Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clean Eating (&Happy LOVE Day)

Happy LOVE day everyone!

I hope you are all getting spoilt by your loved ones, and if not then I hope you are spoiling yourselves!

I won’t be seeing The BF tonight because my nephews are sleeping over and I haven’t seen them in ages… And it’ll be their first time visiting Bender since I got him back. So, I want to be there to see how that goes.

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So, now that I have the formalities over, I just wanted to say I am back on the healthy eating bandwagon! Just a quick history I lost like 20 kilos a little while back and but it all back on and then some. Yeah. And then some.

I started yesterday, which just so happened to be Ash Wednesday- aka the first day of Lent. How convenient? I can pretend this is all in the name of being a good Catholic girl. Ha.

About 3 hours into the plan to eat healthy I was struck with a headache! I couldn't believe the detox symptom came on so fast but obviously I was rather toxic.

I’m not going lie, I have a truckload of weight to lose! I am in for a long ride on the healthy eating train.

Obviously my main incentive is to be healthy and happy but also I would like to be able to fit into the clothes in my wardrobe! I swore I would never buy myself fat clothes again… turns out I kinda had to.  I bought the bare minimum I could get away with and only cheap as cheap can be. Just basic stuff really.

Aside from my headache I already feel pretty good. It’s amazing how a proper diet can affect you so soon. I feel lighter and less bloated already- I lost 1.5 kilos overnight of pure water. I know it’s not fat but at least I am not carrying it around anymore! And I've only just begun!

Last week I realised I was really starting to feel dreadful. My feet are always swollen by the end of the day, I can't walk far without being puffed out, my thighs rub together like a bitch and the back of my legs throb as I walk waddle… I occasionally get dizzy spells and see spots- not a good sign. A guy at my work suggested I might have diabetes. He himself is a diabetic but I said I didn't think so and played down the issues I was complaining about- all while secretly having  a panic attack.

A few days later I realised I was always so thirsty but it seemed unquenchable. I decided to google it and… bang… the first thing that came up… diabetes!

I told my co-worker and he said "well, not to be disrespectful but you have gained an awful lot of weight recently"... It hurts to have that said to you but it's the truth.

I am really scared of getting diabetes! And so I should be- I am actually in serious jeopardy of being diabetic and all through self-infliction!!! I am super scared of needles and the thought of pricking myself daily or even injecting myself daily makes me quiver. The thought of it sent me straight into the arms of my healthy eating plan.

I don’t like to call it a diet and I realise it is quite a strict plan but I just want the weight gone. People have tried to sway me into going on weight watchers or what-have-you, but they just aren't for me. I have done them before and it just didn't work well for me. I need the strictness and I love how fast the weight comes off with my plan.

I don’t think it’s the speed of the weight coming off that is the issue for me to maintain a slimmer body. It’s that I don’t really understand ‘normal’… I revert back to my old habits when really I need to stick to my new ones (sounds easy but it so isn't . In reality I practically have avoid sugar like the plague forever. It is my drug. My addiction. One little taste of the sweet white stuff sends me into a tail spin!


So, anyway… I will try not to bombard you with weight loss stuff but it kinda becomes all I think of. Haha.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a lovely day!



  1. GOOD LUCK! I believe you can do it, I have been eating clean since the start of the year and at first it was hard, but after those first tough few weeks, once your mentality changes it becomes so much easier. GO YOU, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! You were really supportive when I lost weight last time and I just wish I had taken your advice to put those darn crackers down back then!

      I don't think anyone has actually said they believe in me. ever. So when I read that I was really chuffed!

  2. Congrats on this healthy direction! :) Unfortunately I am one of those people who always struggles, such a yo-yo !

    1. I want to find that happy medium so badly, but I am so all or nothing. Really good or realllllly bad. *sigh

      I have already done so much damage to my body I don't think I could ever eat 'normally' on my own device... It would have be a conscious decision, I think.

  3. if my co-worker said that about me I would be soooo peed off! But probably more so because it is a very sensitive subject for me. Regardless if it's true or not, they didn't have to reaffirm that you have "put on weight" everyone knows this is just a no no.

    Good luck to becoming a healthier you x

    - KK

    1. Yep, you're right, Kara. I guess I was already beating myself up I didn't really even notice when someone else joined in too. It really isn't acceptable to comment on anyone's weigh ever.

  4. Good on you Missy, we will do it together!

  5. You can do it hun!! Its easy once you get into the swing of things. Once you start eating healthier, and replacing most of your diet with wholefoods, you wont think twice about it. You wont crave junkfood anymore. You'll learn to crave nutritious foods that make you feel good! :) (fortunately for me I'm good at sticking to exercising 5 times a week and eating healthy...but i understand its hard at first.)
    Good luck with everything, and I'll be following your progress!

    1. Thanks Krissy!

      Yep, once you stop feeding the sugar troll it becomes easier to stick to healthy eating.

  6. I am not normally a commenter on blogs, but was very excited to read this post as I'm starting a clean eating plan too! I'm most nervous about not being able to stick at it, boyfriend is worried I'm going to complain constantly about wanting chocolate hahaha. Good luck with it and I'm looking forward to hearing how you go with it!!! Ally x

    1. Thanks for commenting Ally!!

      My family and BF was a bit like 'oh here we go' with the complaining I was sure to do, but I've been pretty darn good. I think it's because I really want (and need) to do it, so it doesn't seem like I am missing out on anything.

      Hope you comment again :) And good luck with your clean eating too!


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