Friday, June 15, 2012


Thank Goodness it’s Friday.

Even though it was short week… It dragged on for me and there seems to be more work to do in punishment for the long weekend.

I am also struggling with something. Something serious.

My ‘brother in law’/my nephews’ dad is in the ICU (intensive Care Unit) after sustaining a critical head injury on Monday. There is a criminal investigation happening, so we aren’t being told much. It was even a struggle to get in to see him.

My sister and the boys were in QLD when it happened. My sister wasn’t sure if she should tell them… When she did she kept it very vague (as it was actually quite violent) and sort of eased them into the seriousness.  The boys wanted to see him (understandable) so they flew home early. It’s kind of like everything is in limbo right now. It’s just a waiting game.

I’m really concerned for my nephews. They are only 11 and 8. Far too young to be dealing with this. They had to visit a counsellor before they could see their Dad in ICU. The youngest one freaked out and the eldest had a lot of questions. Questions that couldn’t really be answered. The nurses wouldn’t even tell us if he was breathing on his own. It’s so surreal.

He’s been in ICU and classed as critical for 5 days now. He has a brain injury. I’m no doctor but it doesn’t sound good. If he survives, and I’m thinking that’s a big if, he is probably brain damaged and, I don’t know but, he won’t be the same. In a way, my nephews have lost their Dad. It’s just f*cked how one minute everything is fine and dandy, they were in QLD (no doubt having fun) and I was going to visit the Puppy and my beloved Bender every day, and then BAM everything has changed.

I want to fast-forward and find out what’s going to happen. Waiting sucks. It’s weird coming to work and pretending everything is okay. Dealing with mundane things like phone calls and appointments when someone-I-know’s life is in the balance. There’s nothing to do but wait. It’s weird. I feel like I should be doing something, but there is literally nothing I can do.

Tomorrow the boys are coming with me and my mum on a trip to the Yarra Valley to see my brother (their uncle, who they adore), for my niece’s birthday. The plan is to get their minds off what’s happening. I actually haven’t seen them yet and I’m eager to see how they are coping.

And then as if that isn't bad enough... My God-Mother and my Mum's BFF's cancer has returned (I've lost count). She's also in hospital. She has already said she will not undergo treatment anymore. She can't stand it again.



  1. Ohh no! What a horrible time in your life this is right now =[ Thinking of you and your family. This is just horrible. Keep strong!

  2. i'm so sorry to read this.. it sounds horrendous. i do hope he is ok, but if not, strength to you all. how so very sad that in a minute your whole world can change. :( xxx

  3. How terrible :-( I hope he starts to improve soon, I don't like the alternative. Those poor boys!

  4. Thanks guys...

    Unfortunately I just found out that they are switching the machine off tomorrow.

    I just spoke to my nephews on the phone. They seem okay, they mustn't understand. My God, it just breaks my heart. I could not imagine going through something like this at my age, let alone theirs.

    They are at my house right now... So, I'll be seeing them when I get home from work. *sigh

  5. Aw darling this sounds absolutely horrible. I just read your comment down the bottom as breaks my heart as well reading things like what is happening in your life, cos you imagine it happening in your own life and its pretty much unthinkable!

  6. This is all terrible news... The poor boys :(

    I hope everything works out... Keep positive :)

    Unfortunately I have no words of advise, just hang in there, I'm sure everything will work out for the best and just be there for the boys when they need you



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