realised that although he didnt say the words, I knew he did in every action of love.

    My previous boyfriend said I love you constantly and for the last 9 months of our relationship was sleeping with anopther girl so trully the words have lost alot of the sacred meaning to me.

    I think that you should try and value each act of love because they should happen daily and be happy knowing that you know his secret. x


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