Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Whinge Fest

Boo and then hiss!

My Mum called my office this morning to let me know that the back room at home had a leaky roof situation last night/this morning… And of all the spots in the back room and of all the things in the back room, my laptop got wet! Saturated … Soaked to the Intel® Core even (ooh, good play on words there but just too soon, too soon).

My Mum already tried to turn it on, which is apparently a no-no, and it didn’t power up... I’m guessing that’s a bad sign- water and power not mixing so well, I suppose... Who knew?!…. I love my pink laptop. I really do. I’ll miss her…

I totally can’t even nearly afford a new laptop right now. Apparently May is Mayhem for me in the billing department… I have my car rego due, a seriously juicy electricity bill due and smaller but still ouchie gas bill also due. And then add on top of them, the usual monthly culprits such as my phone bill, Foxtel, my Myki pass, and my need to eat and nourish my body and feed my precious pets… Not to mention my usual impulse purchases! Dammit.

Also, my diet is totally out of control! I’ve gone mad. But that’s okay, I can undo damage done… but it won’t be fun. Detox off sugar starts tomorrow. Yay.

My Bindo Tattoo is going well… It’s a wee bit itchy but really not too bad at all. I think the healing process is almost complete. The colours are settling nicely.

It has been hard to keep it uncovered and I only had 3 pairs of shoes I could wear and 2 of them gave me bad blisters! I purchased 2 pairs of Rubi Loafers (black and also Leopard) and they’ve been not-so-fun to break in. I wore my Leopard print pair today and they did not stand up too well against the Melbourne rain. First my laptop and now my shoes!!! Damn you rain!! Grrrrr!

In other news... 

I built Dino a new home...

Home sweet Home
It was $99 from Aldi... and it was fun to put together... Look how cute it is!!! Dino doesn't like it though. He has a dog house phobia. He hates being enclosed. But when my mum renovates he wont have any shelter, so he needs to start getting used to it... I have been throwing tasty treats in there (beef liver to be precise) in the hope that he will feel comfy with it eventually. He refuses to set his back feet in there. Flat out refuses... He strains his neck so much to get the treats. It's hilarious and frustrating. I helped him in there (read: pushed, but gently, I swear) and he did a quick 3-point turn and hopped straight back out again. Come on Dino!!!! Look at it! I even put one of his beds in there and all of his toys. And wrote his name on there too!! Even a welcome mat?! What more could you want?! Really.

I also got him a new jumper, lookee;
Look at that face!
That is his stuffed bunny to the left and his bed to the right... It took months for him to sleep in that bed. He did everything to it but sleep in it. He used to move it all around the place, even flip it upside down and use it as a wind block but just refused to get on it. Again, frustrating. But he eventually gave in! 
Whenever I brush him, he runs and gets his black bunny and he grooms the bunny while I groom him. Too cute!!

I got myself this Chinese Japanese Lucky Cat... Hopefully to bring me some luck, obviously. 

Oops, Wikipedia tells me this is actually Maneki Nekoa Japanese tradition. 

Oh and P.S:

Unfortunately the Chemist warehouse near my work actually didn't stock Katy Perry Meow! Grrrr!! And the sales assistant directed me to go to MyChemist... I didn't know that Chemist Warehouse and MyChemist were related... but they are. You learn something new everyday! So, I haven't been able to add Meow! to my Perfumery Collection just yet... My want has not waned though. No Sir.



  1. Loving the tat still! Colours look great.

    Dino's house is so cute! Mitzi is exactly the same about kennels. Hates them! She doesn't even have one anymore. Rocket has one which he never uses. I've caught him sitting with the edge of his butt in in, but he's so big now that the rest of his body hangs out! Haha

    Then again, they have free range access to the house and verandah so if I were them I would never use a kennel either!

  2. I have a collection of 12 of those lucky animals at work:) Sadly they have not brought the luck in just yet...

  3. I have to come back and read this post, but for now I just wanted to tell you I bought everything to send to you today only to realise I forgot the lip butter, but it will get sent tomorrow I PROMISE and I am super dooper sorry for the slackness in getting it to you xx

  4. Oh Dino is a cutie! Is he using his house yet? My dog has a 'soft' dog house (like a sponge-type frame covered in fabric) and she'll go in and madly scratch around in it before she lies down.


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