Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got Shallac'd

A few weeks ago I tried out CNDs Shellac manicure. I researched a few different places to see who could get me in the quickest... I finally made an appointment with a lady in Edithvale. I live in the Mentone area... so it really isn't too far. Anyway... what I didn't realise was that she operates at home, in a little bungalow type thing. And I only realised when she was giving me directions and said something along the lines of 'walk down my drive-way, go passed the cars and in through my back gate'... I must admit I was worried. I had never been to someone's house for any beauty treatment, and I was skeptical to the max. Um, point being, it went off without a hitch... hahah, but I got the I-could-so-do-this bug, and spent the next few weeks looking into becoming a certified nail technician. hahaha. The Shellac'ing was awesome. I am hooked! I usually stick to pink/nude polishes and I usually chip my nails within the hour of getting painted, if not during... so this really is the perfect manicure for me. I had dabbled with acrylic nails in the past, but hated the way they made my real nails feel. Plus, at the time, I was working at a market on the weekend and I would break a nail every time, thus resulting in weekly trips to get them fixed- which was both costly and time consuming... Also, the hours of the salon I went to were very hard to fit into my schedule, so I would invariably walk around with missing nails for a few days. YUK. Here are my shallac'd nails-1 week after application And as you can see they are no chips or anything! I wasn't entirely happy with the colour I choose, and I know now that you can layer the shellac polishes to achieve the colour you want :) I have since purchased my own CND UV lamp, and am in the process of getting some polishes (and the base and top coat)... I'll keep y'all up to date on my progress!! Oh and in the end I kept my shellac polish on for over 3 weeks!!! And they looked fine and/or dandy! The only issues were; a few cracks here and there, the regrowth was noticeable close up and my nails got too long to handle- though as a reformed nail-bitter that sounds soooo good to say, er I mean type, hehe.

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