Thursday, February 28, 2013

♡ Week Two Results

Hey everybody!

I am one day late for my check in, I hope you will forgive me *puppy dog eyes*

I had another good result! I am expecting it to slow down soon, but I sure am happy!

I lost 1.6 kilos!!

So, now my total for 2 weeks is 5.9 kilos!!!

I can actually feel a difference in my clothes already (even though I have a way to go still).

I found these leather-look leggings from Co. by Cotton On and I want them.

They actually have zips at the back of the legs at the bottom that I am not 100% a fan of but the price is right, and I signed up to their newsletter and snagged 30% off!

Co. by Cotton on PU Leggings only $29.95!

The leggings are only $29.95 anyway and with the discount they'd be like $20.95! Crazy cheap! 

The Co collection tends to sell out really quick, so I want to buy them ASAP. I don't know what size to get. I know I don't want the size I am now, but then I am not sure what size I will be. Oh the dilemmas! I'm thinking either 10 or 12... I am leaning towards 10 seeing as they look stretchy.

I really want to get them now as I missed out on something from the Co. Collection awhile ago and I've never really gotten over it! hahahaha.



  1. Well done on your weight loss so far!!

    Those pants look gorgeous.. make sure you dont get them too small but you dont want too much stretch either!.. x

    1. Thanks :)

      I really like the look of the ones you mentioned on your blog!

      These ones look to have an elastic waist and that is me to a tee!


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