Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy (belated) Australia Day!!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Australia Day, even if it's belated! 

source: google images (and on a meat pie please! geddit? haha)

I didn’t actually do anything especially Aussie to celebrate the day, but I did have a really great day nonetheless!

I got to see my Baby Bender!!!!

He looked different to me, darker than I remember, I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t seen someone for a while… He wasn’t upset with me or anything; in fact it was just like old times.

At first he was bit surprised to see me there when he came into my room, but I scooped him up and gave him some serious smooching. *sigh

I miss him so much.

He looks okay, no matted fur or anything, so I am happy about that. He also has a girlfriend… or at least some girl kitty called “Misty” who feels free to come inside the house to find him. Haha. Cute. 

My nephews were with me in my room when Bender came in; I held myself together, gave him his cuddles and let them play with him in my room while I continued to pack some of my stuff and tidy up… But as soon as they left, I clambered onto my bed to pat him, and within moments, there were tears. I am a bit of a sook.

Snuggled up against my bag!

I miss him, I miss him, I miss him!!!!

I had to pick him up and carry him out when I was ready to go. He was so relaxed, he wouldn't leave my room. He then walked with me outside and sat in the driveway as I drove away. He is such a darling cat. 

I also saw the puppy. He is HUGE! He is like a full grown German Shepard size wise, but all lanky and awkward like a teenage boy going through a growth spurt… SO CUTE! No pics though cos he was jumping up all over me! He can put his paws on my shoulders! He is only 4 months old! And I am nearly 170 cms tall (for some perspective). He nearly pushed me in the pool! Haha. So cute! Next time I go there to visit, I will definitely get pics. He’s adorable!

I also saw my sister...

It was about as awkward seeing her as I imagined it would be… I would have been happy for no exchanges to have taken place at all, but my youngest nephew couldn’t let that happen. Even though it was obvious I was there… She was at the door to my room rounding up the boys… He said “Look, Missy’s here”. She said hello and I’m pretty sure I managed to mutter a “hi”… It was just awkward, but better than being yelled at, I suppose. When my eldest nephew first saw me, he asked if she knew I was there, when I said I didn’t know, he said he better go ‘warn’ her. What the? I said not to be silly and even though he said he was joking, I was thinking 'hmmmmm'. 

Anyway, some of my prized possessions are missing. Seeing as I lived there for a number of years, a few of my things are ‘around’ the house. Naturally… I thought I knew where they were. I guess not. As is often the case, my sister takes my things as her own, and ‘forgets’ that things were ever mine. 

One thing is this gorgeous tea set that I bought about 6 years ago and never took it out of the box. That’s how precious it is to me. My sister put it “up high” somewhere in the kitchen… I even got up on a ladder but couldn’t find it! I remember thinking she would hate it, it has cupcakes on it, but she did and put it away so we could display it when the kids were older. I know she remembers it, because she bought something with cupcakes on it not too long ago and mentioned it would go well with my tea set- so she also remembers it belongs to me. 

Another thing was a 21st present… A gorgeous Lalique ring dish with a dove in the centre. I remember showing it to my sister and she convinced me to put it in the Crystal cabinet. It wasn’t there. 

Not unlike this one I got from Google images

Also, there is a blue ceramic pot set that my Dad gave me… I love it. The lid doubles up as a frying pan too. Ingenious! I will be getting that back.

Even though all I was doing was trying to get things that belong to me back, I felt like I had to work quick, I didn’t want to get ‘sprung’ looking for them. It wasn't until after they had left that I went downstairs to the kitchen.. She would have questioned me and I really can’t be bothered. You know how people say ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’?? Well, that’s how I feel in my situation.  

Anyone else notice how much I waffle on? haha

P.S- Day 2 of Mission PT was pretty good. My bus was late, but meh, I don't mind... Neither does my boss. I'm lucky like that! *wink



  1. Aww, he's a gorgeous cat. I have a soft spot for grey cats :-)

    I hope you can track down your things. x

    1. Thank you, Emma!

      I have a soft spot for grey cats too... Bender is like a Blue-grey, but its' his personality that completely stole my heart. He is a just the biggest sweetie ever.


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