Wednesday, May 4, 2011

11th week weigh-in and mini catch up!

Hi Guys!

My 11th week weigh in was actually last Wednesday, so I am littttttle bit late in terms of updating, oopsies *sigh

The previous week I had weighed in at 75.5 and my 11th week reading was 74.4kgs, so down by 1.1 kgs.

Not record breaking results, but I am on par with my 1.3kg weekly losing average...And I'm not actually exercising... So I really can't complain!

Sometimes when you are trying to change yourself for the better, you have those really down days when you feel like giving up and then conversely you have those days where your confidence sky rockets, you walk proud with a bounce in your step and you feel like you can take on the world! I have been experiencing the latter of late

It's a really nice feeling.

I mentioned in my last post, that I had a pamper session that day in Port Melbourne... It was a pretty "expensive" deal (out of all the ones I have gotten) and the actual treatments were not what I thought... ie: the Moroccan Oil Treatment was literally just putting some Moroccan Oil through my hair... Um, I have the oil at home and even though I love it, one sparse application is not worth $35 as per their price list... but anyway, I digress... My therapist was a GEM. I really liked her and we got on really well and I felt instantly comfortable with her. We got to talking and for the first time I mentioned to a real-life human being that I had always wanted to pursue a career in Beauty Therapy but never did for a really stupid reason...

I never thought I was "pretty" enough.

I assumed no one would ever want a treatment from someone who looked like me... I was positive if I ever told anyone of my aspirations, they would look at me cock-eyed and wonder "why?”

I do still feel that way a bit, I must admit, but the Beauty Therapist put me at ease a little and now I feel like I could maybe pursue my dream. Since then I have been trawling the internet for as much information as I can find... and seeing if it is actually a possibility. There are mid-year intakes coming up in July so if I decide to do this, I would need to make my decision pretty soon. eek

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