Friday, January 20, 2012

Yay for Friday!! (Day 5...)

Hello, Hello!

I am finally free from detox!!


Thursday was my first headache free day and I have been feeling pretty great since then. Well, I’ll admit my mood is questionable at times but for the most part I’m feeling pretty happy.

I wanted to try and not weigh myself till my first week was done, but due to the sugar withdrawals I needed a burst of motivation… Essentially I have weighed myself every single day… And when I say essentially, I mean I did. I weighed myself every day. Haha.

So, so far for eating very well since Monday, I have gotten rid of 3 kilos!!! Woop Woo! Yes… It will be all water weight, but the loss is still not to be discounted…  Not in my book, anyway!

The weekend is always the hardest… so here’s hoping I can stick to it! I kind of like having Mondays' as my dooms weigh-in day... Keeps me in line over the weekend.

Oh and all photos are from weheartit... (I totally love all of Chibird's cartoons on tumblr, check out her drawings here.)



  1. congrats on the 3kg! I went to the gym last night for the first time... in fact first time going to the gym on a Friday night lol

    1. Oooh, workin' on ya fitness!

      I really want to go to the gym! But on my limited cals it's not a good idea... But I vow that I will once I lose some of these pesky kgs weighing me down.


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