Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My wallet needs to go on a diet!

Well actually not my wallet- that would mean it was fat and filled with wads of monies, that is so not the case. I really mean my spending needs to go on a diet. And so do I, but that's a whole 'nother blog post

I literally don't need anything, but I know I would be setting myself up for failure if I said I was on a spending ban... It just ain't gonna happen!

I bought an unconscionable amount of make up while I was in New York. Unconscionable! I swear on all that is holy in BlogLand that I can and WILL write up a blog post on all my goodies**... Mainly because said BlogLand is wholly responsible for my massive list of wants and when I was set loose in Sephora, I was temporarily mental. Oh Lordy did I go mental?! Luckily I had purchased a new adorable Hello Kitty Suitcase, or I would not have been able to bring it all home.

I was nearly in tears on the flight home, my bags were SO heavy and ridiculously big. I am surprised they let me on the plane. Luckily they thought I was funny. I was wearing a singlet, a long sleeved top, a woolly dress, a knitted top, a fur vest, my massive winter jacket and was struggling with my bags... Security jokingly asked if I was headed to Antarctica .. When I said Australia, they were baffled 'isn't it summer there?'... I confessed I couldn't fit all my clothes into my bags. Oh how they laughed... at my expense. All I cared about was getting all my goodies back home.

I was also afraid the handles on my Hello Kitty case were going to break... All is well, we made it home in one piece.

What was I really blogging about? Oh yes, a spending ban of course. I am really trying to actively shop for quality and not quantity. Also, I am in debt like no one's business, and can't really afford to buy anything... So, naturally a bazillion things have popped up that I want... and they fit the "quality" criteria... Plus I realllllly want 'em! Woe is me.

Another thing I need to work on is actually using my stuff. I tend to just want, want, want and then when I get it, I go all "my precious" over it and never actually use it... I am working on it though. For awhile there, the worst culprit was Glasshouse candles... but I have actually been burning them lately! Well, truth be told the first one I finished, was one I wasn't too fussed over, so that made it a lot easier.

Case in point, I just bought a new leather laptop case on eBay... Firstly, I don't even know if my laptop will fit inside it, and secondly, I don't even need it- I never take my laptop anywhere... but, it is leather, it is pink, and it has perforated hearts on it... Totally fits the quality criteria. And it's cute and I want it.

eBay is a spending ban's nemesis.


** Also I appear to be unable to open all my goodies before I do a blog post. hahaha.

P.S- Not only should my wallet be on a diet, but me also... Eugh. Clean eating here I come.

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  1. I'm so in love with that e card!

    I'm trying to do 'quality over quantity' too. Easier said than done, cheap thrills are fun!


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