Friday, January 25, 2013

Australis "Milky Way"

Okay so picture this…

I’m sitting at my desk at work innocently reading my favourite blogs, telling myself how I don’t need to spend any more moolah on anything beauty related for a long long time.

I stumble across a post from sleep and water showing the new offering from Australis- Milky Way, a "chunky, multicoloured glitter polish", and  and think to myself oh what a lovely polish. oh how I would love to have it… no… nope, I don’t need any more polishes. *slaps hand*

Ahh… managed to get out of that one. I really don’t need any more polishes… Firstly I have about 6,573,035* regular polishes that I haven’t touched and I have a nice little collection of Gelish which I haven’t been using at all.

A few blogs later and I stumble across Beauty with the Beautifool… and dagnamit, she too was influenced by sleep and water but actually went out and got the polish. Hmmm.

One blogger temptation, I can handle... But 2? On the same day? In the same Blog reading sesh?

Nope, no way… I cannot resist. 

Next thing I know I'm strolling out of priceline $7.95 lighter. hehe. Luckily it's on the Bargainy side.

Much to my astonishment, I actually went ahead and painted my fingies that very evening! What the?!

I had read on both reviews that it was difficult to get the white opaque, and Tram from Beauty with the Beautifool actually did 6 coats... 6 coats!

Am I on a roll with my memes or what?!

I applied a light pink (Sally Hanson something or other) as my first 2 coats... followed by 2 coats of Australis Milky Way.

You can see a very faint hint of pink on mine... it's hardly noticeable though. And as if I'd complain about that?!

I like it.

One of my thumbs has already started peeling... Grrrrr.

Next post; I tipped the contents of my bag onto my desk at lunch to see just why it was damn heavy. Stay tuned for the reveal. It's riveting stuff!

Here's a sneaky peak;


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