Thursday, May 10, 2012

iPhone troubles…

Hmm, not sure what happened to that good karma I was expecting from my good deed last Friday, but it seems to have gone missing in the mail. Damn you, Australia Post! And my Japanese Lucky Cat, Maneki Neko, isn’t doing a very good job either!

On Tuesday night, on my bus commute home, I was happily bopping along to The Beatles when suddenly/randomly/completely out of nowhere, the power (/sleep) button on my iPhone went kaput-skies. I pressed it like a gazillion times. Took my case off and pressed it another gazillion times. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

After examining it more at home, I noticed it did look a little… odd. Something is not quite right. It feels different to press to… So, in short, it’s broken. My iPhone is BROKEN.     

I figured I would just make an appointment at an Apple store and get it replaced. I hopped on to My3 (I’m with Three, derr) to check my warranty... 20 days out of Warranty! Grrrrrrr. That BLOWS.

Then I thought maybe I could just deal with it... Until I realised if my phone ever ran out of battery I wouldn't be able to turn it back on!

Then it dawned on me... I stopped using iCloud early in the year cos I had used up all the free space... And although I had backed up my iPhone on my computer the night before it got damaged, what good would that do when a) my computer is DEAD, remember and b) a few days have passed since then anyway, and I have taken more photos! (of myself, mainly… cheese)

So... I immediately paid to have extra space on iCloud. Tried backing up... 24 hours remaining. WTF. Obviously it went faster than that, and by the time I went to bed it said 14 hours remaining... Wake up this morning... Backup failed. GREAT. Thanks a lot… iCloud.

*Edited to add: I have just learnt that the iCloud doesn’t even back up your music... what’s the point?! None of my music is bought on iTunes. GRRR!

I have my Apple store appointment tonight, and I am going to lose everything. My 2,000 songs, my photos (itching towards 2,500), videos… EVERYTHING! Life equals ruined! Haha, okay, well no… I am taking it remarkably well, but it is damn annoying… and my brows are officially furrowed- and perfectly groomed just quietly, thank you, Benefit Brow Bar.

I thought I'd try backing up my phone to my work computer- I had done it before yonks ago so it’s been authorised... but I think this computer has had some changes and long story short... I don't know how to back it up. In fact, I don't think I can. When I sync it says it's done... but none of my stuff is on the computer. So… My brows furrow more. *le sigh, bring on the wrinkles

After a lot of uhmming and ahhing, I have come to the conclusion that this sucks donkey balls. And have also reached the EFF this stage… Which, incidentally, is also the stage that makes me dislike Apple and all their ‘our way or the highway’ jazz- and, for the record,  being on a highway, presumably driving but with no music to listen to cos you didn't buy it from iTunes equals Most Boring Road Trip EVER.

So… yeh. GREAT!

And to think I had just bought my iPhone a present!

Wish me luck at the Apple Store… I have never set foot in there and to be honest I am scared of these alleged ‘geniuses’ I have to bow down to. Fingers crossed they show some mercy. Ever been to the Apple Store? Is it scaryyyyyyy?

I have just copied 2,000 photos using Windows Explorer to my work computer… So, then I can hopefully somehow get my BF to use his computer to pretend to be mine and restore my, hopefully new iPhone, to my last back up… Then all won’t be lost.

P.S- 49 Followers! Woop Woo… Thanks a bunch! I have a 50 follower giveaway I have been dying to throw (do you actually throw giveaways? I don’t know, but I will be throwing mine.) Some of the prizes will be a Revlon LipButter (peach parfait) and a pack of Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder a la Heidi Klum! (I had bought both of the products for myself and picked up and extra to throw at a lucky winner).



  1. if you log into itunes on a computer with your itunes password whatsy you should be able to back up the phone!!! i am crssing fingers/toes/arms etc for you xx

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately that only works if you have purchased all content off iTunes... Which I have not *sigh

  2. aww no that sucks!! hope you can manage to restore all your files somehow! my home button is broken on my iphone.. its gonna cost $179 to get my whole phone replaced cos im out of warranty too :(

    but dont worry those "geniuses" are actually nice :) lol

    1. Yep, I was quoted $179 for a replacement... And yes the Genius was actually nice, but I'm still cheesed I am only 20 days out of Warranty to have this happen. It sucks.

      The genius (lady) I had showed me how to lock my phone without needing the button... So, I'll just stick with that for a bit until I can properly back my phone up before getting a replacement. I am thinking of changing phone brands *gasp*, but I don't know. Going from Apple to something else is scary.

      Meanwhile... Why you no blog??!!!! :( I've missed your posts!

  3. That does sound very unfair, you were def after some good karma... It's ok I'm sure the Apple stores guys will be able to help you out... I haven't ever been in either, whenever I walk past they are always really really really busy so something good must be happening inside!

    Good luck with getting everything fixed the way you want it!

    1. Thanks :)

      It didn't go as planned... So I compensated with dumplings. hahahaha. That made me feel better for about 8 minutes at least.

  4. Oh, how annoying! It's kind of scary how dependent we are getting on our smart phones! They just store so much these days, that it's like our entire lives are on there!

    I hope it can all be saved! x

    1. Thanks Cat.

      I haven't lost all my data yet... My computer is with a tech right now getting assessed for an insurance claim. I hope to dear God my data gets recovered. I AM SCARED.


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