Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crisis Averted

Thank goodness!

I was searching for Bender the minute I got home.. Right up until I went to bed, for what was to be a sleepless night.

My other furbabies were so adorable though.

Firstly, I was out in the back yard, calling for Bender… and Dino was howling along with me. I’d say “Bennnnnderrrrrrrrrrrrr?” and Dino would start “arrr rooow roow rooooooooo”… in the same ‘tune’ I had been calling. I thought I was hurting his sensitive little ears, but then when I did it really softly and he still echoed my call only he did it loudly. It was kind of like he was saying, ‘no, no, not like that, like this…’

To my slight annoyance, Smokey kept responding to my calls… But I swear he was trying to tell me something. He is actually not a massive fan of Bender, but he is sensitive to me being distraught, so I think he was comforting me. And maybe, just maybe he pretends not to like him. They did touch noses the day before Bender went walkabout... Nawww.

A bit later I went for a walk with Dino to search for Bender. I looked like a nut job, walking around calling out for him… but I didn’t care. I was looking in bushes and shrubs and anywhere I thought he might be hiding out. I was also looking for him on the road just in case *sad face*.

It was too busy out- with kids playing in the park and cars driving around... I knew he wouldn’t come even if he did hear me.

I went back inside and every time I heard a noise outside or Smokey’s bell I thought it might have been Bender… But, nope.

Once it got dark, I went out and called him again… Still nothing. The roads were still kind of busy, so I didn't think he respond yet anyway.

At midnight, I ventured out again- to the park, in the lane way (scary) and called and called—worried I was waking sleeping babies, but doing what I had to do.

Unfortunately, a different cat answered my calls. I have met him before, his name is Henry or Harry and I literally call him “Henry-Harry”… and he walked around with me for a bit, but left when I went into the park area.

I was later joined by Smokey, again. And this time I knew he was trying to help, he was sniffing around and walking alongside me, meowing along… Then we heart a very faint meow.

I thought for sure I had found him… 

But then Henry-Harry jumped down from a roof. Next thing I know, he and Smokey were having a tiff… Hissing and growling at each other. Henry-Harry actually chased my Smokey away- down the lane way and around the corner! Then I started thinking… That is probably what has happened to Bender. Maybe Henry-Harry chased him too and he went further from home than he intended and he couldn't find his way back.

Then I was thinking maybe he had gone back to his old house. A good 50 minute drive away… but cats have been known to travel interstate before. So then I was questioning whether he wanted to live with me in the first place… and whether he was happy etc etc.

I finally crawled into bed… and tried to sleep. But bad thoughts just kept coming to my mind. I figured if he was going to come back, he would wait until the wee hours- when it’s quiet out and Henry-Harry is asleep.
I knew I was going to have one of those half asleep nights, y’know when you are on high alert- kinda sleeping with one eye open.

Sure enough, I was woken by a very little meow, which I assumed was Smokey… I patted my bed and gestured for him to get up… Then I noticed it wasn't Smokey at all... It was Bender! I was SO happy- as happy as you can be half-asleep. I noticed he had a wet/sticky patch on his back and he was very sooky. I think he did get in a scuffle with Henry-Harry. I checked the time and it was 3:15am.

When I woke up in the morning, he was still in my bed- so it wasn’t just a dream. He seemed to be okay- health wise, but I’ll give him another once over when I get home.

I feel very lucky to have him back… And I am relieved to know he knows where ‘home’ is.

I am looking into having him neutered today. Poor little guy, he won’t know what’s hit him! I need to buy him a cat carrier box. There is a shop around the corner from my work that sells pink ones… Hmm. It’s under $30 and I'm the one carrying it, so I think that justifies the colour pink. 



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    1. Thanks! I'm so glad he's home... Sucks I've been at work all day and haven't really seen him,, but them's the breaks!

  2. What a relief! I am so happy he returned home :-)


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