Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So… today is day ONE of my ‘lifestyle’ change. So, let the initial detox begin. *Waaaahh*

I just have to remember that this part is only temporary and in a few days I will be feeling super duper.

Today, I am cutting out the crap. No more heavily processed foods and I am going back to my ‘diet’ that changed my life before I get even more out of control and end up being worse than when I started.

All of the times that I’ve said I will be going back on the diet, I have given myself allowances- like still allowing myself to have that morning cappuccino… but not this time. It’s 100% all the way- except for Friday as I had already promised my mum I would go for dinner at her house and she has already bought the dinner, but after that, 100% 100% 100%!!!

So far today I have had:
Breakfast: Tamar Valley fat free yogurt. I used to weigh the portion, but I didn’t have my scales handy. If anything, I’d say I under-served myself today.

Snack: 2 little salada squares.
Water: 750mls

What else is planned? Steamed cauliflower and cheese with saladas for lunch, and steamed fish and asparagus for dinner. Along with 2 pieces of fruit and my portion of crackers for the day. Oh and my 3 litres of water quota!

I know the key to success for me, is holding out on my 'extra' allowances for as long as I can (fruit, saladas and cans of soda*). I usually wouldn’t have had any saladas at this stage, but as I am only beginning, I was feeling nauseous and needed something in my belly!

I actually haven’t weighed myself yet either. I am petrified of what I am going to see on there. So, instead of facing the figure itself, I shall gauge my progress in terms of the kilos I lose.

At this stage, I am already running out of clothes to wear… Today I am wearing a really tight singlet (underneath a baggyish) jumper, just to remind myself that I am a porker.
I plan to rely on my blog to track my progress, keep myself motivated and distract the heck out of myself…

*I realise soda doesn't sound like part of a detox plan, but considering everything else I am giving up, I need something to keep me sane!

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