Friday, February 8, 2013

What's in my bag! Tale of a bag lady/mobile hoarder

Well hello there!

I hope you are all fine and dandy.

As promised my 'What's in my Bag?' post! Hooray! I just know you have all been dying to see what's in my Bag! haha

That's a lot of stuff to carry day in-  day out

This is the contents of my bag tipped out on my work desk. No holds barred!!

Oh I just realised one thing is missing! My Phone. Of course my phone is usually in my bag!!

Now, let it be known I have significantly lightened my load since I took these 'what's in my bag' pics and I'm pretty much none the wiser. I carry around so much stuff in fear I might need it. I rarely do. I'm just silly.

Doing this post opened my eyes! So many lip glosses... and guess who rarely even bothers applying it???

The details;

❤ Hiding in the pile at the back there are some naughty cigarettes (which I am totes on a mission to QUIT- I don't smoke much so it shouldn't be too hard, I just actually have to commit to doing it),
❤ 2 makeup powders still in their boxes from NYC,
❤ Pink container with cute black bow. Thank you DAISO!
❤ My Debit card- not in my wallet- worst habit ever! Not only can I never find it, but I can barely read the numbers on that baby they've rubbed off so much- luckily I know them off by heart anyway!
❤ Pink glasses case- which hold my prescription sunglasses (I never wear them anyway and I never take my actual glasses off, so I am no longer carrying this around),
❤ Quite a few lip glosses/balms,
❤ My precious sweeteners (hermestas),
❤ My crystal nail file- with pink bling that my Mum got me for Christmas for a startling $2.00!!

❤ More lip glosses and lipsticks,
❤ Makeup brush,
❤ My lighter in its' brown case,
❤ That white circle thing with the red dot is a measuring tape- I have NO idea why it is in my bag!,
❤ A black pen,
❤ That hot pink container in the bottom left is some nail polish remover wipes... they are the BOMB,
❤ Rimmel stay matte powder (in 01 transparent),
❤ A mystery item in a box- in the center of the pic- more on that below,
❤ My "e-cigarette" to help me quit smoking- let's face it, I got it cos it was pink!, it mimics smoking with flavoured steam... Yum
❤ Some coinage that was literally just floating around my bag,
❤ And those two bling things at the bottom sorta-right area are earplug decorations for my phone- I never use them as I use my earphones too much and they just a hassle, oh and my actual earphones intertwined throughout all the stuff too.

Last little section; 

❤ More lip prods,
❤ My Juicy Couture wallet,
❤ My keys; Oh and that pink bird not only cute but it's also a whistle- safety first, Ladies! Though I always have trouble getting to my keys in the depths of my bag so I doubt I'd be able to get to it in an emergency situation anyway, but if I ever feel uneasy I usually find my keys and carry them in my hand with one pointed out between my fingers as a weapon of sorts, LOL,
❤ Flash drive memory do-whackers (pink naturally),
❤ Scrunched up receipt,
❤ A business card for a travel agent (I already have itchy feet!),
❤ That plastic black thing in the bottom left is a handy dandy phone stand- I have never used it, but I might some day.

Ooh, the fun stuff! My make up!
Row 1; Rimmel Stay Matte powder, NARS powder foundation in Barcelona, TOO FACED bronzer in Chocolate Soleil
Row 2: MAC lipstick, YSL glossy stain in #18, YSL glossy stain in #17, YSL sheer candy in #8, L'Oreal pink rose balm, Sally Hanson moisturising lip balm, unknown brand but it has cute packaging in a nice peachy shade, MAC viva glam nicki lipglass, L'Oreal golden vanilla balm, L'Oreal nudy pink balm, Clinique Cubby Stick in mighty mimosa
And my Laura Mercier Blending brush

The mystery item in the box:
Anyone know what this says?? I only got it because I adore the packaging. Look, the little character has a cat on her head! Love it!... I assumed it was a lip balm, but I think it might actually be a solid perfume of sorts... It smells very strongly of perfume- too much so for a balm, yet when I put some on my wrist it wears away very quickly!! It's a mystery!!!!

 My awesome personalised lighter holder. This was given to me by my nephew's dad (the one who passed away). It went missing for about 6 years... then my sister found it in an old jacket pocket in her wardrobe right after he died. I am really happy to have it back. I really love it. And it's even more special now. My sister was apprehensive to give it back to me- which I understand but um it has my name on it and I have been complaining about losing it for years. years. And she had it all along. Shifty minx! She had one too which surprise surprise she lost even before she 'lost' mine!

My medicine box (Daiso $2.80)! Mostly just Nurofen (I get headaches that turn into migraines) and those BIG tablets are to be added to water for re-hydration. The pink ones are actually for period pain, I got them because they are pink and therefore pretty and I figured pills are pills (pain pills anyway) but hey, I'm no Doctor!!


Gastrolyte rehydration tablets!!! 

I have used these in their sachet form for headaches, but these tablets are handy as. I took these to NYC and they made the flight home almost pleasurable! I forgot I had them on the way there (too excited) but on the way back I felt very dehydrated and felt a headache coming on. This was a lifesaver and I highly recommend them for air travel!

In other highly related news, I purchased a new bag!!!

It's actually probably the most I have ever spent on a bag! I am pretty darn thrifty and when I saw this bag on eBay I was all over it like a rash.... But I got outbid at the last second- I bid right at the end- and I nearly cried!!! I had pretty much told myself the bag was mine. I was so very disappointed.

I noticed the buyer had only 5 feedbacks, so I messaged the seller saying 'hey... if you have any trouble with the buyer I'd be happy to buy it as a 2nd chance offer'... Well a week or so later, the seller messaged me as the buyer fell through and she offered it to me.


I wanted it DESPERATELY. But there was one issue... she assumed I meant not through eBay, but I didn't. I meant a second chance offer through eBay-- but I didn't want to rock the boat and miss out on the bag again so I did my first unlawful eBay purchase and with a bank transfer no less! It was damn scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been in email conversation with her for almost a week (while the buyer wasn't paying) and felt that she seemed pretty genuine.

It took forever to come! (okay 3 days... but from Syd to Melb, come on! I wanted it next day!)

I only just got it yesterday and truth be told it's a little more roughed up than I expected- some of the hardware shows wear... but all in all, I am pretty happy with it. The leather is super soft and I love me some Juicy Couture!!!

It would have been $348 (US) to buy new and the seller said it was "as new" and I got it for half price (or thereabouts) so I thought it seemed like a good deal... but like I said, she's a bit roughed up *sigh. I am super rough with my bags though, so  I probably would have wrecked it right away anyway, plus it's SOLD OUT! The leather is super soft and it smells delicious  I'm using it today for the first time. Even though it's actually quite small, it holds everything I need. So, yay!



  1. Oh my god... this is why I have a little bag! Mine used to be full of soo much stuff like yours lol!

    I also have a cute little pink storage pouch for my medicines hehe

  2. I too do that with a Debit card - NOT IDEAL! I once went out on a date and GENUINELY FORGOT IT! Worst feeling ever. Suffice to say - These days it's generally kept in my wallet.

    - KK


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