Friday, January 13, 2012

Am I a Crazy Coupon Lady..?

Okay, so I went through a phase where I bought every couponI came across that tickled my fancy.

I bought so many that I lost track of them and ended up forfeitinga couple due to not cashing them in before they expired *sad face*

I do love me a coupon!! A true bargain Hunter at heart ❤

Read more about by Coupon craziness...

So far I have redeemed;
❤ Movie ticket deal (ended up paying $20 for 2 tickets, whichis dang good these days!)
❤ Massage, facial and sauna deal,
❤ Mini massage, salt scrub and wrap (and an infrared sauna)deal,
❤ Massage and detox foot bath,
❤ Dermalogica facial & massage deal,
❤ Tooth whitening pen (not used yet),
❤ 2x Car Washes (at different places)
❤ VibroGym 8 week class pass (only used once, but that was myfault),
❤ 1 month Contours Gym trial,
❤ 1 month Dance pass (wasn't too impressed really, they put on the hard sell BIG TIME and that put me off)
❤ $50 Pet’s Paradise Voucher for $20,
❤ 2x Perfume Connection vouchers which got me a bottle ofJuicy Couture Viva La Juicy (100ml) for like $40 or something ridiculous(including the cost of the vouchers) and the next time I saw the deal I noticed they stopped you being able to use 2 coupons in the one transaction… Looks likeI lucked out there!
❤ A 5x spray tan pass (which I only managed to use once, buttotally loved and would have gone again if it wasn’t for the ridiculously shorttime frame available and the difficulty in booking)
❤ A name necklace which I love! But had heaps of issuesactually getting it- It took FOREVER and I had    to complain... Numerous times.

And those are just the ones I remember! Haha.

Some upcoming coupons I am excited to use are; 5 more spray tans (thistime Tuscan Tan, which I have read great write ups for), 3x ballet barreclasses (cannot wait!), 5x Pilates classes, and a Brazilian Blow Out ZERO hairtreatment.

The two that I accidentally allowed to expire were actuallyones I really wanted to use. Of course.

The first one was a 3 month all inclusive gym membership(damn good value too and a great location, at the time), I just purposely leftit to the last minute and then had my world turned upside down, totally forgotabout it and missed my chance.

And the other was 4 1hr Pole Dancing lessons. I actually donot agree with the terms of the forfeiture. Being an exercise type of coupon I purposelyleft it as long as possible with the intent of improving my fitness before Iwent (oops, never happened)… But being somewhat organised I had marked in mydiary when my last chance was to claim my voucher. The voucher stipulated tobook in 2 weeks before the expiration date, so I marked my diary 3 weeks beforethe expiration just to be sure. Well, when I called I was informed I had missedmy chance because it was outside of the Pole Dancing School’s term dates… Howthe heck was I supposed to know that?! It had an expiration date and said to be sure to book 2 weeks before that date.

I emailed the coupon company and asked for a refund (incredit) as I had held up my end of the “deal” by attempting to book in butcouldn’t… They denied my request! 


It was only $19, but that’s not really the point. As far asI know (from talks with one company where I did redeem a coupon) thesuppliers don’t get paid anything unless the coupon is redeemed… So my entire$19 went to the coupon provider for doing absolutely nothing. Not happy. 

I really wanted to try out pole dancing too. The lady fromthe company was really nice and sympathetic that I missed the term, and I don’treally blame her, but I still missed out. My question is WHY have an expiration date that doesn't correlate with the end of term???? I may well continue to fight this. Doesn’tseem fair. Any thoughts?


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