Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eyelash Extensions

On a much lighter note compared to my most recent posts... On Saturday I had an appointment to get eyelash extensions 'implanted". I could choose from Synthetic, Silk or Mink. I wanted Mink as I had heard that's what Kim Kardashian has (lame. hehe).

The therapist basically told me that because I had never had extensions before the mink wouldn't suitable- some baloney about me "maybe" having a reaction- even though I said I never get allergic reactions. In the end I got Silk extensions- I didn't have a choice. I'm very happy with them. I love not having to apply mascara...

But... they do feel "fake." I would guess that the Mink lashes would feel nicer- softer. So I am bummed she wouldn't give me the mink... and my guess is that she chose not to because mink is probably more expensive than the silk. Grr.

Also, the appointment was a mess! Firstly I had to wait 30 mins as she was running behind... Then, somehow, she had double booked and I had to wait another 15 mins. Then halfway through- ie: one eye down- she had to leave me because again she had been double booked. Hmm. She made it up to me by giving me an eyebrow threading on the house. I would have LOVED that had I a) not just had my brows done at Benefit Brow Bar the night before in prep for the lashes and if b) she asked me how I actually liked my brows. She just went mental on them! I was laying there thinking... Sweet Jesus, do I have any brows left?! It felt like she was rolling that thread like nobody's business... And me, being chicken licken, was laying there in silence, quietly hoping 'it'll be okay, it'll be okay'... Luckily it was okay. Definitely thinner than I would like though.

This was a groupon coupon thing. $49 for a full set + one refill. Considering it took nearly 2 hours (including all the mucking about), the price is pretty reasonable. And they do look nice. I don't think I would pay $180 for them though.

I asked for them to be "dramatic"... but no one has noticed *sad face*

I did have long lashes anyway... but still... I was going for the Amber Dempsey look (from The Simpsons, when Lisa entered the Beauty pageant... Only like my fave Simpsons ep ever!)

This is me right after the application. How's my puffy face? haha. That's what happens when I've been laying down for 2 hours... with not a scrap of make-up on.

That twinkle in my eye is always there, I swear :)
Keeping them dry for 24 hours was sooooo hard. I even had to be careful while watching TV- as I tend to get teary over ads and whatnot (lolz). Not rubbing my eyes is a struggle too... Only because I'm not allowed to, it makes me want to do it so bad!! Washing my face is also an issue and I try not to get them too involved in the shower. I like my showers HOT but I fear the steam may cause the glue to disintegrate... But so far so good and we're on day 4.

I'll update on how it goes.

So far I have lost one eyelash... it was right on the outer corner and I think it was actually too far on to the edge... I noticed the other one eye was starting to look weird- it was nearly in my eye... so I pulled it off. It hurt. So... I wont be doing that again. So, two lashes down (but one self inflicted).



  1. How amazing are eyelash extensions?! I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!They look so pretty on you :D

  2. I think your lashes look great! And I have found that applying Clear Lash Perfect Ultimate Finish Glaze everyday has helped me keep mine looking good for longer.

  3. They look amazing! Your brows look great too. I get teary over ads all the time haha :)

  4. They look great! I used to get mine done, but then my lash lady was just toooo far away. Recently got them done at a new place, and they were terrible and pulled out all my natural lashes. It all depends on the technician/glue I guess, but I don't want to risk my natural lashes anymore so I'm giving up. Do let us know how the mink ones are if you happen to try them though! xx

  5. Your lashes look great! And so do your eyebrows :)

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