Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scary Prospect

Bender is missing!

Since he has been with me, I have woken up every morning to him on/in my bed. But not this morning. I was immediately worried. I had a super quick shower and then spent most of my usual getting ready time calling for him.

He always comes when I call…

There was no sign of him.

Smokey was acting weird and meowing a lot as I was calling for Bender. I wish he could tell me where Bender is or what has happened.

Where is he?! What’s happened? Oh God I hope he isn’t injured, or worse. I don’t even want to think about it.

Also, my mum said when she got up this morning the power had been reset (the oven clock was flashing- a sure sign of power reset). Has that got something to do with the disappearance?

I feel a disgusting pit in my stomach, like something bad has happened.

I’ve notified the local Vet. He is wearing a collar with the home phone number… but collars can be lost and he is not micro chipped. He is a Tom, so he could have gone looking for a ladyfriend… but maybe he couldn’t find his way home. I need to get him neutered… If I can find him. I put it off because I didn't want it to change his personality. 

Please please send your most hopeful thoughts our way… 

I'm scared.



  1. Oh hun! I really hope he does come home. He is probably prowling for a lady friend. I would also leave your details with any other vet or shelter in your area (my cat went missing late last year & never returned). And put up missing poster signs because who knows if his collar has come off and some old lady has decided to adopt "the poor homeless pusscat". Sending come home Bender thoughts your way xx

    1. Thanks Mel... I am going to contact the shelter too- as soon as my boss gets out of my hair. I really want to go home and search for him, but that isn't going to happen quite yet. I feel helpless here.

  2. Oh no, I hope he is waiting for you when you get home tonight. The not knowing is awful, I know :(


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