Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long road ahead...

Crap dammit.

I weighed myself this morning and it wasn’t pretty. It was worse than I had feared and now all I can think about is how long this is going to take me to get back to where I was not that long ago. 

I have 22.8 kilos to lose, which I want to lose in 6 months. So, my aim is to lose around 3.8 per month or .95 kilos per week. So, obviously my aim is 1 kilo of fat to lose per week. Do-able? We’ll see. I am not weighing myself until next Thursday!!!

Since April last year I have put on 22.8 kilos (10 months), which is roughly 2 kilos a month or half a kilo a week!

To make myself feel better, I am going to work out some pros to being on the diet;

Continuing on my healthy eating plan, each month* will save me:

$98 by not having a workday cappuccino ($4.90 x 5 days x 4 weeks in a month)
$259 by not getting McDonalds breakfast ($12.95 x 5 days x 4 weeks in a month)
$224 by not buying a piece of crap lean cuisine for dinner, which don’t even fill me up, every night cos I’m so damn lazy. ($8 x 7 days x 4 weeks in a month)
$200 by not buying lunch every workday (approx. $10 x 5 days x 4 weeks in a month)

*I didn’t do all these things every month, if I had McDonald’s breakfast, I wouldn’t have lunch, or need a cappuccino, as one is included in my breakfast… but anyway, not even one of those calculations is acceptable!

I will also save around $15 every time I go to the movies, by not indulging in Popcorn, choc-tops and drinks.

Arghhhhh I can’t believe I have been so stupid with both my health and my money!

I had really bad debt not long ago… but I shoved my fingers in my ears and went ‘la la la lahhhhhh’ and pretended like it wasn’t happening- which caused some serious problems!! Haven’t I learnt my lesson???!!!

Yesterday the money I spent on food looked more like this:

Earl Grey = $0 as I already have some, plenty actually about 25+ tea bags
Salada crackers, I can only have 2 ½ big squares a day, and that isn’t much… a whole pack costs under $3. I guess I am eating about $.50 worth a day.

I buy cans in bulk, and it works out to be less than $1 per can. I can have a maximum of 3 cans a day, so $3.00… and even if I ‘splurge’ on a bottle of diet coke at lunch, it would mean I could only have 1 can extra, so it ends up being about $3.50 for the bottle, plus $1 for the can, so still only $4.50 for the day.

 if I splurge on mangos… they are $4 each or an apple is about $1, so for arguments sake, say I have one of each= $5 for fruit for the day, though more likely I will stick to apples at $2 a day.

 Yogurt= under $3 per tub and each tub lasts me 2.5 breakfast. So that’s just over $1 per breakfast, in comparison to $12.95 a Maccy D’s. 

 Cauliflower and cheese (cauliflower is like $2 per half and the quantity of cheese is about 1/3 of a pack which costs about $7, so $2.30 per serve) =  around $4.30 for lunch.

Well last night I had hake fish which was only $3 and some asparagus at about $4 a bunch and I used one bunch… so $7 for dinner… Oh and I also added some mayo, but I already had it. Comparable to a lean cuisine, but I do buy quality ingredients… like yummy fish, juicy lean steak or plump prawns and it tastes a lot yummier. 

I am so hungry today and the detox headache has been plaguing me since yesterday  afternoon. And even though I drank nearly 3 litres of water yesterday, I felt dehydrated. So, far today I am at the half way mark at 1 ½ litres and still thirsty… Must. Flush. Out. Toxins.

My tummy has been rumbling ALL morning. It’s embarrassing and guess who’s in a really irritable mood??? *sigh

Toodles for now!

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