Wednesday, March 6, 2013

♡ Week Three Results

Hiya Guys and Dolls!

Hope everyone is well!

I ended up getting those Co. by Cotton On Leggings as well as a different pair they had in their normal section. I had a 30% off code, so it was silly not to buy them! They are "leather" or should I say pleather...

Side Note; this guy a friend of mine used to date called it fleather. Fleather?!... I don't think that's even a term. He insisted there was no such term as pleather and that it was fake leather= fleather. This is also the guy that insisted Michael Jackson never sang Billy Jean- it was when some cover was released and he had obviously never heard the song before, he claimed Michael would never sing about something so violent... And once when I used the term 'garnishing wages' he laughed at me and said that wasn't a real term. What an idiot!

Anyway  I digress... I also bought a pair of pleather (haha) shorts... I got them in a 10 (wishful thinking) as it was the only size they had... And I am so glad I did. The shorts are now sold out!

Co by Cotton on shorts were $34.95 - 30%. I also wanted the jacked but thought it was a bit much! haha

I love the sporty luxe look!

So, cutting to the chase here, today was my 3 week weigh in and I lost 1.2 kilos! Taking my total to 7.1 kilos... which I am rather happy with!!! I expect the losses to slow down now... I believe I am now in the FAT burning stage! YAY!

Catch up soon!



  1. OMG congrats on the weight loss! you are inspiring me to do the same, keep it up :)


  2. Well done on your weight loss that is an awesome effort! I lost over 3kg after 1 week on clean eating but unfortunately got sick in week 2 so didn't lose any weight (but didn't gain any either thank goodness!) anyway I'm back on it now so hoping for some good results coming up.
    I am on a clothes shopping ban until I reach my 1st goal weight, it's so hard I love lots of the autumn / winter clothes that are coming into the shops!
    "Fleather" made me laugh hehe

  3. Well done, such a fantastic result! Keep up the good work :)

  4. WOW! Congrats, awesome results. After just coming back from a holiday I needed to read something inspiring like this to whip me back into it - thank you! xx

  5. awesome!! good work! :D

    but girl i gotta say - EW to those shorts! leather shorts?! no! haha


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