Friday, May 4, 2012

Feel Good Friday

You know that saying… ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…’?

Well, I played Good Samaritan this morning.

I noticed an abandoned bag on the bus. I thought I’d seen the girl get off about 2 or so stops before I had noticed it, and I was about to get off myself.

I thought for a moment ‘just give it to the bus driver?’ then I thought it’d probably just end up with him all morning and eventually end up wherever the depot is. In woopty woo, no doubt. Anyway, as a last moment decision, I took it with me. Figuring I would get in touch with her and she hopefully wouldn’t have to travel too far to get it.

When I got to work, I searched through the bag, and found the wallet (with moneyyyy. Yay*). There was no phone or any contact details- aside from her license with her address. The bag also contained her iPod, reading glasses, house keys, car keys and some sort of fancy swipey thing- probably to get into her work building and her water bottle… her water bottle?! Poor thing was probably dying of thirst! I was rushing to try and find a way to call her, as I could imagine how she must be feeling. I would be beside myself. Crying no doubt and getting even more thirsty.

I had no way of getting in contact with her… well aside from writing her a letter, which would take a while to get to her, being a Friday and all, and I wanted something quick. When I originally saw the bag, I thought I’d just get her phone out and call the contact named ‘work,’ ‘loving boyfriend’ or ‘mum’ or something similar but… no phone. No dice. I had her name but there were no business cards with her work number on it or anything like that.

I did what any savvy lady would do and googled her. Found her on facey and messaged her. She had a super private account, I am surprised I was even allowed to message her… But then I thought, maybe she’s running around like a headless chicken, would she really take the time to check her facebook messages?!

I then found a linkedin profile. I have no idea about that whole Linkedin buissnack, but it said someone with the same name as my mystery bag owner worked at a certain large company in the vicinity of where the mystery bag owner got off the bus. I googled the company and called the number but got the head office (God knows where)... I gave them my spiel (you know it? I typed it above, geez!). The receptionist was apprehensive but she put me through the mystery bag owners line. Bingo! I had to leave her a voice mail but I was secretly excited for how happy she’d be and how her faith in human kindness would be restored. Within 2 minutes I got a call back.

She was sooo happy, so thankful and then asked how I got her work number. I said I’d been sleuthing. Sleuthing?! I have never used that word in my life! Haha.

I told her why I didn’t just give the bag to the bus driver and that I saw her house and car keys were in there and thought of how big a hassle it would be for her. Seriously though?! Let's think about that for a minute, no house keys, no car keys, no wallet- so no money, no credit cards, bank cards… not even ID?! How would you get into your house or pay someone to change the locks?! Eeek. Someone out there has your license with your address, your house and car keys! I’d be freaking out!

When she came to pick the bag up, she tried to offer me a reward, ‘to buy yourself something’ she said, how sweet! I said I was happy with the good Karma and hoped if I ever lost my bag someone out there would do the same for me.

Would you do everything you could to get the bag back to its’ rightful owner?

*I kept the money, obviously. Gotta get something for a good deed done, amIrightoramIright?**.

** I kid, I kid! 

FYI:  no reply yet to my facebook message.


P.S- Thank you Tumblr, for the pictures.


  1. Lol love the final FYI. Wonder if she'll check Facebook when she gets home and realise the efforts you went to in finding her :-)

    Or decide you're a stalker and change all her locks in case you copied her keys hahaha

    1. hahahaha.

      Still no reply to my facebook message either... Maybe she did think I was/am a stalker.

  2. aww thats great! i would totally do the same thing - go out of my way to get the bag back to owner. i would hope someone would do the same for me.

  3. Wow that is so nice of you!!! I am definitely hoping for some good karma to be coming your way!

    1. Thanks Sue! Bring on the good Karma vibes!


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